Iza Calzado lets us peek into her shoe closet

“Every shoe has a story,” says Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin star Iza Calzado as she gives us a tour of her shoe closet in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

The hallway leading up to Iza’s walk-in closet is adorned with her artwork collection. She has a few favorites including a stunning painting of the beach and sunset given to her by Kira Balinger on the last day of taping for Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin. “It’s such a beautiful painting. Look at how talented this lady is! Super,” she comments about her ‘baby.’

She also calls her shoes “babies” and there are a lot of them! The fascination with shoes started when she transferred to ABS-CBN. She was told that shoes are a good investment. Remember when stars would guest on talk shows like The Buzz and low-key flex their outfits? That’s what Iza had in mind.

These days, though, she stopped buying more and more shoes, struck by realizations because of the pandemic and her battle with COVID-19. “All of these, they’re beautiful and nice, right? But, you know what, when I was in the hospital, none of these things helped me pull through when I needed it most. These are all material things and they’re great. But, I think, what we should really be investing in are experiences, properties perhaps, and most importantly relationships,” she muses. With the situation we are in, she doesn’t get to wear most of these pairs.

The award-winning actress has a pair of animal-print sneakers as her go-to shoes. “Sabi nila, ‘gusgusin!’ Pero ganyan na po talaga siya, hindi po dahil sa akin ‘to. Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit tayo bumibili ng mga bagay na mukhang sira-sira na,” she quips. She also likes Birkenstock for comfort.

Iza sure had her Cinderella moment when she got a pair of sandals from her husband Ben Wintle. It’s the only pair she got from him, noting that her husband is not that materialistic. And if Ben plans to gift her with another pair, she would rather say ‘no’, still thinking about what really matters.

To end the show, Iza shows a pair of stiletto which she brought to Los Angeles, “Ang komportable kasi nito. May dala akong coconut cider na pasalubong sa kaibigan ko, nabasag kaya medyo brownish ‘yung ibang parts.”

Check out Iza’s shoe collection in this video.