Lead stars, directors look back at remarkable journey in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin stole our hearts completely after it recently ended the months-long story of friendship, revenge, justice, and forgiveness. How are we supposed to let go now, after we’ve been attached to the intoxicating intense scenes, relatable characters, and amazing story for several weeks?

Looking back on their whole journey — from inception to finale — may be enough for us to wean off the addictive no. 1 drama teleserye. Watch this two-part finale special where our beloved Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin cast and directors look back on the show’s memorable moments and join us in finally saying goodbye. 



Like all farewells, they are bittersweet because we can’t help but reminisce how it all began in the first place. Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin started in early 2020, a little time before the dreaded pandemic and the struggles faced by the ABS-CBN franchise heightened, so several uncertainties were ahead. Directors FM Reyes and Avel Sunpongco remembered how they saw it as an overwhelming challenge, but, ultimately, deemed it as a great opportunity to grow and to serve the Filipino nation awaiting the series release. 

Several of the cast felt the same as well when they were offered the project. Jodi Sta. Maria (Marissa) and Iza Calzado (Ellice) also claimed to have fallen in love with its potential because of the written complexities of the characters and the talented cast that was set for each.

All of them are thankful for the experience because not only did they improve as artists throughout the Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin journey, they also gained a family. Together in the room, for maybe the last time, they recalled their funniest moments on the set including Iza’s minor freak out for a driving scene and accidentally hitting Sam Milby (Gabriel) during a serious scene, Joseph Marco (Avel) and Simon Ibarra’s (Caesar) laughable action scene mishaps, the timely comedic adlib lines, and the cast moments inside the tent.  

During all of that, the show directors and cast were led to remember the most memorable scenes for them too. The first huge conflict where Marissa took the blame for the murder Ellice committed was a notable one for all, especially Direk FM. According to him, this scene was setting the tone for the whole teleserye so it just had to be right. Fortunately, the perfect bida-kontrabida tandem of Jodi and Iza and the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano (Nanay Lucing) executed it exceptionally well, making it one of their most unforgettable scenes as well. 

For many of the other actors and actresses, the scenes that challenged them the most as artists were the key scenes that they will always hold dearly. From the nervousness they experienced, to the passion and work they poured in it, until finally seeing it polished on-screen, they considered it as a very enlightening experience. 



Moreover, the story now has a special place in their hearts. It echoed their truths regarding the power of forgiveness and the importance of communication in relationships. The challenges they got to experience up close and personal about marriage, family, and love also gave them refreshed perspectives and eye-opening realizations. 

Recognizing all of this, each one of them needed to express their gratefulness to their new family and journey. One by one they gave their piece in sharing the love, joy, and happiness they gathered from everyone. 

Kira Balinger (Hope) even made a special mention to her on-screen love partner Grae Fernandez (Jake) for how comfortable it was working with him, leading them to become really close friends. Grae feels the same citing how Kira made him a better actor and person every day. 

Iza and Jodi certainly got emotional as well because not only did their characters go through a lot of ups and downs in this teleserye. They, as actresses, also came to love and bond with each other deeply.

Iza let Jodi know, “Thank you for allowing me to shine with you, beside you.” Jodi, with deep affection, answers “My love, maraming salamat kasi alam ko na tunay ‘yung pagmamahal na nabuo natin dahil sa programang ito.”

The supporters and viewers of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, created by Dindo C. Perez and Julie Anne R. Benitez, also deserve as much praise and appreciation because without them, the success of the teleserye wouldn’t have been possible. Direk FM even shares how 2020 was a year of loss and difficulties for Kapamilyas and Filipinos, so going through it all and emerging strong is all thanks to the Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin family — cast, crew, management, and, most especially, the fans who have been with them from beginning until the end. 

Without a doubt, the Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin run was phenomenal, but like all teleseryes, we must say goodbye. Maricel actually put our exact feelings into words, “Parang ayoko matapos pero kailangan na natin na mag goodbye sa isa’t isa for now.” This is definitely true because we’ll surely see the cast in other future teleseryes while its story will always be with us in our memories and the lessons it imparted to us.