Marissa’s failed ambush, Belen-Lucing feud heat up Week 25 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

The happenings in the Week 25 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin were indeed explosive – both literally and figuratively!

We witnessed the failed assassination of Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria), which was ordered by Cesar (Simon Ibarra) to his henchman Avel (Joseph Marco). But instead of obeying what he was told, Avel saved Marissa from the fatal explosion as he already fell in love with her and her family.

Our hatred towards Belen (Rita Avila) also arguably amplified as she went on to further ignite the fury of her daughter Ellice (Iza Calzado) against Marissa. Besides, her selfish endeavors also ensued to her intense altercations with Lucing (Maricel Soriano).  

In one of her visits to her daughter’s new office, Lucing brought pans of rice cakes for the employees. These thrilled them and ensued to a hullabaloo, which apparently irritated Belen and made her storm out of her office.

“Lucing, ano ang ka-cheapan na ito? Ano ba ang tingin mo sa amin, karinderya? Opisina ito,” she irately confronted her.

The equally annoyed Lucing graciously clapped back, “Belen, ‘yong mga tao rito mararangal na nagtratrabaho. Gusto ko lang silang pasayahin sa pamamagitan ng mga niluto ko. Ang tawag sa ginagawa ko, pakikisama. Hindi ako katulad mo. Matapobre ka.”

It was also revealed that Avel was actually a henchman of Cesar, whose original mission was to obtain the trust of Marissa by being her personal bodyguard and eventually get her killed. Thus, all the times that he made us believe that he’s a true “knight-in-shining-armor” were just for the show because his boss orchestrated those so well.

However, Avel seemingly had a change of heart as instead of letting Marissa die in her car, which unbeknownst to her was laden with bomb. He spared her from death by keeping her away from the deadly explosion and escaped from the scene immediately.

He left the unconscious and injured Marissa in a safe area, wherein she was spotted by her ever-reliable assistant Tutti (Brenda Mage) and one of her subordinates Rio (Poppert Bernadas). They quickly rushed her to the hospital and informed her mom Lucing and son Jake (Grae Fernandez) regarding her condition.

Meanwhile, as soon as his other henchman Red (Manuel Chua) informed him that Avel already executed their plan, Cesar and Belen celebrated their “triumph” in their goal of completely getting rid of their mutual nemesis Marissa.

The following day, as Ellice confronted Cesar over what happened the night before, her husband Gabriel visited Marissa in the hospital. As he observed how mild only her injuries were, she fiercely uttered, “Hindi gano’n kadali patumbahin si Marissa Pineda.”

When he asked who does she think the culprits were behind this attack on her, she unhesitatingly mentioned the names of Ellice, Belen, and Cesar since they’re the ones who’ve been wanting her dead. Gabriel pointed out how baseless her accusations were, yet Marissa still refused to tell him what happened to her and Baby Jacob 17 years ago. She just simply told herself, “Kapag nagtagumpay ako sa mga plano ko, siya mismo ang aamin sa mga kasalanan niya.”

As Lucing came to check on her, they had a slight argument on how she seems to be still in favor of Ellice after everything that their family did to them. Marissa asked her mom, “Hanggang ngayon ba naniniwala pa rin kayo sa kasinungalingan niya?”

The old woman argued that being the one to raise Ellice almost her whole life, she knew that it’s impossible for her to do it and Belen is probably only the one who brainwashes her. Thus, Marissa went on to request her mom to be her eye in the office while she’s still recuperating, to which Lucing initially hesitated.

“’Nay, makinig ho kayo. Minsan na nilang inagaw kung ano ang para sa atin. Hahayaan pa ba nating gawin nila ‘yon sa pangalawang pagkakataon?” she told him.

On the other hand, Belen was further triggering the anger of her daughter Ellice towards Marissa by saying malicious things about her, which was overheard by Gabriel.

Ano’ng ginawaga n’yo? Stop poisoning my wife’s mind,” he berated his mother-in-law.

Nilalason ko? E totoo naman lahat ng sinabi ko, ha? They are all facts,” Belen contemptuously replied.

“They’re not facts. Stop fanning the flames. Malaki na ang problema. Huwag kayong dumagdag pa.”

Meanwhile, Avel appeared to be very much alive as he visited the grave of his parents and told them how sorry he is for not being able to fulfill his vow to seek justice for their deaths anymore.

“Nangako ako na hahanapin ko kung sino ang pumatay sa inyo, pero hanggang ngayon ‘di ko pa rin natutupad ‘yon e. At natatakot ako na baka ‘di na dumating ang araw na ‘yon dahil kailangan kong kalabanin ang organisasyo. Wala na silang tiwala sa akin kaya ‘di ko na matutuloy ang pag-iimbestiga sa loob para malaman kung sino ang pumatay sa inyo. Lahat ng ‘yan ginawa ko para maligtas ang isang taong mahalaga sa akin. Hindi ko siya hahayaang mapahamak. Sana ho maintindihan n’yo ako. Patawarin n’yo ako,” he told them.

Ellice’s conversation with Belen sparked a heated debate between her and Gabriel, in which she kept on defending her mom’s actions and statements despite his claims that her mother-in-law is simply igniting her wrath towards Marissa.

