Striking verbal clashes, scorching scenes in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin’s Week 13

Week 13 was arguably the most heartbreaking and intense week of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin to date as we witnessed a slew of tear-jerking and shocking scenes that ripped our hearts and blew our minds. Since that’s the case, it’s expected that each episode was packed with hard-hitting lines that struck us to the core.

As Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) expressed her desire to formally leave the organization to live a brand-new life with Gabriel (Sam Milby), Madam Adelina Guevarra (Carla Martinez) tried to persuade her not to as she considers to be her rightful successor. She told her, “’Di pa tapos ang paghihiganti mo” and “Ikaw ang tutupad sa paghihiganti ko para sa anak ko”, pertaining to Marissa’s act of owning up to the murder committed by Ellice (Iza Calzado) to her son Victor (Albie Casiño) many years ago that sent Marissa to jail for four years.

However, in spite of her pleas, Marissa still refused to accept Madam Adelina’s offer and asked for her understanding.

Ikaw lang ang pag-asa ko. Tinulungan kita sa paghihiganti mo. Ngayon, ako naman ang tutulungan mo sa paghihiganti ko para sa anak ko,” Madam Adelina implored.

Then Marissa tearfully replied, “Madam, alam mo na malaki ang utang na loob ko sa inyo at kahit na ano gagawin ko sa’yo. [Pero] sana naman maintindihan n’yo ang pagmamahal ko kay Gabriel. Siya ang dahilan kung bakit nabago at nawala lahat ng galit sa puso ko. Wala na akong ibang gustong gawin ngayon kundi mabuhay kasama siya at ng baby.”

It was painful for the both of them, yet they showed their acceptance and understanding of each other’s situation through a warm embrace.

Later that evening, Marissa spoke to her dependable right-hand Blue (Nico Antonio) regarding her touching conversation with their boss and what happened to her and Ellice in the past that led to their current struggle. She had gone emotional as she recollected how Don Jorge (Lito Pimentel) persuaded her to push through with their plan of covering her best friend up and how Ellice just watched from afar when she got arrested.

 “Minahal mo siya, pero ‘di ka niya minahal,” Blue uttered, to which Marissa retorted, “Siguro, minahal niya ako. Pero mas mahal niya lang ang sarili niya, na kapag siya na ang nalagay sa alanganin, mas uunahin niyang isalba ang sarili niya.

As Marissa was busy packing her and Baby Jacob stuff, Nanay Lucing (Maricel Soriano) was still seemingly hopeful to change her mind about marrying Gabriel and living with him. But she assured her, “Huwag ka mag-alala, alam ko na ang ginagawa ko,” and went on to give her a sweet smile and a warm embrace.

Unfortunately, just when she thought that it’s going to be the best day of her life, it turned out to become her most terrible nightmare as her discreet rival and syndicate co-member Caesar (Simon Ibarra) put her life in danger as he was driven by his personal evil scheme. He asked his henchman Dexter (Manuel Chua) to assassinate Marissa and made Madam Adelina believe that he had nothing to do with it over their conversation on the phone.

“Ikaw ba ang may balak magpapatay kay Marissa?”

“Bakit ko naman gagawin ‘yon e alam kong bata mo si Marissa? Bakit ko siya gagalawin?”

“Dahil malaki ang inggit mo sa kanya. At dahil alam mo rin na si Marissa ang pinupusuan ng organisasyon na pumalit sa akin!”

Madam, nakakasakit naman ng damdamin ang akusasyon mo. Wala akong balak kunin ang posisyon mo. Tahimik ang buhay ko, masaya ako kung ano man ang serbisyong ginagawa ko para sa organisasyon. Kaya huwag ho kayang mag-alala, wala akong balak na masama sa kanya. Wala naman akong mapapala ‘pag nawala siya. Hindi siya threat sa’kin.”

“Siguraduhin mo lang na walang mangyayaring masama kay Marissa, or else, I will hunt you down myself!

Meanwhile, Caesar made it appear to Ellice that she was the one who ordered her ex-best friend’s death and further tormented her by saying, “huli na po ang lahat”, when she called him to ask if he was able to stop his henchman.

Episode 63 marks the opening of the second book of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, which is set 17 years after the death of Baby Jacob. We found out that Ellice and Gabriel still live under one roof even though it can be recalled that the latter expressed his yearning to divorce their marriage. And the reason behind this setup could be traced back in their past conversations, wherein Ellice pleaded for him to stay for the sake of their daughter Hope.

