The gripping clashes, touching moments in Week 11 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

Marissa Pineda (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Ellice Cenidoza-Villarosa (Iza Calzado) are certainly far from ending their intense clashes and relentless disputes as they continuously fight for what they think rightfully belongs to them and take revenge against each other in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

As we continue to follow their riveting story, let’s take a look back on the scorching scenes and mind-blowing linyahan from last week’s episodes in this feature!



Gabriel (Sam Milby) vented out to his mom Carmelita Villarosa (Cheska Iñigo) all the worries that he carries as he witnesses how Ellice suffers from his infidelity. He told his mother how he tried to keep it from Ellice, but still failed as he wasn't able to save her from all the damage brought by his betrayal. Carmelita tried to assure him that no matter what they’re going through, everything will be okay in the right time and Ellice will eventually accept him again. 

“I just wonder if one day all the pain go away,” Gabriel uttered as he almost lost his hope that Ellice will ever love him again as she did before. His mom then advised him to understand his wife and be patient with her because time will come that she can finally heal from it and he can see his family happy again. “All of this will be worth it,” Carmelita told him.

On the other hand, Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) went to Sonya Villarosa-Escobar (Desiree Del Valle) because she didn’t know where else she and her child would go. Sonya told her that they’re welcome to join Villarosa Construction if she wants, but Marissa turned down her offer, saying, “Hindi ako pwedeng magpatalo na lang kay Ellice nang gano’n gano’n na lang.

Ellice and her sister-in-law Cristina Villarosa (Jef Gaitan), meanwhile, got to talk about what Gabriel did, with the latter assuring the former, “Kakampi mo ako kahit pakiramdam mo na hindi mo na kayang magtiwala sa kahit kanino.

Ellice also told Gabriel to give her some space and to just go back to their construction firm. After that, he went to Marissa to check if she’s okay, but Marissa expressed how hurt she was after what Ellice did to her, especially that he did nothing while it was happening. “’Pag kailangan n’yo ako, lagi akong nandy’an para sa inyo, pero ngayong ako ‘yung nadehado wala kang ginawa” Marissa told him in disappointment. 

Huwag mong sabihin na hindi ka importante sa akin,” Gabriel apologetically told her.

Marissa tried to talk to and ask help from Adelina Guevarra (Carla Martinez) so she can go back to Ceñidoza Pearls. “Si Ellice ang nagturo sa'kin na hindi siya karapat-dapat pagmalasakitan,” Marissa told Adelina, whom eventually agreed to help her.



Walang lugar ang mga kabit dito.” This was what Ellice fearlessly told Marissa when she went Marissa as he reasoned out that it would be just natural for her to visit his father’s wake. This certainly enraged Ellice, scowling, “Ang lakas ng loob niyang humarap sa akin. And now, you are justifying her presence. Bakit? Siya ba ang gusto mong mag-comfort sa’yo, ‘partner’?” 



Ipaglalaban ni Nanay ang lahat para sa’yo.” This was what Marissa told her son Jacob while she was in tears. She dreams of giving her son the gift of a complete family, and everything else that he rightfully deserves.

When Gabriel asked Ellice if they could talk, she snapped at him, “How many more of your lies do I need to hear? Para akong nalulunod, hindi ako makahinga. Pakiramdam ko, pinagkaisahan n’yo akong lahat. Gabriel, I expected you to be by my side. I keep expecting you to protect me but what do you do? You keep betraying me over and over again.” 

In tears, Gabriel admitted that he has caused so much damage that hurt her and begged her for another chance. However, Ellice told her that there’s nothing he can do to erase all the pain that he gave her.

Kung gaano mo kamahal ang isang tao, gano’n din ang katumbas na sakit,” Pinky (Jimmy Marquez) emotionally consoled his boss, Ellice. He tried to advise her to just leave Gabriel, but she refused since she wants a complete family for their daughter Hope.

On the other hand, Marissa’s most trusted right-hand Blue (Nico Antonio) assured her “Kaya naman handa akong mamatay at pumatay para sa’yo,” when she told them she wants him and Tutti (Brenda Mage) to be with her in her journey towards success. to the wake of Gabriel’s father, Ramon, to which the latter responded that she came as Jacob’s mother and as the mother of the deceased’s grandson. 

Ellice once again wasn’t able to resist herself from hurting Marissa when the latter told her that it’s not her fault if Ramon treated her and Jacob as a family more than them. As the fight started between the two, Carmelita asked Marissa to just leave. Carmelita advised Marissa to learn how to keep her rage to herself to avoid disputes like that. 

