Desiree Del Valle and Aya Fernandez talk about Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin – plot, their characters and new normal tapings

Actress Desiree del Valle takes on another kontrabida role via Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin. She thinks there’s nothing wrong with being typecast as the bad girl in most series, owing to her natural intimidating appeal. But in real life, Desiree swears she’s one of the sweetest. Her co-star and newcomer Aya Fernandez vouched for this. The evident bond between them likewise is enough to tell that these kontrabidas are only doing their jobs effectively.  

Desiree plays as Sonia in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, the eldest sister of Gabriel (Sam Milby). As the eldest, Sonia works hard to earn her father’s trust and make him realize that she can also run the family business. Sonia is hated by the audiences for her strict and rough treatment towards Ellice (Iza Calzado), who she always condemns for not prioritizing family life over her career.

Sonia isn’t perennially miffed for nothing. Her persona is shaped by the hunger for approval and love for family. She just wants to see Gabriel receiving the same amount of sacrifices, attention, and affection that he has for Ellice. The boss knows how to separate work from family life, and she wants Ellice to copy her style.  

Desiree wears hate comments as badges of her impeccable onscreen performance. The more fury from the audience means the more realistic her performance is. Just don’t forget to draw the line between acting and real life. And if you’re still wondering how kind and caring Desiree is off-cam, you may ask her husband Boom Labrusca.

Desiree and Boom have been married for two years. And when she finally gets her wish to become a mother, Desiree knows the journey will be smooth. She said that Boom is a caring and thoughtful husband, often sending her food and gifts on the set, making her feel like they’re still in the courtship stage. On some days, he would bike around just to get a glimpse of Desiree on location. They aren’t allowed to interact due to the ‘new normal’ taping protocols.

The actress’ beautiful soul shines through in this interview as she talks about her co-stars and supports newcomers like Aya, who calls her a ‘peaceful’ person.

Aya takes on the role of Agatha, the new girl bound to infuriate weeknight viewers. She feels grateful to be working with top caliber artists on her first teleserye project. Aya, beauty queen and VJ, looks at directors FM Reyes and Avel Sunpongco as her acting professors, saying these veteran filmmakers are very particular with the eye expression, even while their faces are covered with masks during rehearsals.

Diving to showbiz isn’t easy but Aya is glad to have geniuses guiding her along the way. Working with the show’s torchbearers puts her in disbelief and, at the same time, helps her navigate the unfamiliar place.

This serves as Desiree’s reunion with Iza Calzado and Jodi Sta. Maria. She said the ladies remain humble despite the stardom. Desiree gushed over finally sharing a project with her ultimate idol, the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano. It still feels surreal for her, a milestone worth celebrating in her 21 years in the industry. Desiree said she would catch herself gawking at Maricel off-cam. A few years back, she bumped into the veteran actress in the ABS-CBN hallways. She introduced herself and asked for a photo op like a true fanatic.

When at home with their families, Desiree and Aya have different roles to portray. Desiree is a hands-on wife to Boom, always in-charge of domestic chores. While Aya isn’t good in the kitchen, she can fix the household wirings and furniture. As a millennial with a carefree spirit, Aya felt powerless and trapped during the first days of quarantine. She missed going on outdoor adventures like hiking, diving, and other sports. But she eventually learned to cope up. For a homebody like Desiree, there’s no problem with being cooped up inside the house.

When on location for lock-in tapings, Desiree and Aya share the same love for food. They, and the rest of the cast, are “one big happy family in one big happy bubble.” This virtual interview was streamed from Desiree and Aya’s hotel rooms. Team Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin is now on their second round of lock-in shooting.

It rains food on the set. The cast members love to bring or deliver ‘ayuda’ on the set for everyone to feast on. Sam Milby would have the most generous of them all. Aya revealed that Sam’s girlfriend, Catriona Gray, sent them baked sushi once.

The cast often takes dinner together but with social distancing, although they can also eat inside their hotel rooms. The 12-hour working period starts at around 7 AM. On the set, everyone is expected to wear their facemasks and face shields during breaks.