Scorching confrontation scenes, heart-rending emotional breakdowns in Week 30 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

Even though their kids were already found, the heat is apparently still on for stiff rivals Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Ellice (Iza Calzado) in the Week 30 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin.

We’ve witnessed a slew of scorching confrontations between the Cenidozas and Pinedas, as well as between Ellice and her beloved husband Gabriel (Sam Milby) and daughter Hope (Kira Balinger). We also saw both women had emotional breakdowns as they expressed how extremely exhausted they are already because of everything that has been happening. 



Still distraught over the loss of her daughter Hope, as well as her husband’s alleged sneaky shenanigans, Ellice vented out to their close friend Agatha (Aya de Leon). Unbeknown to the former, the latter actually knows what Gabriel has been into – investigating Ellice’s cunning mom Belen – which he couldn’t tell his wife since always ignites an altercation between them. Thus, Agatha simply advised her, “Maybe you shouldn’t worry about it too much, Ellice. You need to just trust Gabriel.”

While their families had been frantic searching for them, Jake and Hope, on the other hand, was sharing a sweet moment together at Lola Auring’s (Aurora Yumul) shack.

“You are the reason why I look forward to waking up in the morning,” Jake sweetly told Hope. In return, she replied, “You are the reason why I always have a smile on my face.”

Bukas, ‘di ko masabi sa’yo ‘to, ngayon sasabihin ko na. Ako ang pinaka-maswerteng tao sa mundo dahil sa’yo.

“I would love kung sasabihin mo ‘yon ulit sa akin bukas.”

But that romantic moment was cut short when Lola Auring interrupted them and teasingly told them to let her sleep peacefully. Little did they know that danger would arrive afterwards as Caesar unexpectedly appeared outside her house. She tried to shoo him away and denied that the two kids were with her, but he was too persistent and even threatened to kill her. Much to his dismay, he wasn’t able to catch Hope and Jake as Lola Auring immediately advised them to escape upon seeing him.

Meanwhile, little did Caesar know that Belen already found out about his attempt to betray the organization by exposing them to the authorities. Fearing for her safety, she asked the other members to protect her against him. 

In line with his confession, Ellice was also dragged after Caesar included her and Belen in the list of its members. Mortified by what Agatha relayed to her, Ellice was compelled to tell her the truth about how her connection with the secret organization began, as well as sought her help anew.

Malaking problema ‘yan. Pero kung gusto mong tulungan kita, baka kailangan mong mag-cut ng ties with your mother,” Agatha advised her.



Just when Hope and Jake thought that they were able to get away from harm, they found themselves being chased by someone they didn’t know and got into an accident that put his life in peril.

While everyone was distressed over what happened to the two kids, the ever-devious Belen relentlessly poisoned Ellice’s mind by feeding her with negative thoughts and making her feel jealous over Gabriel and Hope’s closeness with Marissa. Nonetheless, she tried her best to feign what she really felt and reiterated that they were just doing that for the sake of Jake. Thus, Belen slyly told her, “Okay, if you say so. Maloloko mo ako sa feelings mo pero hindi mo maloloko ang sarili mo”.

As Jake hung on for his dear life, he saw himself in the middle of a forest that depicted heaven. There, he crossed paths with his ibu’s late biological son Jacob (Zaijian Jaranilla) and was able to talk with him, too. Apologetic of assuming his identity, Jacob assured him that he clearly understood him for he knew that he only did it because of his unconditional love and debt of gratitude for his Mama.

Buong puso akong nagpapasalamat sa’yo sa pagmamahal na binigay mo kay Mama, kay Lola Lucing, kay daddy, at kay Hope. Naniniwala akong tunay ang pagmamahal mo sa kanila. Kung nabubuhay man ako ngayon, gano’ng pagmamahal din ang ibibigay ko sa kanya,” Jacob told her.

Pero hindi ko lang alam kung mapapatawad nila ako kapag nalaman nilang hindi ako si Jacob, na hindi ako ikaw. Natatakot ako na baka ‘di nila ako tanggapin,” Jake expressed.

Jake, magtiwala ka lang. Ang pagmamahal ang magsisilbing liwanag sa madilim na landas,” Jacob consoled him.



In his attempt to provide the blood needed by Jake for his operation, Gabriel got himself tested and discovered that their blood types weren’t compatible. This compelled Marissa to finally confess the truth about Jake’s identity and reveal to Gabriel that he is not his real son. She told him the grim and tormenting ambush incident that happened 17 years ago, resulting to their lovechild’s tragic demise.

“‘Yon ang dahilan kung bakit ang tagal kong nawala, Gabriel. Kailangan kong ibangon ang sarili ko sa sakit ng pagkawala ng anak ko. Hindi n’yo alam ang pinagdaanan ko. Pati ang sarili kong nanay isinakripisyo ko, tiniis ko na hindi makita sa takot na baka may mangyari sa kanya, na baka madamay siya,” she tearfully recalled.

As Gabriel asked her who’s the culprit behind the crime, she angrily pointed Ellice, who was then trembling upon hearing Marissa’s anguish statements, and exclaimed: “Siya ang pumatay sa anak ko!”

