Remarkable, intense scenes in Week 21 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

The happenings in the well-loved primetime series Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin are indeed getting more scorching and more intense in every episode. And in its Week 21, we witnessed how the rivalry of Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Ellice (Iza Calzado) is getting stiffer and stiffer as they already reached the regional trial court.

At the same time, Belen (Rita Avila), has been also busy regaining the trust and favor of her daughter Ellice by making her believe that she suffered so much during those years that they’re apart and in doing things that will help her defeat Marissa.

But amidst those showdowns, Hope (Kira Balinger) and Jake (Grae Fernandez) never failed to serve us with kilig in their every appearance together. And it seemed that Joseph Marco has started to light up our primetime as he joined Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin as Avel Mansueto, the handsome and poised bodyguard of Marissa.

As both of them aim to topple Ellice and her allies down, Marissa and Doña Adelina (Carla Martinez) are plotting strategies to defeat them. With all the hardships that she and Nanay Lucing (Maricel Soriano) went through because of their affiliation to the Cenidozas through the years, Marissa vowed to not stop until they attain the justice that she thinks they truly deserve.

Hindi ako titigil hangga’t nasa posisyon siya. Hindi habangbuhay ang panloloko ng mga Ceñidoza sa aming mag-ina,” she told herself during one of their meetings.

On the other hand, the private investigator that Gabriel (Sam Milby) hired finally reported to him, disclosing intriguing information about what happened to Belen through those years that she’s been out of Ellice’s life. This appalled and enraged her upon knowing it.

“I choose to believe my own mother. Sabihin mo nga sa’kin, bakit mo ba talaga ginagawa ito? Aminin mo, mahal mo pa si Marissa, ‘no? This is what this is about?” she confronted him.

But Gabriel assured her that it’s only her and Hope who he loves. “Kailangan bang laging humantong sa ganito? Ellice, matagal na panahon na ‘yon. Ellice, ikaw ang mahal ko. Okay? Kayo ang pamilya ko. I just want you to realize that matagal na kaming tapos na Marissa. Ikaw ang gusto ko. Ikaw ang mahal ko. Kayo lang ni Hope ang gusto ko.”

In their conversation, Belen once again tried to get the sympathy of Ellice as she tearfully narrated to her how her deceased “employer” in Malaysia maltreated her and forced her to marry him.

As she notices how the bond of her son and Hope are growing stronger, Marissa reprimanded Jake for being too close with her “half-sibling,” which made him seemingly forget about their plan.

Wala akong problema kay Gabriel. It is you and Hope that I’m worried about. Masyado ka nang nagiging malapit sa kanya. Hindi mo naman siya kapatid!” she angrily told him, to which Jake vexingly retorted, “’Di ba, ito naman ‘yong gusto mo? ‘Yong magpanggap ako? Well, this is me pretending!”

Unbeknownst to them, Jake’s best friend Alfred (L.A. Santos) overheard them as he was supposed to visit him that day. That revelation left him dumbfounded and uneasy as he found it difficult to focus during his meeting with his project partner Charity Faith (Amy Nobleza).

Meanwhile, Belen confronted Gabriel for the background checking he secretly did on her, to which she’s deceitfully thankful for.

“Thank you, really. Thank you. Dahil sa’yo nalaman ni Ellice ang buong katotohanan. Naunawaan na niya ngayon kung ano’ng pinagdaanan ko. At gusto pa kitang mas makilala ngayong dito na ako titira for good,” she told him.

In their exchange of messages, Jake and Hope both wished for their moms to get along well at least for once. But at the back of their minds, what she actually desires, “Sana hindi kita naging kapatid”, while it was “I think, I’m in love with you, Hope. I wish I could tell you the truth” for him.

For the umpteenth time, Ellice and Gabriel had an altercation about Belen. As the former will be having an out-of-town business trip, she asked the latter not to get into any fight with her mom. Gabriel insisted that he never intends to quarrel with her, to which Ellice pointed out how he and Hope make Belen feel unwelcome at their home.

As he suggested for them to just put her in another place and asked why she should live with them, it truly made Ellice fume.

