Remarkable breakdown, heartwarming scenes in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin Week 18

The scenes in the highly talked about primetime series Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin are indeed getting more intense and more scorching in each episode, as Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) has started to execute her wicked plans of exacting revenge against her former best friend-turned-mortal nemesis Ellice (Iza Calzado) by gradually turning her life into a living hell.

And its Week 18, we have witnessed how her viciousness has already taken a toll on Hope (Kira Balinger), the unica hija of Ellice and Gabriel (Sam Milby) as she became rebellious and even got herself in trouble upon finding out that her dad visited her fake half-brother Jake (Grae Fernandez).



Assuming that she’s already successful in taking Gabriel back after she attempted to seduce him when he visited, Marissa found her heart shattered as he dropped by her office to remind her that their connection is just purely for the sake of their “son”. 

“I’m sorry if you got the wrong idea, but my relationship with my son has nothing to do with our past. I hope we can put everything behind us,” he told her that truly infuriated her.

Aside from her failure to regain Gabriel’s favor, Cesar’s (Simon Ibarra) intermeddling in her strife with Ellice and failing to heed to their agreement also made her mad. Thus, she presented to him the evidences proving that he had indeed embezzled a huge amount from their organization and warned him of the possible punishments that he would receive from them. However, he seemed to be unfazed by her threats.

“Sigurado ka bang gusto mong makipaglaro, Marissa? Marami pa ‘kong moves,” Cesar teasingly told her.

But Marissa was as disconcerted as him. “Talaga ba, Cesar? Talaga bang ‘di ka natatakot sa kung anong kayang gawin sa’yo ng organisasyon? I’m sorry. Checkmate!” she sarcastically replied. “Uulitin ko sa’yo, hindi ikaw ang kaaway ko. So stay out of it.”

As he caught RJ (Karl Gabriel) trying to take advantage of the drunk Hope, Jake asked his mom once they got home if it’s really necessary for Hope to be involved in Marissa’s battle against Ellice and Gabriel. Astounded by what he had asked her, she told him, “Hope is collateral damage at wala akong pakialam kung sinong tamaan ng plano ko.”



Noticing how Jake seems to be having a change of heart with regards to their plans, Marissa tested him. She asked him out of the blue, “Do you love me?”

That caught him off guard and went on to utter, “Are you willing to do anything for your mother? Then prove to me na mas importante ako sa’yo kaysa kay Hope. She then requested him to call Gabriel to ask if they could bond that day, to which the unsuspecting Gabriel agreed.

Meanwhile, in the Villarosa household, Nanay Lucing (Maricel Soriano) had a hearty conversation with Hope regarding everything that has been happening to their families. 

Alam mo apo, pareho lang kayo ni Jake. Wala siyang kasalanan sa mga nangyari. Alam ko na may pinagdadaanan kang mabigat. Pero apo, huwag mo kakalimutang lagi akong nandito para sa’yo,” she lovingly reminded her.



As Gabriel told Ellice about what RJ did to Hope as soon as they arrived home after picking her up, this apparently agitated the wasted Hope and remarked, “So, as if you care? Stop acting like a concerned parent and go play house with your mistress!”

Ellice tried to stop her from talking impolitely to her dad, but she only got yelled up by Hope, “Stop letting him disrespect you! Totoo naman ang sinasabi ko.” Then she brought out her phone and showed to her the photo of Gabriel and Jake together posted by Marissa on social media and captioned it “My happy family.”

Hope wasn’t able to contain her emotions and tearfully uttered, “Sila masaya. Bakit tayo hindi?

Shook by their daughter’s reaction, Ellice wasn’t able to answer her heart-piercing question and went on to reprimand her to not let their current situation ruin her life and for destroying the trust that she and Gabriel have given her to do the things she wants to do. 

“Trust? Who are you to lecture me about trust? Lahat kayo nagsinungaling sa akin. You all lied to me. You broke my trust. You betrayed and lied to me. So, don’t you dare reprimand me from all that I’m acting ‘cause I don’t know who to trust in this family anymore. You all lied to me,” Hope angrily retorted to her.



As her daughter once again became the cause of altercation among Ellice’s family, Nanay Lucing made an effort to go to Marissa and told her to stop wrecking their family. Assuming that she is siding again on Ellice, Lucing clarified that she’s not.

Hindi ko siya kinakampihan. Pinipigilan kita bilang ina mo na mali ang ginagawa mo. Nasasaktan ako na makita kang ganyan. Umiikot ang mundo mo sa galit at inggit!” she furiously said.

Meanwhile, Ellice wasn’t able to suppress her anxiety amid everything that has been happening to them – from their family issues up to the downfall of her company – during her conversation with her husband.

“I don’t know how to handle it. Pagod na pagod na ako. Pagod na ako,” she tearfully uttered.

Gabriel consoled her by assuring that he would never, ever leave her side. “Hey, there’s nothing we can’t do together, okay? Nothing. We’ll get through this. I’m here. I’m not gonna leave you. We’ll get through this, okay?”

The following day, Ellice had an unexpected visitor – her estranged mom Belen who they all thought was already dead. However, instead of warmly welcoming her, she expressed her disappointment and wrath towards her after leaving her and her dad when she was still a kid.

Buhay kayo? Buhay kayo all these years? Tapos ngayon ka lang magpapakita sa akin?” Ellice scornfully asked her.

Anak, hayaan mo akong magpaliwanag.”

Wala kang dapat ipaliwanag sa akin. Because you are as good as dead to me.”

“Ellice, it’s a long and complicated story. Pero nandito na ako ngayon, handa akong gawin ang lahat, anak, para pumayag kang bumalik ako sa buhay mo.”

Sino ka? Sino ka para bumalik sa buhay ko ngayon? Anong karapatan mo? Iniwan oa ko di ba? Tapos buhay ka?

Nabuhay ako nang wala ka. ‘Di na kita kailangan.”



As she ranted about the various struggles beleaguering her – Marissa’s presence in their lives, the downfall of the company, and the resurfacing of her estranged mom – Pinky (Jimmy Marquez) advised his boss Ellice that Belen’s reappearance could be a good thing for her.

“But, Ma’am, hindi ba mas kailangan n’yo ng kakampi at this point? I mean, one’s mother is always a good ally. And besides, ma’am, malapit nang mag-Pasko. Hindi ba mas magandang magkaayos kayo for the occasion?” he said, which seemingly sparked a realization in Ellice.

Meanwhile, in Marissa’s television guesting that same day, Ellice was seemingly irritated by what her rival commented when the interviewer asked regarding how she feels now that she’s the greatest competitor of the company where she used to work at.

“If there’s one thing, I’m just thankful sa lahat ng mga napagdaanan ko because that inspired me to do better. You know what they say, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger,” Marissa slyly responded.

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