Kapamilya React: Kira and Grae’s kilig reactions to their most stirring scenes in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

Shush the hardcore drama and let the kilig travel at lightning speed because in this edition of Kapamilya React, new decade’s breakout loveteam Kira Balinger and Grae Fernandez review and share fun facts about some of their most notable scenes in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin.

In the series, Kira and Grae’s respective characters Hope and Jake’s first meeting wasn’t a story of romance right away and more conflict would soon arise. But it can’t be denied how that simple tug-of-war over a classic book item made all the sparks fly. Considering that it was shot on their first day on the set and they were both still trying to get the ‘feels,’ their delivery was right in the bull’s eye.

More than chemistry, KiRae is equipped with passion and perseverance. They study the script well (Kira loves to take down notes) and make sure to report on the set prepared. They also have superb professionalism which their senior co-stars praise them for. Kira said she works doubly hard, not wanting to cause delay since taping is limited only to 12 hours a day.

As the plot thickened and emotions became harder to suppress, Jake disclosed the truth to Hope. He told her that they aren’t siblings in a confession that’s full of intensity. Kira considers this as one of her favorite JaHope scenes. She was admittedly nervous before the take but she pulled it off thanks to her loveteam partner and director Avel Sunpongco, “When we got to the set and we’re going to take that scene, ine-explain pa lang ni Direk sa amin, naiiyak na ako dahil sa sobrang kaba ko. But with Direk’s guidance and everything, it was beautiful.”

She went on to mention that Grae is such a natural, thus he also pushes her to do her best. She takes motivation from him. Grae is likewise thankful to his onscreen partner and director as well.

“I love you, Hope!” – Here’s another confession scene that will remain a classic gold for all KiRae shippers. It was infused with too many emotions such as love, pain, anger over the betrayal, disbelief, and hope for a second chance. Kira said she was surprised when Grae did it on bended knees. He revealed that it wasn’t part of the script but was a last -minute instruction from Direk Avel.

Kira felt the sincerity, as though it was real. Another fun fact is that Direk Avel asked them to tell each other ‘I love you’ to elicit genuine reactions. Kira further revealed, “When we we’re shooting that scene, noong nakaluhod si Jake at nagyakapan na kami and we we’re looking at each other, sabi ni Direk, ‘Mag-I love you kayo sa isa’t isa.’ That was crazy! Pero siyempre hindi ‘yun kasama sa eksena, adlib lang ‘yun para sa reaction shots.”

Another favorite from the treasure trove of KiRae kilig moments is the scene wherein they almost kissed. He inched closer towards her but Lola Auring (Aurora Yumul) cut the seemingly perfect moment.

Kira quipped, “Si Lola Auring basag-trip, eh!” No chill. Kidding aside, it was fun to shoot and she found it endearing. She was also nervous.

The tandem is grateful to be part of a stellar cast for a teleserye as grand as Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin. For Kira, playing the fragile, oversentimental Hope wasn’t a breeze. Nonetheless, she enjoyed the experience and she learned to love her character.

She said, “From being a very calm person sa totoong buhay to play a very emotional character, it was a challenge kasi kailangan kong i-open ang senses ko. I need to be Hope na talagang innocent at walang alam sa pain and everything. I had a fun time playing Hope. She’s such as a sweetheart!”

Grae is just as happy and grateful to be working with Kira and to be part of the series, “Sobrang saya ko lang talaga to be that kind of character sa isang magandang show na maganda ang story.”

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