Get kilig feels as Paulo Angeles and Michelle Vito answer fan questions

After six years, Paulo Angeles and Michelle Vito are reunited via Kapamilya series Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin topbilled by Jodi Sta. Maria, Iza Calzado, and Sam Milby, with the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano.

Michelle plays as the niece of Gabriel (Sam Milby) while Paulo portrays as the family’s houseboy. Their characters will grow close and fall for each other. But their social status will add a layer of conflict in their story.

These young stars feel honored to work with the industry’s brightest actors. If they could exchange roles in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, Paulo would like to act as the male version of Desiree Del Valle’s Sonya, whose perennially miffed persona is a stark contrast to his fun-loving personality. Meanwhile, Michelle is amused by the complexity of Jodi Sta. Maria’s Marissa. She thinks the scorned woman’s emotional baggage would make an exciting portrayal. 

According to the pair, ‘new normal’ guidelines are strictly followed on the set. They adhere to safety precautions such as social distancing and wearing facemasks. Constant meetings are conducted prior to the resumption of shooting. The set-up might be challenging but they better be safe than sorry.

Paulo and Michelle find working together a lot easier, thanks to their closeness. They’ve been friends for so long and they already know each other well. He thinks nothing would describe her best than the word ‘kind.’ He likened Michelle to a chair, joking that she likes to sit in idle.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s first impression of Paulo is that he is a shy guy. Although he still is sometimes, she discovered that her friend can be the jolliest person on earth.

Fans are hoping to see more of Paulo and Michelle’s tandem. If going to star in their own movie, Michelle thinks their chemistry would look good in barkada films or horror movies. “Kasi matatakutin si Paulo at mataas ‘yung energy niya,” she said. Wanting to travel for free, Paulo thought out-of-the-country shoots would be exciting and practical.

In the meantime, they’re enjoying the time spent at home while waiting for the resumption of taping. She loves to stay in bed watching movies while he likes to chill just outside the house. Workout routines keep them busy as well. He’s into weightlifting while she follows online tutorials. For her beauty regimen, Michelle said washing the face day and night would be enough. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy also benefit the skin.

Despite the negativities around them, Paulo and Michelle remain grateful. Simple things like waking up each morning, having food to eat, good health, and a complete family make them thankful each day. They just enjoy the present, knowing that tomorrow is never promised. They underscored that prayer is the only weapon in the midst of uncertainties.

No matter how impossible it appears, they know the situation will get better. Michelle believes there is a purpose to every challenge and God will never give us more than we can bear.  They know it will take more time but once the lockdown is completely lifted, Paulo would go on a motorcycle ride while Michelle looks forward to a relaxing massage.

Talking about their lockdown realizations, Paulo discovered that he has a celebrity twin. Do you think he looks like FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano lead actor Coco Martin? 

We also get to know more of the vibrant tandem as they take on the Complete the Sentence Challenge. If she weren’t a celebrity, Michelle could’ve been a psychologist as she loves helping people overcome their life problems. Paulo’s dream is to become an astronaut because he would love to conquer the moon.

He thinks invisibility is a cool superpower while she would prefer mindreading. For Paulo, his bed is the most comfortable place on earth while Michelle likes warm places.

Paulo considers his motorbike as his best buddy and that one thing that he spends much money on.  Michelle is a dog-lover and a foodie. We can touch anything but her food!

They both believe that life isn’t complete without God. The last time she cried was during a scene in Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin.  In one sentence, Paulo told his on-screen partner, “I want to put my lips on your lips.” Michelle had a funny reaction.

Catch Paulo and Michelle in Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin weekdays on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live.