Netizens express excitement, shock on Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin’s gripping season 1 finale episode

Tears poured out and hearts were broken as Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin wrapped up its first season on November 10 with an absolutely heart-wrenching, thrilling, and mind-blowing episode that brought us on the edge of our seats.

A promise of new beginnings

Just when we thought that Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) and her son Jacob are going to live a brand new, blissful life as she’s able to successfully take Gabriel (Sam Milby) away from Ellice (Iza Calzado) and they’re even going to tie the knot in the US, it seemed that fate has a different plan as a series of unfortunate events got in the way.

Last Tuesday’s episode commenced in a really good note. Marissa and Gabriel were talking over the phone regarding their supposed flight that night and with the latter asking the former if she’s already excited for their vacation. Meanwhile, Nanay Lucing (Maricel Soriano) had a delightful conversation with Gelo (Paulo Angeles) regarding his upcoming graduation and getting the blessing of Heidi’s (Michelle Vito) family, and expressed her all-out support for him as she offered to cook rice cake that he could give to her. She boosted his confidence by saying that Heidi would surely agree to be his girlfriend.

Seeing the concern on her mom’s face as she’s about to step on another uncertain journey, Marissa assured Nanay Lucing that she already knew what she’s doing so she should not get worried anymore.

Caesar’s stealthy evil scheme

While she was busy packing her stuff, Marissa immediately called Madam Adelina Guevarra (Carla Martinez) upon receiving her text message that her life was in great danger. The latter advised the former that she should better escape as soon as possible before her assailant could kill her. On her way out with Baby Jacob, the gunman hired by Caesar (Simon Ibarra) unfortunately caught them. Gelo, who was there to pick up the rice cake, attempted to stop him in order to let Marissa and Jacob escape, but got fatally shot on the chest that led to his untimely death.

Having a hunch that Caesar had something to do with it since he’s not the choice to be her successor in the syndicate, Adelina confronted him over the phone and irately asked if he’s the mastermind behind the assassination plot against Marissa. Of course, he denied it, saying that he’s actually fine and happy with the decision.



Further infuriating the viewers was when Caesar called Ellice to inform her that they already followed her orders. Appalled, she strongly clarified that wishing her former best friend dead was just an emotional outburst and asked him to stop his henchman from hunting Marissa down.

He pretended to do it, but since he was driven by his own evil scheme, Caesar ignored it and let his hired killer Dexter (Manuel Chua) to continue trailing Marissa.  

Grief and wrath

As she began to get worried over Gelo’s non-appearance on their supposed date, Heidi received a call from a police officer asking her to go to the police station to identify if the corpse they recovered was Gelo’s. Together with her mom Sonya (Desiree del Valle), Heidi headed on to the morgue and was able to confirm that it was indeed his remains. It was on that moment wherein Michelle Vito was able to exhibit her compelling dramatic chops by showing the pain and sadness felt by her character who just lost the man she loves. 



The same went for Jodi Sta. Maria, whose character may have escaped death after her car crashed while being tailed and shot by Dexter (Manual Chua), but not the extreme sorrow and agony brought by the unforeseen demise of her beloved son Jacob, who apparently wasn’t able to survive the impact of the crash.

Overwhelmed by grief and wrath, she buried the lifeless body of Jacob in the middle of forest while Ellice’s threat to have her killed before she could take Gabriel away from her kept on resonating in her head.



She may not have uttered a word, but the fire in her eyes was already enough to convey what was going on her head – that Ellice was the mastermind of her ambush and that her desire to take revenge against her ex-bestfriend rekindled.

At the same time, Ellice also couldn’t help but be furious on herself for letting her rage get the best of her and be the cause of another tragedy in Marissa’s life. Iza Calzado’s astounding performance in this portion certainly rended the hearts of the audiences, who knew she even tried to reach out to Marissa in hopes of saving her life to no avail.

Netizens’ rave reactions

Due to the compelling performances of the actors – from the lead to the supporting; the incredible script written by Jann Kayla Mendoza, Hanna Cruz, and headwriter Keiko Aquino; and the impeccable execution of every scene helmed by top caliber directors FM Reyes and Avel Sunpongco, viewers weren’t able to contain their amazement and how affected they were of everything that they saw in the explosive episode laden with mind-blowing plot twists and thrilling scenes, as seen on the rave tweets of some of them on Twitter using the hashtag #ASIAAPagtakas.

Apart from expressing how they felt while watching Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, some also praises to the whole ensemble and the staff and crew for the job absolutely well done.



Highly anticipated Season 2 

This tragic and bloody season finale of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin serves as a springboard to the much-awaited “Queen versus Queen” rivalry between Marissa and Ellice in the second book set 17 years after Jacob’s death and opens this Wednesday, November 11.



The teleserye’s Season 2 trailer that was released recently reminded viewers to brace themselves to see more scorching clashes between the two female leads and their families, as well as to look out on how Gabriel will continue to get involved and how the new cast members are going to add flavor in their exhilarating contention.

Joining the stellar ensemble on its second season are Rita Avila as Ellice’s estranged mother Belen, Joseph Marco as Marissa’s mysterious bodyguard Avel, Kira Balinger as Ellice’s adult daughter Hope, and Grae Fernandez as Marissa’s son whom she also calls Jacob.

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