Kapamilya React: Explosive Week 13 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions

The episodes in the Week 13 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin indeed took us on a crazy rollercoaster ride of emotions as it involved scenes that brought us to the edge of our seats, broke our hearts, left our mouths agape, and painted a smile onto our faces.

And in this episode of Kapamilya React, let’s find out if our reactors share the same sentiments and emotions that we had while watching the remarkable and gripping scenes included in the episodes aired on that said week. 

Presumably just like many of us, the Kapamilya Reactors also felt sorry for Marissa as she unexpectedly lost her precious son Baby Jacob after they got ambushed by Caesar’s (Simon Ibarra) henchman. They blamed Ellice’s irrational behavior towards Marissa, which made her a significant accessory to the tragic incident that cost the life of the innocent Gelo Marasigan (Paulo Angeles) as well. As expected, they empathized with Marissa and absolutely understands if she would be plotting a deadly revenge against her former best friend.

While Ellice also had her own dilemma after everything that happened, she still failed to obtain the sympathy of our reactors when she agonizingly pleaded Gabriel to not leave her and their daughter Hope. One of them even aired out some of the questions that we probably had in mind while watching that particular scene.

As those scenes those were truly heavy, we eventually found ourselves smiling from ear-to-ear and thrilled as the Book Two of Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin opened with the kilig fight-at-first-sight of new characters Jake and Hope, impressively played by fast-rising young artists Grae Fernandez and Kira Balinger, respectively.

In just a span of few minutes, we were quick to conclude that this fresh partnership will surely bring more excitement and further spice up the continuously expanding narrative. The reactors were also all praises to the delightful performance and the natural chemistry that Kira and Grae exuded.

They cheered as well when Jake acted as a superhero and saved Hope from being locked up inside the restroom and expressed their admiration for him. As their characters continue to be closer to each other, they’re hoping that Jake has been very genuine with his feelings and intentions towards Hope.

Did you share the same reactions as our reactors for this episode of Kapamilya React?

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