Gabriel, alam kong mahal mo si Marissa. Alam kong kasalanan ko kung bakit natutunan mo siyang mahalin. Kahit ‘di mo na ako mahal, kahit matagal na panahon, bago bumalik ‘yong pagmamahal mo sa’kin, tatanggapin ko. Mas mabuo lang ang pamilya natin. Huwag mo kaming iwan ni Hope. Huwag mo kaming iwan, please,” Ellice tearfully said.

Her first attempt didn’t work, so she tried to appeal to him once more on the first year of their break up.

“Hope needs a father Gabriel. One day, she will grow up and she will soon realize na hindi normal ang ganitong klaseng setup.

“Hope has a mother and a father. We don’t need to be together to raise her.”

“Gabriel, alam kong galit ka pa sa’kin at tinatanggap ko ‘yon. Pero alang-alang kay Hope, I don’t want her to grow up in a broken home. I’m willing to take whatever it is you want to throw at me. Pero ang ‘di ko kaya, isang araw, masumbatan ako ng anak ko because I didn’t try hard enough for her. So please, Gabriel, stay. Stay.”

Another thing we found out is that Caesar still works for Cenidoza, but he apparently has a control on her after what happened 17 years ago as she seemed to cannot disagree with every decision that he makes for the company.

In one of their meetings, we could hear her say, “Bakit mo pa ako tinatanong kung after 17 years, hostage pa rin pala ako into saying ‘yes’ to your decisions?”

From their first heated encounter at a bookstore over a copy of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hope (Kira Balinger) and Jake (Grae Fernandez) once again figured in a dispute at school after the latter delivered his unsolicited answer out of blue while she was answering their professor’s question.

Irked by what Jake, who turned out to be her blockmate, did, Hope uttered, “Sir, I think it’s proper courtesy to let the person in front finish speaking, especially ‘pag siya ang tinawag. It’s called respect. Or, is it a habit of yours? Mahilig kang mang-agaw ng hindi sa’yo?”

Meanwhile, at her dad Gabriel’s office, her Lola Carmelita (Cheska Iñigo) dropped by to check on what’s happening between him and his wife Ellice upon seeing her disturbing post online. Having an inkling of what could be the possible cause of it, she asked “Don’t you think your wife has suffered long enough?”

Then she added, “Base sa tweet na ‘to, malalim ang pain ni Ellice. Ano ba ang hindi mo mapatawad sa kanya? ‘Di ba, wasn’t it you who fell for Marissa in the first place?”

As her daughter Sonya (Desiree del Valle) pointed out that Ellice may only be trying to get her sympathy and she just couldn’t accept that Marissa outshone her, Carmelita strongly stated, “No mistress can ever be better than the legal wife!”

On the other hand, Gabriel’s other sisters visited Ellice at her office to console her and ask her about their marital woes.

From not simply joining them during meal times and consistently giving her a cold shoulder, Ellice found out that Gabriel was not also eating every food that she prepared for him. But he reasoned out that he’s just too busy at work and often went out to the field, which Ellice seemingly didn’t buy.

“I put a lot of effort into making all of this for you, pero sinasayang mo lang pala. Sana sinabi mo na lang sa akin.

“Ellice, I didn’t ask you na gawin mo ‘to.

“Pero ginagawa ko pa rin dahil iniintindi kita. Alam kong tingin mo, hindi na natin maaayos ang marriage na ito. Pero, Gabriel, sana kahit konting respeto man lang tirhan mo ako.”  

That evening, Hope talked to her mom regarding the noticeable indifference of Gabriel. Despite telling her that everything’s still fine between them, Hope advised Ellice, “Parang lagi na lang po kayong nagfi-fix e. Dad is always passive-aggressive in your relationship. You know what, mom, if you’re tolerating dad’s treatment sa’yo for my sake, don’t na. You don’t have to. Ayokong nakikita kang nasasaktan.”

On the other hand, Nanay Lucing dropped by Gabriel’s study area and told him, “Sana, mahanap mo sa puso mo ang pagpapatawad sa iyong asawa. Lagi mong tintulak palayo sa’yo si Ellice. Baka isang araw, mawala na rin siya sa’yo.” She also reminded him of how his behavior could make an impact on Hope, so he should treat Ellice better.

The next day, Hope tearfully asked him, “Do you still love, Mom?” As he replied that he still does, she added, “It’s just that, ‘di ko nakikita na sinusuyo mo si mom, the way she takes care of you.”

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