Ellice incessantly apologized to Gabriel to no avail as he was already decided to leave her after knowing her involvement in the crime that led to his son’s death.



Bakit mo ba sinisisi ang sarili mo sa isang bagay na hindi mo naman ginustong gawin? At isa pa, hindi mo naman gugustuhing ipapatay si Marissa kung hindi naman niya sinira ang pamilya mo noon na hanggang ngayon sinisira niya. Kaya siya ang pumatay sa anak niya,” Belen consoled her daughter, who was still distraught over what just transpired.

She continued, “Naghahanap lang ‘yon ng masisisi para makapaghugas-kamay. Di mo dapat inaako ‘yong pagdurusa niya, ha? Wala kang kasalanan. Lumalaban ka lang kasi ginigipit ka niya.”
On the other hand, Marissa finally confessed to Nanay Lucing (Maricel Soriano) the whole truth and that Caesar told her that it was Ellice who ordered the ambush of Jake. This made the latter mad at the woman she used to consider as her own daughter, fiercely telling Marissa, “Oras na para harapin si Ellice para mabigyang-linaw na lahat ng atraso niya sa atin.”

At the same time, Hope confronted her mom as well regarding the crime she was involved in upon seeing her at their home.

“All these years inidolo ko kayo, ang taas-taas ng tingin ko sa inyo. I even told myself I wanted to be like you when I grow up. Hindi ko kasi alam na gano’n ka palang klaseng tao – na kaya mong pumatay ng sanggol na walang kalaban-laban,” she exasperatingly stated.

Ellice tried to defend and explain herself, but Hope refused to listen to her. “Kahit anong paliwanag mo, hindi mo maibabalik si Jacob. Hindi mo siya maibabalik.

And it seemed that the war between them is definitely far from over as the Cenidozas sued them for allegedly spying to their company. This totally infuriated the Pinedas, compelling them to confront Belen and Ellice at their home. This, of course, ensued to a scorching and intense altercation between the two mother-daughter tandems and exchange of strong slaps and hard-hitting words.



“Really, Marissa? A blind item? Bakit nahiya ka pa? Bakit ’di mo pa binigay ‘yong buong pangalan ko pati address ko?” Ellice fumingly greeted as soon as she spotted Marissa together with Gabriel, Hope, and Nanay Lucing in the hallway of the hospital. 

They were all befuddled with what she was nagging about, so Marissa spoke up, “Anong blind item ba ang tinutukoy mo Ellice? Ito ba ‘yong pag-utos mo kay Caesar na patayin si Jake?

Ellice kept on denying her allegations, but Marissa firmly believed that she had something to do with it. “Tumigil ka na sa pagsisinungaling mo! Bukong-buko ka na e! Inutusan mo si Cesar na bawiin mo si Hope at patayin si Jake. Ipinapatay mo si Jake gaya ng pagpapapatay mo kay Jacob labing-walong taon na ang nakakaraan.”

Idedemanda kita ng paninirang-puri!” Ellice warned, to which Marissa fiercely retorted, “Go ahead. I dare you!”

As Gabriel and Hope still refused to believe in her, she frustratingly told him, “Sige, huwag mo akong paniwalaan. Sino ba naman ako sa buhay mo? Asawa mo lang naman ako. Kampihan mo ‘yang mga ‘yan. Sige, magsama-sama kayong lahat!

Apparently, neither of them is going to give up anytime soon as Marissa is really keen to make Ellice own up to her crimes and mistakes, while Ellice was being persuaded by Belen to fight Marissa in a different way.

Marissa vented out to Avel (Joseph Marco) by uttering, “Napapagod na ako, Avel. Hindi matatapos ang kaguluhan. Kada may isang problemang maaayos, may malaking madadagdag. Nagpapatong-patong nang lahat. Alam ko na hindi ko pwedeng atrasan si Ellice hangga’t hindi ko nasisingil ang pagkamatay ni Jacob at ‘yong pagtatangka niya sa buhay ni Jake. Pagod na pagod na ako. Gusto ko na lang magising kung kailan tapos na ang lahat ng ito.

On the other hand, Ellice had an emotional breakdown upon the arrival of Gabriel and Hope at their home. She pushed them away and told them to be with Marissa since they seemingly wanted to be with her more than her.

She went on to infuriatingly lament how they seem to never do anything to protect their family. “Kahit kailan naman hindi ninyo pinagtanggol ang pamilyang ito, ‘di ba? Pagod na ako! Pagod na pagod na ako na kailangan ko laging patunayan ang sarili ko! Ayoko na! Kung ayaw n’yo sa’kin, you can now leave.”

Meanwhile, Caesar attempted to kill Nanay Lucing while she was all by herself in the chapel.

Are you excited as us to find out what are going to happen in the finale week of JRB Creative Production’s Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, created by Dindo C. Perez and Julie Anne R. Benitez and directed by FM Reyes and Avel Sunpongco? Let’s all find out by not missing an episode, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5 and A2Z!