Kapamilya React: Viewers divided in Ellice’s unthinkable deal with Marissa, united in supporting Hope’s recovery in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

The happenings in the previous week of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin had been thrilling and scorching indeed, bringing us at the edge of our seats and leaving us in bated breaths.

And the same apparently went for our Kapamilya netizens featured in this episode of Kapamilya React, who spontaneously imparted their reactions as they watched the trending scenes in the last week’s episodes of the well-loved primetime drama.

WATCH: Ang nakakagulat na pagluhod ni Ellice sa harap ni Marissa!

Avid viewers know that Ellice (Iza Calzado) and Gabriel (Sam Milby) had been struggling to find a bone marrow donor for their leukemia-stricken daughter Hope (Kira Balinger). As members of their respective families all tested negative for compatibility, their only hope was Jake (Grae Fernandez), who was still not allowed by his ibu Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) to donate.

However, despite the disapproval of his mom, Jake still got himself tested and it went positive – they’re a match! He immediately relayed the good news to Cenidozas, rekindling their hope that Hope would be healed. This also made the netizens excited as they anticipate what the couple would do, especially Ellice, in order to make Marissa approve.

As Gabriel failed to do so, her wife did the unthinkable – she begged her stiffest rival and even knelt down in front of her! This arguably came as a shock for everyone, since Ellice is not the type who would plea and bend over someone, but she still did. We were thrilled as Marissa asked Ellice to give up 50% of her shares in Cenidoza Pearls in exchange of letting Jake become Hope’s bone marrow donor. Helpless and badly yearning to extend the life of her daughter, she agreed even though it would jeopardize her rights in their family company.

BEHIND-THE-SCENES:Ellice kneels down before Marissa in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

While those who support Ellice probably felt sorry for her, those in Marissa’s team felt triumphant as the tables have finally turned and her chance to strike back on the family who made their life miserable finally came. But all would commiserate with Hope’s condition as they believed she has nothing to do with Ellice and Marissa’s rivalry and should be given the bone marrow transplant she direly needed.

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