10 love-hate moments of Avel and Marissa in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

Luck is on Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria)’s side since the series of ordeals that pose failure to Ellice (Iza Calzado)’s marriage and family. She also got a new guy on her team and he’s protective, reliable, smart, and handsome. He’s none other than Avel (Joseph Marco), whose dashing knight-in-shining-armor appeal adds more thrill to her life.  

In this Kapamilya Toplist, we rounded up the scenes showing the electrifying chemistry that make Marissa and Avel’s love-hate moments shine.

Their meeting was kismet at its finest, putting their strong personalities in a clash. Avel snapped at Marissa for accidentally spilling coffee on his shirt while he was on the way to an important job interview, unaware that he was shouting at his future boss. 

They met again for the job screening at Marissa’s office. The absence of remorse just made him appear more dauntless and sharp. Secretly impressed, she was quick to hire him as her new bodyguard. 

He may be quite mysterious but he has solid loyalty and the ability to protect his boss. There was a time when Avel quickly rescued Marissa from an attack and fired at the gunman, keeping himself focused even after the world came to a stop when they exchanged meaningful kilig stares. He offered her his jacket, igniting teases from Tutti (Brenda Mage).  

His fighting skills knocked down a group of clubgoers who tried to harass Marissa. The way he saved her was enough to keep us impressed. But the argument that followed charmed us all the more. Marissa scolded Avel for getting into trouble and all the damages left at the bar but we knew deep inside she’s relieved to have him around.

The dashing savior can also be the voice of reason that gives Marissa sensible advice about her strategies. He once told her to be vigilant in talking about her plans in public places. When called out for eavesdropping, Avel said it’s his duty to have a say on anything that concerns her safety. 

His sharp logic is an effective antidote to her heightened emotions. There was a scene where he handed her a book about winning a battle, saying her feelings will only bring her defeat than victory. 

When Marissa decided to call for a ceasefire after Hope (Kira Balinger) was rushed to the hospital, Avel was caught smiling over the surprising display of ‘softness.’ Of course, she did not like his reaction, so the scene ended with another cute argument. 

But underneath the constant bickering, there is genuine concern for each other. Avel once disarmed a bomb while Marissa and the employees of La Sierra evacuate the building. Such is the length he is willing to go to protect his ‘madam.’ Marissa ran towards the hero as he came out of the building safe and uninjured. She was worried and close to touching him until she came to her senses. Marissa scolded Avel and walked inside the building but it was too late to remove the traces of concern she unknowingly displayed.

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