10  most memorable kilig moments of Jake and Hope in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

Nothing beats the bliss of young love – the journey of growing and exploring life together. Just look at the traces of pure innocence and happiness in Jake (Grae Fernandez) and Hope (Kira Belinger)’s eyes. Their love story might have started complicated and is swamped with challenges but it never runs out of kilig. So, here’s a Toplist dedicated to Jake and Hope’s sweetest swoon-worthy moments in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin.

Jake is heroic in his own ways while Hope, the sheltered Cenidoza heiress, exudes sweet femininity. They look perfect together and this alone can send off a storm of kilig vibes to the viewers. Considered as one of the most memorable Jake-Hope moments is that scene where he saved her from an asthma attack while they were trapped inside the library.

Both diligent students, Jake and Hope spent most of their alone time at the library. If only books and tables can talk, they would have a lot to dish out about the pair’s most kilig moments – from the cute tug-of-war over a book to that electrifying exchange of meaningful stares. There was a scene where he inched closer towards her as though hoping for a kiss.

Thinking they were siblings, they had fun bonding and study sessions at the Villarosa abode with Gabriel (Sam Milby)’s permission. He cooked for her one afternoon, so she pleaded him to stay longer, matched with sweet smiles and ‘pa-cute’ twinkling of the eye. The duo looks extra adorable even in mundane moments.

It doesn’t require grand gestures to highlight their chemistry. Take for example the scene wherein she helped him push their car as it won’t start. It was just so subtle – just the two of them trying to get home and bantering in the middle of the road – but it gave us the loftiest feelings of love.

While the decision to elope isn’t a good thing, the time spent together allowed them to take a breather from all the problems brought about by their parents’ rippling feud. They had their own little world full of love, albeit troubles pop up once in a while. Hearts melted when Hope hurried towards Jake as he went home from the market. He just smiled, told her he missed her and gave her flowers.

They enjoyed the simple life. He taught her how to cook, and how to find happiness in the little moments. No one else mattered but the two of them and their feelings for each other. Jake professed his love for Hope and envisioned the hour when he can finally ask for their parents’ approval to let him prove his intentions. Here’s a love that waits for the perfect time!

But good times don’t last, they say. Jake and Hope face another trial following an accident that put the former in a critical condition. With the long-standing war between their families, will Jake and Hope have their happy ending? Don’t miss the Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin’s “Heart-Stealing Ending” on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z. Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin was created by Dindo C. Perez and Julie Anne R. Benitez and directed by FM Reyes and Avel Sunpongco.