Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin Laugh Trip: Funniest Bloopers You Don’t Want To Miss (Week 1)

Yes, the struggle is real. 

Especially for Sam Milby, who seems painstakingly besieged with his difficulty in delivering straight Tagalog lines. 

This and many other funny mishaps we encounter in this edition of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin “Laugh Trip,” wherein we stumble upon rib-tickling bloopers of the lead cast in otherwise superbly heavy dramatic scenes. 

Watching the show really leaves us stunned and blown away with the exceptional performances of each member of the cast. Yet, human as they are, they would every now and then make laughable errors that surely most people won’t get to see, until now. 

We notice lead stars Jodi Sta. Maria and Iza Calzado making those momentary wacky moments as they shoot their scenes—one with Jodi in the vehicle with Iza and the other as she prepares for a scene with Diamond Star Maricel Soriano, wherein she seems ready to groove to the salsa beat. 

Iza could also see Sam as a distraction, not just because of his ordeals in dealing with the mostly Tagalog script, but with his well-chiseled bod she can’t get her eyes off from. She would also just belt out a song in the middle of another scene with Sam in the car as he practices his lines. 

And, when Jodi was about to start another face-off with Iza in an intense scene, she could not even begin speaking because of her struggles in wearing a necklace. They would hilariously break out of character as a result.  The same happened when Iza was on her way to meet Sam, when she almost slipped and lost her balance due to an accidental misstep.  

But no one could compare to the struggles of Sam on the set, sometimes getting off-guard during takes and his troubles delivering his well-written lines in straight Tagalog. He would even leave co-stars befuddled with what he was perceived to be mumbling about.  

Catch more of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akins hilarious bloopers in this video.