Thrilled netizens laud intense face-offs of Marissa and Ellice on Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

Netizens were left engrossed, thrilled, and affected by the intense confrontations between Marissa Pineda (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Ellice Ceñidoza-Villarosa (Iza Calzado), as they expressed utmost admiration and praise for these brilliant actresses’ dramatic performances and the creative execution of the production team of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin.

These intense, nerve-wracking, and gripping scenes from the October 22 and 23 episodes had been very much discussed and commented on, showing how much each line, or development that has transpired made a sure deep impact on them.

Netizens weren’t able to help themselves from expressing their reactions to what they’ve seen and to praise  the impeccable performances of the two award-winning leading ladies on the comments sections of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s posts on Facebook showing clips of the highly talked about episodes.

We see how much they appreciate and applaud how things turned out in the show as they give their high marks for Jodi and Iza’s individual performances.

Ever since it commenced almost two months ago, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin has indeed never failed to invite such overwhelming acclaim with its intense scenes, especially those that involve lead characters Marissa and Ellice.

As Ellice finally discovered the deepest and darkest secret of her husband Gabriel (Sam Milby) and her best friend, she’s been filled with rage and has gone more hostile towards Marissa that often ensue to their riveting clashes. And just last week, we’ve witnessed their most scorching face-off to date that definitely blew our minds and left us on the edge of our seats!

It happened during a special event held by Cenidoza Pearls for their client, renowned fashion designer Ruben Madriaga (Thou Reyes), wherein Ellice seemed to intentionally not invite Marissa despite the fact that she’s the one who forged partnership with him. Adding fuel to the fire was when the former didn’t mention the latter on her acknowledgement.

That certainly hurt Marissa, thus she immediately confronted Ellice for not crediting her for the project she tirelessly worked hard for, fiercely telling her, “This is my project. I was the one who reached out to them, pero nagbida-bida ka. Inaagaw mo ang pinaghirapan ko.”

Ellice left after Gabriel stopped them, but Marissa still chased her and forcefully tugged her enormous pearl necklace, just like what we saw in the teaser months ago! They then had exchange of slaps, with Ellice at long last taking her turn of expressing her wrath on Marissa.

Ngayon sabihin mo sa akin kung anong masakit, ‘yong sampal ko o ang sinasabi mong pang-aagaw ko? ‘Di ba masakit maagawan? And now, you know exactly what it feels like. Kaya dahan-dahan ka sa pananalita mo, Marissa, dahil ako, wala akong inaagaw sa’yo,” she vented out.

Then she continued, “Project mo? I own Cenidoza and you work for me kaya technically, lahat ng projects mo, akin. The company? Mine. The father of your child? Still mine! Lahat ng inaangkin mo at ipinipilit mong iyo ay akin!

After that scorching scene wherein the series’ title was finally mentioned, they had another skirmish when Ellice ordered the termination of Marissa from the company, which extremely enraged the latter She argued that she deserves to stay and accused the former of robbing her off her future for the second time. 

As Marissa called her ingrate and not having debt of gratitude towards everything that she did for her, Ellice mercilessly humiliated her in front of the employees by revealing her affair with Gabriel, physically assaulting her, and hurling a wet rug at her.

Apparently, she was struck when Marissa uttered, “I knew what you’re trying to do Ellice. Basang-basa na kita. You’re trying to put on a show, ha? Kagaya ng dati? Nakakaawa ka. Nakakaawa ka! At kahit na gaano pa kaputi ang mga perlas na ibalot mo d’yan sa katawan mo, mawawala rin ang pagkasilaw ng mga tao. Lalabas at lalabas ang dumi ng kalooban mo!

As the showdowns of Marissa and Ellice are expected to grow more ferocious, you surely wouldn’t want to miss the upcoming episodes of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z!