Kilig, striking verbal exchanges in Week 14 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

As Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin relentlessly made our hearts pound and shatter because of the intense and heartbreaking happenings in the previous weeks, we seemingly had a breather last week as the Week 14 episodes were mostly filled by kilig scenes of the newest on-screen sweethearts Hope and Jake, impressively played fast-rising young artists Kira Balinger and Grae Fernandez.  Besides, we’re also able to witness the positive developments in the relationship of couple Gabriel and Ellice, impeccably portrayed by seasoned actors Sam Milby and Iza Calzado.  

And as we move to another sure-fire week, let’s take a look back on the striking and kilig-inducing exchanges we’d heard in the Week 14 episodes of the well-loved primetime series.



As what we’ve mentioned, we’ve been seeing a silver lining in the marred marriage of Gabriel and Ellice as the former already learned to appreciate the efforts of the latter after she found out that he was actually not consuming every food that she prepared for him in the past 18 years.

Although that broke her heart, she still cooked and packed his lunch the next day, telling him “If I have to prepare your lunch for you for another 18 years, I will” before he left for work.

Meanwhile, their daughter Hope was trying to get rid of her mortal nemesis Jake by making fun of him during their school organization’s “trust exercises”. But instead of fulfilling her mission, Jake showed her that she actually failed.

“Oh, you failed the trust walk. Sorry,” Hope announced during the welcoming ceremony.

Jake argued by retorting, “I beg to disagree, Miss President. The goal of the game is to follow what the other people says, and I followed the instructions kahit napunta ako sa putikan instead of the finish line. Besides, it’s as if my partner passed kahit siya ang may responsibility to lead me to the goal.”

“So are you saying my foul play involved?”

“I’m saying it’s the leader’s job to give a good vision. If she can’t do that, then baka siya ang ‘di marunong mag-comply with the team. And as you can see, I trusted you.”

Realizing that his argument was right, she gave in and tied their club’s bracelet around his then outstretched left arm. Just when she thought that he’ll finally shut up, Jake went on to badger her, which compelled her to say how such a huge troublemaker he’d been ever since their heated first meeting at a bookstore.

“Well, for what it’s worth, I just want us to be friends,” he smittenly uttered. Then she sarcastically replied, “Sorry, not interested.” Yet he went on to chase her and said, “And I’ll try to make you interested.”

But Jake refused to give up in his goal of winning Hope’s favor as he even used reversed psychology in luring their professor to pair him up with her for a school project. While he was happy about it, she got instantly agitated upon finding out that he’s going to be her partner.

“Napaka-swerte ko naman. Isipin mo ‘yong partner ko magaling, matalino, and most importantly, maganda.”

“Alam mo, hindi mo ako madadaan sa pambobola. Kung akala mo swerte ka sa’kin, pwes nagkamali ka dahil ‘di kita titigilan hangga’t ‘di pa perfect lahat ng ipapagawa ko sa’yo. Kuha mo?”

“E ‘di mas maayos. Mas marami akong time para makasama ka.”



As Hope called it a day after she and Jake worked on their school project until evening at their school library, something unexpected happened – she got locked up inside the restroom. Due to nervousness and lack of air, she got suffocated. Fortunately, Jake woke up from his power nap and heard her screams, and eventually saved her. 

But their dilemma didn’t end there as they got locked up inside the library. They fell asleep until someone spotted them and called the guard to take them out of there. Jake even sent Hope home, but Ellice was seemingly not happy with it after hearing RJ’s (Karl Gabriel) snide remarks on him.  

  “I heard about you – that your reputation is not good,” Ellice greeted him when introduced by Hope.

“Mom, he saved my life. I had an asthma attack. And he’s my friend.

“Well then, I must apologize.”

Ellice then went on to invite Jake to have dinner with them, in which Nanay Lucing (Maricel Soriano) interrogated him regarding his feelings for her granddaughter.

“May gusto ka ba sa apo ko? Tinatanong ko, gusto kong malaman. Masama ba?”

Sensing the awkwardness, Ellice broke it by asking him instead if he loved the food prepared by Nanay Lucing and telling him that they could do their next meetings and school projects at their abode to ensure their safety. She sincerely told him, “Hijo, you are always welcome here in our home.”



Just when we thought that Hope and Jake were going to be finally in good terms, a nasty rumor about them spread around the campus that made Hope doubt the friendship Jake offers to him. 

“So that’s what this is about? After everything that happened, I thought I could trust him. ‘Yon naman pala, sisiraan ako just to keep his womanizer image,” she told her best friend Charity (Amy Nobleza).

