WHO’S THE MOST VICIOUS? Evilness meter rates level of savagery of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin villains

In the past seven months of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, we have arguably found ourselves thrilled and vexed over the intense scenes and scorching confrontations we have witnessed every weeknight.  

Surely, not an episode went by without the key characters getting engaged in heated altercations or without the antagonists doing something that would really get into our nerves. And now that the well-loved primetime series is now on its remaining few episodes, let us revisit some of the unforgettable villain moments of four of its kontrabidas and rate their level of evilness.  

Belen Ceñidoza 

Level of evilness: 5 (diabolical) 

Her return to the life of her daughter Ellice (Iza Calzado) indeed received mixed reactions from the viewers. While some probably thought that it’s a good thing, there are others who are dubious with her arrival. And the latter were able to prove that they’re right as we witnessed how she relentlessly ruins the lives of the people around her, especially Ellice. 

Ever since she came into the picture, we have noticed how Ellice became rancorous and ruthless as Belen (Rita Avila) always tries to brainwash her in every single decision that she’ll make and stirs her to be furious against their stiffest rivals Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Lucing (Maricel Soriano). Who would forget those instances when she had a one-sided showdown with the latter while preparing dinner and when she let herself fell down the stairs and blamed it to Lucing?  

Their faceoff went on as Lucing took over the company in behalf of her daughter as they often fought over their shares and the right way to manage their employees. At the same time, it is not only the Pinedas to whom she’s been villainous, but to her son-in-law Gabriel (Sam Milby) and his family.  

Caesar Augusto

Level of evilness: 4 (gruesome) 

From the very first time that we saw him on the series, we already knew that Caesar (Simon Ibarra) is definitely up to no good. He used his connection to Marissa and the secret organization to score a position in Ceñidoza Pearls as its financial officer. However, he was actually in pursuit of knocking down his rival Marissa and in using the company for his corrupt shenanigans.  

Noticing how easy it was to manipulate Ellice, he took advantage of it by pretending to help her with her problems with regards to her former beau Francis (Joem Bascon), who threatened to expose her dark past. Caesar killed him in the end, telling his boss that it was mere accident because he fought back. That was when their allegiance began. 

Their partnership solidified when Caesar ordered the ambush of Marissa after Ellice unintentionally wished her dead in one of their conversations. He started to blackmail her, making it easier for him to discreetly accomplish his corrupt transactions through the company. 

After almost two decades, his wrath against Marissa still continues as he ordered one of his men Avel (Joseph Marco) to work for her as her bodyguard and get her favor so that it would be easier for him to defeat her. Unexpectedly, Avel fell in love with her and went on to save her instead of fulfilling his original mission of having her killed.  

As Avel failed, Caesar asked his ever-loyal henchman Red (Manuel Chua) to kill Marissa again while she was confined in the hospital after the failed assassination plot. And he’s seemingly not contented in just getting rid of his stiffest rival as he also threatened the lives of her Nanay Lucing and her adopted son Jake (Grae Fernandez). 


Adelina Guevarra 

Level of evilness: 3 (horrible) 

As the leader of the organization and serving as a second mom to Marissa, Madam Adelina (Carla Guevarra) had been by her side in everything that she did. She had been very supportive of her retribution schemes against Ellice since it was the latter who accidentally killed her son Victor (Albie Casiño) many years ago.  

However, every help that she had given her came with a hefty price. As she believed that a life lost should be paid by another life as well, she’d been prodding Marissa to murder Ellice until her last breath and even told her to bring her her head on a platter! 

Since Marissa was apparently her favorite and she eyed her to be her successor, she always reprimanded Caesar whenever he got in the way of her and their plans. 

Even though she and Marissa have their reasons to be vengeful against Ellice, the only difference is that Madam Adelina wanted her to be also dead as a way of giving justice to her late son. It can be recalled that she started it by hiring Francis to ruin her life and by being an investor for the Cenidoza Pearls. 


Marissa Pineda-Zulyani 

Level of evilness: 2 (annoying) 

While she’s able to obtain the sympathy of many viewers because of the sacrifices she did for Ellice and all the hardships that she had to go through, Marissa became a kontrabida in so many ways as she takes revenge against her former best friend. 

Part of her huge payback scheme was to destroy Ellice’s family by seducing her beloved husband Gabriel that resulted to a one-night stand and a son named Jacob. She has also executed a number of plans to both help and ruin company while her “best friend” was still in her maternal leave. 

As she made her comeback after 17 years of hiding away, Marissa made sure to make everyone who crossed her to pay for what they have done, including Caesar, who she fiercely threatened after he sent him a snake. She went on with her revenge plans against Ellice by putting her name and her company in the bad light and attempting to regain Gabriel by using the old pendant she gave him when they were still kids. 

While she has been so savage, many of us could understand where Marissa is coming from. As humans, it’s just innate for us to be resentful if someone inflicted harm to us, especially to our loved ones, right?  

Except Madam Adelina who’s now already dead, to what extent do the evilness of Belen, Caesar, and Marissa would take them? Let’s find out in the remaining episodes of JRB Creative Production’s Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin created by Dindo C. Perez and Julie Anne R. Benitez, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z!