Jake confesses the whole truth to Hope in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin Week 27

The Week 27 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin was filled with shocking revelations, heart-rending dramatic scenes, and, of course, intense clashes between its two lead characters Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Ellice (Iza Calzado. Read on to relive those remarkable scenes!



After Ellice told him about the deal she has with Marissa, Jake (Grae Fernandez) tearfully confronted his ibu about it, which Marissa indirectly confirmed.

“I can’t believe you do this, ibu. You left them with no choice. Alam mo ‘yong pinakamasakit? Ginamit mo si Hope who was sick and vulnerable para lang makuha mo ‘yong gusto mo!” he angrily told her. 

Ang gusto ko lang, mabawi kung ano ang ninakaw nila sa atin. Anak, don’t make me the bad person here!” she replied.

Kailangan mo bang idamay si Hope, ibu? She had nothing to do with your anger. That’s just vile! Alam mo ‘yong pakiramdam na mawalan ng anak, ibu. Alam mo! And you know Hope was dying that time at pinagsamantalahan mo siya.

Infuriated, Marissa went to the Ceñidozas to confront Ellice for breaking their non-disclosure agreement, which ensued to another fiery encounter between them.

“The deal is off. Hindi na ako papayag na pagsamantalahan mo ang pamilya ko,” Ellice started off.

Nananahimik ako, baka nakakalimutan mo. Ikaw ang humingi ng tulong sa akin. Ngayong magaling na ang anak mo, babalik ka sa kasakiman mo? Ipokrita!

Kung hindi klaro sa’yo, ipapaliwanag ko. Nakakita ka ng oportunidad at pinagsamantalahan mo. Alam mong may sakit ang anak ko, alam mong kailangan ka namin, and you took advantage of it para makuha ang gusto mo. And you know what, Marissa? That’s not even the worst part. Alam mo kung anong pinakamalala? Na ginamit mo ang sarili mong anak para makuha mo ang gusto mo. Ngayon, sino sa ating dalawa ang tunay na sakim?

Unexpectedly, it was witnessed by Gabriel (Sam Milby) and Hope (Kira Balinger), which led to the latter’s emotional breakdown. As soon as she arrived home, Marissa was welcomed by an angry Nanay Lucing (Maricel Soriano) who reprimanded her what she did. She reasoned out that she just did it for the sake of taking back what was rightfully theirs in the way that she truly deserves.

On the other hand, Gabriel assured his wife that he fully understands and supports her and reminded her, “Ellice, mula ngayon, ipangako mo sa akin na kahit anong pagsubok ang dumating sa pamilya natin, no one, not me, hindi si Hope, no one gets left behind. We’re all in this together, okay? From now on, we shall never, ever let Marissa get in the way of our marriage.”



Upon learning what Marissa did, Avel (Joseph Marco) suddenly appeared once again to confront her about it. As she told him not to meddle with her plans and decisions, he retorted, “Anong ‘wag makialam? Sinuko ko ‘yong pagkakataong ‘wag malaman kong sino ang pumatay sa mga magulang ko. Pinili kong iligtas ka kapalit ng kalayaan ko. Tapos sasabihin mo sa’king ‘wag akong makialam?’”

As Marissa replied that she didn’t ask him to do that, he told her, “Oo nga, hindi mo nga hiningi. Pero binigay ko sa’yo dahil natutunan ko na may mga bagay na higit na mas importante kaysa sa paghihiganti.

O sige, gaya ng ano?

Gaya ng pagmamahal at pamilya mo. Natutunan ko na silang mahalin. Sana ikaw din.”

Marissa then had an altercation anew with her son as he expressed how truly disappointed he is of her because of how she is seemingly unstoppable with her vengeful schemes and how that makes her take their family for granted.

Anak, hindi mo naiintindihan.

Talagang ‘di ko maintindihan, ibu! I don’t know what else you want. Andito naman ako, andito naman si Lola Lucing pero puro ka na lang paghihiganti. ‘Yon lang ang gusto mo! Pamilya mo kami, ibu. What else do you want? Kami na ni Hope nasasaktan dito e, kami naiipit!

Kung nasasaktan ka, ano sa palagay mo ang nararamdaman ko? Kung ano ‘yang dinanas mo, wala pa ‘yan sa katiting ng lahat ng dinanas ko. Kaya kung iniisip mo na mapapagod ako, nagkakamali ka. Not until maparasuhan si Ellice sa lahat ng kasalanan niya. Naiintindihan mo ba?

