REVENGE AFTER REVENGE AFTER REVENGE: Mga gantihan na ‘di malilimutan sa Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

In its seven months on air, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin has indeed never failed to make our weeknight primetime viewing thrilling through the intense and scorching scenes presented in every episode.

Surely, not an episode went by without seeing its equally-fierce lead characters Ellice (Iza Calzado) and Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) quarrel and execute their vengeful schemes against each other. And there were instances that their respective palaban moms Belen (Rita Avila) and Lucing (Maricel Soriano), as well as the two-faced Caesar Augusto (Simon Ibarra), would take part in their clashes as well.

Now that the well-loved teleserye is down to its few remaining episodes, let’s revisit some of the most unforgettable and enthralling gantihan or reprisal moments between Marissa and Ellice.

This scene was highly talked about on the night of its airing as viewers finally heard the title being spoken by Ellice in her sizzling showdown with Marissa during their client Mr. Madriaga’s (Thou Reyes) fashion show.

As Ellice intentionally did not invite Marissa to come with her to the event, the latter was still able to make it and confronted her ex-bff-slash-boss about it. Since it’s her project and she’s the one who reached out to them, Marissa demanded that it’s just right for her to be present on the show as well. As Gabriel advised them to stop because all eyes were already on them, Ellice simply excused herself and walked out.

Unexpectedly, the upset Marissa followed her outside the hall and pulled her pearl necklace. This ensued to their exchange of slaps, which only stopped when Ellice began to assert that she didn’t take anything away from her contrary to what she’s claiming. She firmly believed that there’s no need for Marissa to be credited since she just worked for the company and all her projects are technically owned by her – including the father of her child.

After finding out that her ex-best friend and her husband Gabriel (Sam Milby) have an illicit affair and they share a child, Ellice persuaded the other members of the board to have Marissa kicked out of the company. Her sudden termination absolutely enraged Marissa, which sparked a heated confrontation between her and Ellice in front of Ceñidoza Pearls employees.

Marissa exasperatingly told Ellice how much she deserves to stay and how she robs her off her future the second time, making her an ingrate or inggrata. Furious at the same time, Ellice slapped her twice and humiliated her by incriminating her for seducing Gabriel and destroying her family.

As Marissa clapped back by uttering how much she pities her for putting on a show anew, it got Ellice piqued. She dragged her, pushed her to the floor, and threw a damp cloth on her, telling her to use it to wipe her filthy self.

And of course, who would forget the highly talked about grand comeback of Marissa after 17 years? Just when everyone thought that she’s already gone for good, she shocked everyone, especially Ellice and Gabriel, as she stepped out of the stage and was introduced as the owner of the new jewelry brand in town – La Sierra.

We all knew that her return marks the beginning of her retribution against those who wronged her, particularly her stiffest rival Ellice. And she started by attempting to conquer the jewelry industry and toppling Cenidoza Pearls.

Having suffered from the Cenidozas for a long time, not to mention her primary goal to topple her best friend-turned-rival Ellice, Marissa was really keen to take back their family’s supposed share to Cenidoza Pearls. It was after she and Lucing were able to retrieve the letter of his late father Nestor (Allan Paule) and to talk with the daughter of one of his close friends, who knew something about the suspicious deal between Nestor and Ellice’s father Jorge (Lito Pimentel) many years ago.

In the end, the Pinedas’ petition to claim their ownership of the company was denied after the court announced that the evidences they presented weren’t enough, although the letter was authentic. Little did they know that Caesar asked the judge, who was also a member of the secret organization, to immediately junk the case in return to the favors given to him.

Desperate to save the life of her beloved unica hija, Ellice swallowed her pride and sought the help of Marissa by persuading her to allow her son Jake (Grae Fernandez) donate bone marrow to Hope. However, Marissa was still firm in not giving her consent, which compelled Ellice to kneel and beg for her to give her consent.

Stunned and pleased by that gesture, Marissa took this as an opportunity for her to retaliate by giving conditions before letting it happen. First, Ellice had to give half of her shares in the company to Marissa, which she deemed was the portion her father took away from their family. Then, she had to sign a non-disclosure agreement that prohibited her from exposing their deal, or else Marissa would not let Jake donate again once Hope’s condition relapses and would take 100% of her shares.

Helpless and was left with no other options, Ellice could do nothing but to agree.  

Upon arriving at an agreement and signing the contract, Marissa was automatically declared the new owner of Cenidoza. But Ellice still couldn’t accept it and vowed to take back everything Marissa took away from her, as well as make her pay for her ruthlessness and greediness.

The same went for Belen, who was more angered when Marissa announced that shutting down of the company’s foundation managed by her. The former tried to argue to no avail since the latter was already the major stockholder.

Seeing the changes in the office, Ellice’s fervor to regain what she used to have and to hit back on Marissa further intensified.

Another strife erupted between the two women after a controversial post regarding the alleged wage cut among the employees of Cenidoza Pearls went viral on social media. This irked Ellice and immediately posted a press release stating that the memo was just a proposal and that this propaganda was created by Marissa’s party.

Finding out about this, Marissa instantly published a rebuttal, explaining that they actually willingly allowed the Cenidozas to win the case because she was also prioritizing the safety of her then still missing son.

And the war between them continues as the Pinedas and the Cenidozas exhausted all means to bring one another down. After Marissa asked a journalist to publish a blind item regarding a “murderer mogul” – which was actually Ellice – the latter clapped back by filing an espionage case against her.

This triggered Marissa and Lucing, so they hurriedly and furiously confronted Ellice and Belen. Since both parties were enraged, this encounter ensued to a scorching physical and verbal altercation.   

Are you excited as us to find out what more explosive happenings are yet to come in the remaining episodes of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin? Let’s all find out by not missing an episode, weeknights on Kapamilya ChannelKapamilya Online Live, and A2Z. Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin was created by Dindo C. Perez and Julie Anne R. Benitez and directed by FM Reyes and Avel Sunpongco.