Because I choose to have her live here with me. Kung si Nanay Lucing nga dito pinatira ko e, hindi ko siya tunay na nanay. What about Belen? She’s my mother, she’s my own flesh and blood. Ngayon Gabriel, ang tatay mo at ang Ate Sonya mo, ilang taon kong tiniis kahit anong sabihin nila at gawin nila. Ikaw naman ngayon ang magpakita sa’kin na mamahalin mo rin ang mga taong importante sa akin,” she told her.

Furthermore, in her pursuit of regaining the full favor of her unica hija and rebuilding her relationship with her, Belen expressed to Cesar (Simon Ibarra) her desire to be part of the company. Cesar showed her support to her, saying, “Oo naman, Ma’am. With you here, Ma’am Ellice will be unbeatable.”

On the other hand, Lucing was able to find out about the illicit affair of her deceased husband and Belen in the past when she accidentally retrieved his letter from their framed wedding picture.

As she attempts to get the affection of Hope and get her into her side again, Belen reminded her that she is her biological grandmother and not Lucing.

Alam kong close ka kay Lucing. But she’s not the person that you think she is,” Belen told her. But Hope firmly stated that she still regards Lucing as her granny. “Lola Lucing has taken care of me po for as long as I can remember. And I don’t care if we’re blood-related kasi po tinuring niya po akong totoong apo. And as far as I’m concerned, siya po ‘yong lola ko.”

Failing to achieve what she wants, Belen has grown more eager to take Ellice away from them, to which Cesar reminded her that it wouldn’t be easy since her life revolves around them.

Meanwhile, Hope and Gabriel had a heart-to-heart conversation at her room regarding Ellice.

“How do you handle mom? Kasi sa lahat ng nangyayari ngayon, parang hindi ko na siya kilala. And honestly, dad, I’m beginning to understand everything you’ve been through with her.”

“Anak, ‘wag mong sabihin ‘yan tungkol sa mommy mo. ‘Yong nangyari dati, ako ang may kasalanan. It was one big mistake that changed our life forever, pati ang mga buhay n’yo ni Jake.”

“Where do you get the strength to endure all of these?”

Sa’yo. Gusto kong maging maayos ang family natin. Despite everything, mahal ko pa rin ang mommy mo, kayong dalawa.”

As they hung out together, Gabriel and his brother-in-law Enzo (Ced Torrecarion) talked about Heidi (Michelle Vito), who hasn’t moved on yet from the death of Gelo (Paulo Angeles) after 17 years, and the former’s relationship with his mother-in-law.

Wala akong tiwala do’n sa mommy niya. Gusto kong maghanap ng ebidensya para malaman din ni Ellice na parang masama ang ginagawa ng nanay niya. Hind ko hahayaan na i-corrupt niya si Ellice at hindi ako papaya na masira niya ang pamilya ko.

“Mother-in-law issues. Alam mo, bro, bukod sa pera, isa ‘yan kung bakit naghihiwalay ang pamilya.”

“I won’t allow anyone or anything to destroy my marriage or my family.”

Meanwhile, after Dona Adelina was able to give Marissa what she’s yearning for in pursuit of exacting revenge against her rival, the former asked her to give her the life of Ellice. Little did they know that one of the shareholders they talked to confessed to Ellice, Cesar, and Belen that Marissa allegedly asked her to sell her shares to her, lest her family will be in great danger.

 After their brief encounter the other day, the paths of Marissa and Avel (Joseph Marco) intertwined anew not just once, but twice. And little did they know that from being mere strangers, their connection would get closer as he will be his eventual bodyguard.

“So, Mr. Mansueto.”

“’Di ko alam na ikaw pala mag-iinterview sa’kin. Don’t mention it, apology accepted.”

May narinig ka bang ‘sorry’ mula sa’kin?”

“You’re hired.”


Dahil wala kang kinakatakutan, maski ako. Gusto ko ‘yon.”

Afterwards, a police officer unexpectedly arrived at her office to serve her a subpoena, to which Ellice and Belen have apparently something to do.

“Do you think this will work?” Ellice asked her mom.

“With the evidence we have, I think malakas ang laban natin,” Belen confidently retorted.

Pero tuso si Marissa. And I am sure na tutulungan at kakampihan pa ‘yon ni Adelina Guevarra.”

Tuso lang sila, tama tayo. And you don’t win when you play dirty.”

The next day, the camps of Marissa and Ellice came face-to-face at the Regional Trial Court for the hearing of the case involving them.

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