Ngayon, nasagot mon a ‘yong tanong ko. No, we are not enough. Dahil mas importante sa’yo ang paghihiganti. Mas mahalaga sa’yo na sirain ang buhay ng ibang tao ngayong nandito naman kami na pamilya mo na mahal na mahal ka.”

As Ellice broke their agreement, Marissa went on to sue her. But Gabriel assured his wife that he would help her get out of this mess. At the same time, Marissa vowed to herself that she’s going to regain Jake’s favor. 



In pursuit of helping Ellice out, Gabriel tried to talk to Marissa and asked her to retract the lawsuit she filed against her. 

Wala ka bang konsensya? Ako ang tatay ni Jake. Doesn’t it matter to you? At ‘yong friendship natin, doesn’t have any value to you?”

Konsensya? Pumunta ka rito para hanapan ako ng konsensya? Gabriel, pagdating sa asawa mo, hindi gumagana ang konsensya ko – not after everything Ellice has done to me. Kaya huwag kang pupunta rito para bastusin ako!

Hindi kita binabastos, Marissa. Ang gusto ko lang, maging patas ka.”

Meanwhile, Jake took Hope somewhere faraway to finally confess about everything – from the fact that they’re indeed not siblings, his real identity, up to how and why all of these have transpired. His revelations absolutely shocked and infuriated her, which compelled her to slap him hard.

When quizzed what made him different from everyone else around them, he simply uttered, “I love you, Hope. Mahal kita hindi lang dahil kapatid ang turing ko sa’yo. I love you for being you.”

Then he continued, “Araw-araw gumigising ako sa umaga, I think of someone who wakes up beside me – nakangiti, masaya. I think of someone na makakasama ko sa buong araw, kasama ko sa paggawa ng mga bagay-bagay hanggang sa mapagod na ako. Until I close my eyes again at night at mangyayari ulit ‘yon araw-araw hanggang sa tumanda na kaming dalawa. That someone is you. I love you with all my heart.”

This apparently melted the heart of Hope and his tight and warm embrace eased the pain and wrath she was feeling. As he proposed for them to runaway from them in order to forget their troubles and give themselves some rest, Hope is seemingly so keen to do it as well.



Jake and Hope indeed went on a quick getaway without notifying their respective families, who were already getting extremely worried about them. Ellice and Gabriel sought the help of their friend Agatha (Aya de Leon), who offered to assist them through her police officer dad, while Marissa ran to Doña Adelaida (Carla Guevarra), who blamed her for not heeding to her command of killing Ellice.

As soon as she arrived home, Marissa was reprimanded by Nanay Lucing and they went on to have an emotional argument.

Nakita mo na? ‘Yan ang napapala mo dahil wala kang hinto sa paghihiganti mo, sa pag-aaway ninyong dalawa ni Ellice! Bumalik sa inyong dalawa ‘yang mga pinaggagawa ninyo. Kailan ba talaga kayo titigil, ha? Hanggang kailan n’yo ipagpapatuloy lahat ng ito?” Nanay Lucing exclaimed.

Nay, ‘di ko ginusto ‘tong nangyaring ‘to. Kahit po ako natatakot ako para sa anak ko” Marissa tearfully retorted.

E kung dinaan mo ba ‘to sa magandang pakikipag-usap, anak. Anak, makinig ka, ‘di sana mangyayari ‘to. Hihintayin mo ba anak na mawala kaming lahat na mga mahal mo sa buhay, ha? Tumigil na kayo. Tumigil na kayong dalawa. Maawa kayo sa amin.”

Little did the two parties know that both Jake and Hope are in danger as Cesar (Simon Ibarra) ordered his henchman to kill them as soon as he’s able to hunt them down.



With her beloved son still nowhere to be found, which made her realize a lot of things, Marissa had decided to withdraw the lawsuit she filed against Ellice. Her lawyer may have warned her on its possible repercussions, but she told him, “Wala akong pakialam. Kung gusto niya sa kanya na lahat. Ang importante sa akin ngayon ay makasama ko at mahanap ko ang anak ko.

Both parties had done everything to find their children, with Ellice and Gabriel already reporting it to the authorities, while Marissa sought the help of Sonya (Desiree del Valle). Agatha also reached out to her to ask for Jake’s personal details that could help in tracing them.

Meanwhile, Cesar urged his henchman to swiftly move in order for them to finally fulfill the evil scheme he’s been plotting alongside Ellice’s mom Belen (Rita Avila).

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