Kapamilya Confessions: After Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, Iza Calzado says she wants to work with Jodi Sta. Maria again

On the day of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin’s “Heart-Stealing Ending,” Iza Calzado who played the powerful character Ellice Cenidoza-Villarosa in the series, answered netizen questions about the experience working in the gripping teleserye, and offered profound insights on life and relationships in this episode of Kapamilya Confessions.

Iza first took on the “Susuko o Lalaban Challenge,” wherein she was given problematic situations in relationships and was asked if she would fight or surrender. Iza was first asked what she would do if in a toxic relationship, she was forbidden by her partner to do what she wants, she said she would still do it, “Kapag lalo mo akong pinagbawalan, lalo kong gagawin,” Iza said. She was then asked if she saw nothing has changed in her erring partner, she said this has been going on for a long time, she would surrender. And what if that partner would not have time for her? “Suko, marami namang iba diyan,” she declared.

But if people close to her would oppose her romance, Iza said she would still fight for the relationship but could give up on it, if it turned difficult for her. If the relationship is doing nothing good for her, she said she would surrender. When she encounters a partner who would always break his promise, she said “suko” pointblank. And once she would not feel happy with her relationship, Iza said she would set him free since they both deserve to be happy. For a partner who has been lying to her, Iza said she could give him a few chances but if once he keeps on repeating the transgression, then it would be the time to let him go.

Answering netizen questions, Iza answered a resounding yet to query if she wanted a “Part 2” of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, saying she would love to work with Jodi Sta. Maria again. On the most challenging scene with Sam Milby, who plays her character’s husband Gabriel Villarosa, Iza said it was the intensely emotional scene when Gabriel left her after learning from Jodi’s character Marissa that Ellice wanted to kill her and her son Jacob. She said they shot that scene over and over again until they got it right. Her most memorable scene with Sam? She said bluntly, “It was the love scene.” The funniest? Well, Iza said they had so many hilarious bloopers that she could not mention one that would stand out.

On how she maintains her gorgeousness despite all the hard work and stress, she said she keeps a healthy lifestyle, takes care of herself passionately in “mind, body, and spirit,” and the most beautiful thing one can carry, which is a “genuine, love-filled smile” at all times.

Asked who her inspiration is in portraying Ellice, Iza said she doesn’t have one in particular, emphasizing that she herself created the persona in the way she understood the script and instructions from the director, and how she sincerely felt when she did the scenes. On the most difficult scene she did for the series that she felt was worth it, Iza said there were many, including that moment when Marissa pulled, grabbed and destroyed her pearl necklace, and the finale scene at a hospital room.

Iza then said she would long for those fun moments with her co-actors and everything that was part of the production after the show wraps up in answering a question what bonding moments off cam she would miss most of all. Asked what were the things she failed to do in the past that she is raring to do if given the chance to go back in time, Iza said traveling more on her own.  On the lessons she learned from portraying Ellice, she said that since we may get caught up with a lot of things, we must not turn a blind eye on what others are going through. She added that the power of forgiveness was a key takeaway. On how many chances she could give the person she loves, Iza said she doesn’t know, but there will come a time one would realize enough is enough.  In dealing with depression and anxiety, Iza said everyone has the power to  find a way to overcome whatever rough patches they have gone through. One way is to “move” or do things that make you happy, such as hobbies or forms of recreation, eat and rest well to attain a healthy lifestyle, and find a purpose in life from simple chores such as feeding your pets and gardening to grand advocacies, such as climate change. “Find something to live for apart from yourself,” she said.

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