“Gabriel, sa tingin mo ba ‘yan ang purpose ng nanay ko? You should know na bago pa bumalik ang nanay ko sa buhay ko, magkaaway na kami ni Marissa.”

“Hon, worried lang ako sa’yo.”

“I know. I think, you should be worried about yourself. ‘Yang mga iniisip mo, ‘yang mga accusations mo, ‘yan ang dapat na inaalala mo. Kilala mo ako, Gabriel. Hindi ako madaling paikutin.”

“Siyempre, ‘yan ang sasabihin mo dahil ipagtatanggol mo ang mom mo.”

“She’s my mother, of course I will defend her. Gabriel, alam mo na ‘di ako galit kay Marissa dahil sa nanay ko. Galit ako dahil sa mga ginagawa niya sa’kin. Dahil sa mga patuloy na ginagawa niya sa akin at sa pamilya ko. So please, leave my mother out of this.”

In her pursuit of exacting revenge against Marissa, Ellice started to become nicer towards Jake as she plans to use him against his ibu. While the two teenagers thought that it was a good sign, little did they know that it’s just part of her wicked schemes.

“Kailangan kong makuha ang loob mo hanggang sa dumating ang araw na ikaw na mismo ang kokontra sa magaling mong nanay,” she told herself.

As Tutti relayed to Marissa how Ellice and Belen had been dominating the company in her absence, she once again asked her mother to take over in her behalf – to which Lucing finally heeded.

Her entrance to the board meeting indeed surprised everyone, especially Belen who was about to present during that time.

“Lucing, we appreciate you dropping by, but this is an administrative meeting. Wala kang lugar dito so please, nakikiusap ako, huwag kang manggulo.”

“Sa tingin ko, ‘di naman ako nagkamali ng pintong pinasukan, Belen. Sana huwag mong kakalimutan na parte pa rin kami ng kompanyang ‘to.”

As Lucing was sitting on her seat, Belen called her out, to which she mockingly responded, “Hindi ko alam na may pangalan pala ang mga upuan dito. Malabo kasi ang mga mata ko. Siguro naman hindi n’yo mamasamain kung maupo ako rito.”

Still bewildered on how Ellice was able to make Marissa agree for Jake to donate his bone marrow to Hope, Gabriel kept on prodding her wife. But he seemed to not buy her explanation, so she told him, “Kung ayaw mong maniwala, wala na akong magagawa doon. Basta tandaan mo, lahat ng ginawa ko, ginawa ko para kay Hope.”

Later that evening, Belen once again tried to obtain the sympathy of her daughter as she relayed to her how Lucing embarrassed her during their board meeting.

“Ellice, we should do something about it. Kapag sa maling kamay mapunta ang business ng daddy mo, mababalewala lahat ng pinaghirapan niya. They tried to erase his legacy. Pinasara nila ang foundation. Anak, ang inaagaw naman nila sa’yo ‘yong talino mo, ‘yong power, and your influence,” she told Ellice.

“Lahat ng itinuro sa akin ni daddy at lahat ng ginawa ko para maayos kong mapatakbo ang kompanya, mawawala.”

“Hahayaan mo na lang bang magkagano’n.”

“Of course not. Kapag fully recovered na si Hope, I will expose the content of the contract that I signed with Marissa.”

Meanwhile, Cesar once again rolled out another plan in killing Marissa through his henchman Red. In order to accomplish his mission, he disguised as a nurse and drugged the police officer guarding her. Just when he’s about to inject her an unknown substance, she immediately woke up and mustered the strength to fight for her life.

Fortunately, Avel just came right in time to save Marissa from Red. They engaged in a fisticuff, but the latter still managed to escape.

She hindered him from going near nor holding her since he’s the primary suspect in his failed assassination, but he explained the story behind his involvement in the organization and reason why he attempted to murder her.

Kinailangan lang kitang iwanan. At nang masiguro kong okay ka na, do’n ako nagtago dahil siguradog hinahabol na ako ng mga pulis at ng mga tauhan ni Cesar. Gusto kang ipapatay ni Cesar. Kinailangan kong mamili – kung hahayaan ba kitang mamatay at ipagpatuloy ko ang paghahanap sa kung sino man ang pumatay sa mga magulang ko o iligtas ka at kalimutan ang paghihiganti ko sa organisasyon.”

“Bakit mo ako piniling iligtas? Sabihin mo sa akin. Bakit mo ako piniling iligtas? Bakit mo inabandona ang mga plano mo? Alam mo na tutugisin ka ng mga pulis, alam mo na hahabulin ka ni Cesar. Bakit?”

“Dahil mahal kita. Mahal kita, pati na rin si Jake at si Nanay Lucing. Dahil sa kanila, nakaranas ako na magkaroon ng pamilya ulit at dahil mahal ka nila.”

The following morning, Belen and Lucing once again had an intense clash during their meeting, wherein they debated over the proposed reduction in the salaries of the employees due to the plummeting income of the company. Lucing highly objected it, which made Belen utter, “We are talking about business. Bakit mo akong pinagmumukhang kontrabida dito?”

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