And when they bumped into each other somewhere in the campus, she fiercely confronted him, saying, “You are seem bothered by the consequences of your lies. Sabagay, guys benefit from those kinds of rumors di ba? But I am so disappointed that I you were more than what they say about you.”

“Hope, bakit ko naman ipagkakalat ‘yong mga sinabi nila?”

“Then why not? Baka nga tama ‘yong sinasabi nila na lahat ng ginagawa mo is just a ploy for girls to fall into your trap. Just to boost your ego and keep your reputation.”

“It’s not what you think. Hindi mo naalala? I told you I want us to be friends. At hindi ako gagawa ng kahit anong bagay na ikasisira ng tiwala mo sa’kin.”

“People, they don’t care about the truth. They believe what they want to believe kahit sinabi ko na ‘yong totoo.”

At home, Gabriel noticed how Hope seemed to be sad. Thus, he brought her a box of her favorite chocolate in his atte and asked what had been troubling her.

“Kung may problema ka, you don’t need to keep it to yourself.”

“Kailangan, dad, e. I can only trust myself.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because if I trust others, they’re just going to betray me. Sarili ko na lang pagkakatiwalaan ko. At least, kontrolado ko ‘yong sarili ko.” 

Meanwhile, Ellice had an intense business meeting with Madam Adelina Guevarra (Carla Martinez), in which their new rival was brought up. 

“I heard there’s a new player in town. Is this not a threat to Cenidoza?”

“Of course not, madam. Alikabok lang sila kumpara sa atin na well-established family.”

“Huwag kang papakasiguro. Ang alikabok nakakapuwing. Baka isang araw, hindi mo namamalayan sila na ang number one.”



After making the immense effort of expressing how he felt about the spreading rumors that affected their blooming friendship, Hope approached him to apologize for everything she had said and done towards him.

“Did you really mean what you said?” she tearfully asked, to which he strongly responded, “I meant every word.”

Then she handed him a copy of Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” as a peace offering. 

He went on to tell her, “I understand kung bakit mo ginawa ‘yong mga bagay na nangyari. I just want to show you kung gaano ka-importante ang tiwala mo sa’kin. I wouldn’t let any stupid rumor break our friendship.”

This marked the rekindling of their tight bond and the admirable partnership between them. Jake also had the chance to meet Hope’s dad Gabriel when he visited their house again for their project and talked to him about architecture.



As she was going over Gabriel’s stuff at his study room, Ellice spotted a blueprint of her rival company La Sierra’s soon-to-be-built office. This totally enraged her, confronting Gabriel as soon as he emerged at the room. 

“Do I have to tell you everything? Ellice, business is business. This has nothing to do with you or Ceñidoza!” he irately told her wife.

She fiercely responded, “You know how important Cenidoza is to me. Gabriel, akala ko all along sinusuportahan mo ako kahit ‘di mo ipinapakita. So, can you imagine how disappointed I am right now to know that you are working for a company that is targeting my company. Sana man lang for once protektahan mo ako because I am still your wife.”

Their daughter caught them fighting, so Hope confronted her dad afterwards.

“Do you still love mom? Kasi kung hindi, siguro mas okay kung hiwalayan mo na lang siya,” she started off. Gabriel tried to console her to no avail.

“Dad hindi po ito normal. Just because I grew up knowing na hindi kayo okay, doesn’t mean it look normal for me,” she said. Gabriel apologized to her over and over again, but she uttered, “It would be better if you just leave us.”

Then she went on to lament, “Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself. I can take care of mom, too. And mas gugustuhin ko ‘yon kaysa laging nasasaktan si mom dahil hindi mo na siya mahal. You’re not with us. You were never with us anymore.”

“Anak, alam kong mahirap ang lahat ng ‘to para sa’yo. Hope, listen to me. I’m here to stay okay. I’m here to stay, promise. Promise, I’m not gonna leave you and your mom.”

“You left us a long time ago, dad. You left us a long time ago. And I’m old enough to understand that now. I get it. We’re fine without you!”

After her emotional conversation with Hope, Gabriel went on to talk with Ellice, who was then crying inside their bedroom because of how her life has turned out in the past 18 years both in her personal and career lives.

“Natatakot ako kasi I feel like my life is falling apart,” she tearfully told Gabriel.

Then she continued, “Gabriel, we’ve been in a loveless marriage for so long. And for the past 18 years, it has only been Hope and my company that gave me the sense of fulfillment that distracted me from the fact that I failed as your wife. My company is here and I’m losing to it. I feel like wala na akong magawang tama. Yakapin mo naman ako.”

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