Kapamilya Chat: How would Maricel, Jodi, Iza, and Sam spend their budget in this bidding challenge?

Making a stand to represent the unbreakable Filipino resilience and to continue to provide world-class entertainment, ABS-CBN steps on a new wave of production anchored on digital techniques. The Jodi Sta. Maria, Iza Calzado, Sam Milby, and Maricel Soriano starrer Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin serves as the pioneer teleserye to embark on this innovative and modern age of storytelling. 

Based on the full trailer released last month, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin circles around the story of friendship marred by envy and revenge. From Marissa (Jodi) and Ellice (Iza)’s beautiful bond, the conflict begins to escalate when the latter accidentally kills a man out of self-defense. The highly ambitious Marissa willingly takes responsibility for the crime in exchange of money from Ellice’s father (Lito Pimentel), guaranteed an immediate release from jail. 

However, the infringed agreement leads to Marissa’s miserable and extended stay behind bars. That is when her heart begins to beat hatred for Ellice, blaming the latter for her miseries. Soon, Marissa gets her freedom and the promised amount, which she makes use of to exact vengeance and to take everything that belongs to Ellice including her husband Gabriel (Sam Milby), hence the title exuding a strong sense of jealousy. 

Asked if they have ever tried uttering the words “Ang sa iyo ay akin” in real life, the cast believes there are times when entitlement and comparison try to take over the heart. Yet, they would all agree that trying to get what belongs to someone else is a clear sign of bitterness and it’s something to never encourage. “Kapag sinabi mong, ‘Para sa akin dapat ‘yan,’ kapag ipinilit mo ‘yun, part of that is envy. That’s not something na, ngayong matanda na nga kami, hindi na natin dapat tambayan ang emosyon na ‘yan,” says Iza. 

Jodi expresses, “As you grow older and you become wiser, you realize na hindi naman lahat para sa’yo. What’s meant for you will always be meant for you. Kung anong para sa ibang tao, para sa kanila ‘yun. Lahat tayo mayroon tayong exact amount of blessings na binigay ni Lord na para sa’yo mismo, kanya-kanya. Hindi natin kailangang mag-agawan.”

Sam adds, “If you will always compare and always want kung anong mayroon sa ibang tao, comparison is the thief of joy. If you keep comparing yourself to other people, you’ll never be happy. You have to be grateful for what you have, even if it’s just air in your lungs. You’re still alive, you need to be grateful.” 

Joining them in the stellar cast is Diamond Star Maricel Soriano who plays as Marissa’s biological mom and as Ellice’s second mother. The veteran actress has nothing but praises for her younger co-stars. She commends Sam’s genuine dramatic abilities at par with her standards. “Hindi basehan sa artista ‘yung pag umiyak ka na, magaling ka na. Ano ba ‘yun? Hindi ganoon ang basehan. Gusto kong makita ‘yung sakit sa mukha niya na nakikita ko kay Sam. Mahusay si Sam.

She tags both Jodi and Iza as ‘walang kupas,’ adding that none of her younger colleagues seem to need any coaching from her. And if she acts complacent, the two beautiful thespians might even put her own acting skills to shame. “Napapaligiran ako ng magagaling na kailangan, eh mag-concentrate din ako dahil kung hindi, lalamunin ako ng dalawang ‘yan. Ang gagaling. I’m honored na makasama ko sila.” The premier actress and ‘Nanay’ on the set never hesitates to give acting tips, but only when asked to. She notes that eagerness to teach others can be misinterpreted, besides the ‘kids’ do not need any of that.     

Iza says working with Maricel is an answered prayer. She remembers telling Maricel’s niece Meryll Soriano about her wish to work with the ”Diamond Star.” So, when she got the offer, Iza knew this project is not something she would say ‘no’ to. She adds that her friendship with Jodi whom she got to work with in the horror film “Maria Leonora Teresa” has deepened through this teleserye. 

Sam would admit that he felt scared prior to the taping knowing he’s not only working with Maricel, he’s also bound to an intense acting showdown with some of the top-caliber artists in the industry. But thanks to everyone’s generosity and guidance on the set, the hunk actor was easily able to adapt to his character and, as he adds, to the challenges spawned by the ‘new normal’ taping protocol.

Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin was supposed to premiere last March. However, its release took longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances brought about by the pandemic. The team resumed taping last July under strict guidelines. They had to endure a three-week lock-in filming away from home. The writers were also prompted to realign the plot. Nonetheless, they are all getting used to the new dawn of TV production.

As they resume to their usual grind, the cast of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin likewise learned to deal with new personal routines, at the same time focus on the positive impact of what the world is going through. The extended quarantine period allowed Jodi to bond with son, Thirdy, and experiment with new hobbies. She recently fell in love with DIY blended oils, disinfectants, sanitizers, and other essentials. Her schooling moved online as well. 

Iza’s experience battling with COVID-19 has deepened her gratitude and thirst to celebrate life. She would agree with Sam’s statement that “every breath is a blessing.” Iza believes this season is the perfect time to solidify the love even with family members away from home. 

A natural introvert and homebody, Sam does not mind spending his day-to-day quarantine life being cooped up. He worries, though about his parents living abroad especially for his father suffering from dementia. He plans to visit them as soon as the quarantine is completely lifted. In the meantime, Sam uses social media to connect with them. 

Maricel likewise seeks digital aid in keeping in touch with her siblings and loved ones. She’s with her two kids at home. The Diamond Star wishes the hard times would come to an end soon, so we could all go back to sharing hugs and kisses again.      

In the second part of the live Kapamilya Chat, the cast of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin pretends they’re on a bidding event with each player given a budget limited to Php 1,000 only. The first item to be auctioned– a pearl set – was ignored in the sell-off, perhaps the participants thought material things are not the best quarantine investments. They likewise skipped the samgyupsal set, seafood, and helicopter.

Jodi makes the first offer for a beach vacation at Php 100. Her on-screen nemesis tries to outdo her bid for Php 327. By the seventh offer, Jodi wins against Iza by a single peso. In the latter rounds, Jodi would love to snatch the around-the-world travel pass from Iza but her remaining money won’t let her.  

Sam gets the winning bid, a whopping Php 700, for a mansion and he spent the remaining Php 300 on a romantic getaway. Maricel, a seemingly wise spender, gets to win the luxury car for Php 400.

The players say they would go all-in for the last item – world peace.  

The playtime ends with Jodi and Iza’s Compliment Battle with a Twist. They exchange flattery in the fiercest way! They commented on, rather, insulted each other with class ala Marissa and Ellice in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

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