On the other hand, Carmelita asked her daughter-in-law, “Sana Ellice matuto kang magpatawad”. And when Ellice asked her if it was worth it holding on to her husband until the end, Carmelita told her that Ramon made her feel that he loves her right before his heart attack when he said “thank you” to her. 

“Was that enough to erase all the years of pain?” Ellice asked her. Carmelita felt that she can’t do that with Gabriel so she told her to not give up on him and reminded her, “You are his wife,” she strongly reminded Ellice.

When Gabriel knew about what happened between Ellice and Marissa, he seemed to be defending 

Upon finding out that Ellice was putting her exit package on hold, Marissa furiously confronted her.

Wala kang karapatang ipitin ang pera ko,” Marissa told Ellice.

“’Yang exit package mo, kulang pang kabayaran ‘yan. Kaya dahan-dahan ka sa paniningil mo dahil may utang ka pa,” Ellice indignantly responded.

Kung ako naman ang maniningil sa’yo sa lahat ng taon na sinalo ko ang kasalanan mo sa kulungan, kasama na ang pagpapalago nitong kompanya mo, kasama ang hindi pagsabi sa asawa mo ng katotohanan, kulang pa ang buhay mo bilang kabayaran sa’kin Ellice. Wala akong utang sa’yo, Ellice. Ikaw ang may utang sa’kin. Kaya humanda ka, dahil babalik ako at sisingilin kita,” Marissa derisively answered as she got provoked by Ellice’s piercing words.



Gabriel pleaded Ellice to stop trying to hold Marissa’s exit package that rightfully belongs to her, saying, “Huwag ka sanang mabulag dahil sa galit mo.” But Ellice insisted that she’ll still work on proving that Marissa is behind the financial anomalies of the company, even though it was proven before that she was not guilty. Gabriel told her that she’ll only get into trouble when she does that, to which Ellice snorted, “Sinong kakampihan mo? Ako o si Marissa?

The board members of the Ceñidoza Pearls got disappointed with Ellice as she scared away their potential investors, with one of them even commenting that it wouldn’t have happened if Marissa took charge of it so they wanted Marissa back. 

Of course, Ellice refused to approve and told them, “I decide who gets to go and who gets to stay.” However, since the boards have the authority to bring Marissa back in position again and majority of them voted that, Ellice had nothing to do.

When Marissa finally came back to the company, Ellice immediately warned her, “Hindi permanente ang pagbabalik mo rito,” as she’ll do everything in her power to get her out of the company. 

Siguraduhin mo lang na hindi mo kakainin lahat ng sinabi mo,” Marissa mockingly responded.

As Marissa succeeded in building an agreement between the company and the environmentalists, Ellice felt depressed and it left her questioning her capabilities. “Kahit anong gawin ko natatalo na lang ako lagi ni Marissa. “Maybe I’m not good enough for the company, maybe I’m not good enough for my husband,” she said.



When Marissa and Gabriel had a small talk, she admitted feeling bad for Ellice when she saw how frustrated she was after her successful interview and agreement with the environmentalists because she knows the feeling of losing and being humiliated. 

Nasaktan ako para sa kanya,” she related. 

“You are truly admirable,” Gabriel told him as she still has a soft spot for his wife and her ex-best friend despite what she’s done to her. “Kailangan kong punan sa kanya (Jacob) ‘yong katotohanan na bunga siya ng isang kasalanan,” Marissa also told Gabriel.

Unexpectedly, Ellice’s admirer from their hometown La Cascara, Francis Angeles (Joem Bascon, formerly portrayed by Alex Castro), reunited with her through the business meeting he had with her. He had a suspiciously good conversation with her as he seemed to be a potential collaborator of Ellice’s company, but at the same time, showed some intended romantic gestures and motives on her.

The day after, while Ellice was having breakfast with her husband, Gabriel asked whom she had a meeting with, but she refused to divulge more information about him and went on to question him why he was interrogating her. “Natatakot ka ba na gawin ko sa’yo ang ginawa mo sa’kin? Natatakot ka ba sa sarili mong multo?” she expressed.

Suspicious, Gabriel asked Marissa if she could gather some information about the potential business collaborator that Ellice had a meeting with and through the help of Tutti, who checked the appointment schedules of Ellice through Pinky’s notes, Marissa was able to find out that it was Francis Angeles.

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