Brenda Mage, Tart Carlos on being part of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, working with Iza and Jodi

Days prior to the resumption of the lock-in taping of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, cast members Tart Carlos and Brenda Mage spread good vibes and laughter through their virtual appearance together on ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube’s Kapamilya Confessions last August 26.

Before responding to the questions sent in by our beloved Kapamilya netizens on social media, the two took on first the “Fill In Blanks Challenge”, wherein they provided words or phrases that would complete the following statements: “I spent so much money…”, “Life is complete without…”, “I want to put…on your…”, “If I’m not an artist, my profession would be…”, “I cried last time because…”, “If I am to have a superpower, it would be…”, “I feel most comfortable in…”, “Everyone who knows me, knows that I love…”, “I love my family because…”, and “You can touch my…but not my…”.

Moving on to the revelations about their experiences working in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, the two were asked first how was it working with some of the biggest stars in showbiz like Iza Calzado and Jodi Sta. Maria. Brenda, who plays as Marissa’s (Jodi) loyal and funny secretary Penelope, revealed he would have more than one take every time he has a scene with Jodi because he sweats a lot and is too obvious on the camera due to the pressure and nervousness he feels every time he’s in front of her.

Tart, on the other hand, who plays Ellice’s chatty employee Violet, disclosed having to work with both Jodi and Iza in separate projects and they still never fail to amaze her with their natural and compelling acting skills. As we can remember, Tart used to work with Jodi in Be Careful With My Heart and she noted how totally different her characters Maya Dela Rosa and Marissa Pineda are. She also said the same about her working experience with Iza before, since they first worked in a horror project. The actress-comedienne went on to comment that Jodi and Iza both have proven that whatever character they portray, they will definitely do it great and au naturel.

Proceeding onto the next question, Tart and Brenda imparted their new discoveries regarding their roles. For Brenda, while his character isn’t far from his personality in real-life, he learned that you need to know how your character evolves so you can bring out the right emotions by reading the whole script given to them. Meanwhile for Tart, her character as an office girl isn’t actually new to her anymore since she used to work as a marketing specialist in a company, but being a gossip-monger in the office is.

When it comes to their reactions and the preparations they did upon accepting the offer to be part of the show, Brenda imparted how happy he was that his dream of being cast in a teleserye would finally come true and he would be working with some of the biggest stars in the industry. And because he and his character is almost the same, he didn’t have to prepare so much. Tart, on the other hand, divulged that she thanked the Lord as soon as she found out the good news because she was actually praying for it.

In relation to the theme of the series, the two were also asked about one thing they wouldn’t want to be taken away from them and, at the same time, the one thing they don’t have that they want to snatch away from other people. Brenda answered that he wouldn’t let his family and his Facebook and YouTube accounts be taken away from him, and that he would not hesitate to snatch anyone’s boyfriend. Meanwhile, Tart said that she wouldn’t want her husband to be taken away from her, and that she might probably take someone’s wealth or money.

Furthermore, when asked if they find it hard to mingle and work with everyone at work, Brenda reminded that you’ll have a hard time working with them only if you’re intimidated with them. At the same time, Tart said that it’s just really the pandemic that keeps them slightly physically distanced from each other. But in terms of socialization, there are really no barriers because all of the artists, including the big ones, are really genuine and kind to everyone on the set.

While Brenda already experienced being slapped by the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano in an episode of Gandang Gabi Vice before, he expressed his willingness to do it again in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin. Tart also expressed her excitement to share a scene with the award-winning veteran actress and be slapped by her if it will be required.

The comedians answered some random questions, too, namely how they cope up with anxiety and depression and keep themselves during this time of pandemic, and what are their plans after pandemic.

Find out their responses, as well as if they’re Team Ellice or Team Marissa, by clicking on this video!

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