Gripping scenes, powerful face-offs in Week 23 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

In Week 23 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, the showdowns between Team Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Team Ellice (Iza Calzado) had gone more scorching as the former fought for their right to Cenidoza Pearls and as the latter filed a temporary restraining order against Jake (Grae Fernandez) to protect Hope (Kira Balinger). 

Let’s take a look back on the intense happenings and remarkable linyahan in the previous week through this feature!



As Marissa’s camp presented the handwritten letter of her late dad Nestor (Allan Paule) confessing everything that happened between their family and the Ceñidozas, the battle between her and Ellice gets more intense as they try to put each other in a bad light through their respective publicity stints. 

Kung inaakala niya na ito ang ikababagsak ko, nagkakamali siya,” Ellice uttered after her assistant Pinky (Jimmy Marquez) relayed to her what Marissa told the press regarding their current issue.

And it seems that Marissa would not let herself be easily defeated as she swore to take back everything that the Cenidozas took away from them and to not retreat whatever’s going to happen.
“But one thing’s for sure, babawiin ko ang lahat ng inagaw sa’min ng mga Cenidoza. I will not go down without a fight,” she expressed during an ambush interview, which Avel (Joseph Marco) found truly ridiculous. Thus, he advised her to alter her fighting style. “Palitan mo style mo. Alam mo kung ano ang totoo, ‘di ba? Gamitin mo ‘yan, hindi ‘yong naniniwala ka sa sa sarili mong kasinungalingan.”

The Cenidozas, on the other hand, conducted their own press conference to address the malicious tirades of Marissa against them. She refuted her claims by telling the reporters that they’ve been the owners of their company ever since she was a kid and their family had been kind enough to let her and her mom live with them.

With regards to the notion of Pineda gaining more sympathy from the public, Ellice uttered, “Simple lang naman ito e. Hindi tayo dapat maniwala sa mga istoryang walang basehan”, and went on to point out how the opposing camp was only able to present a “dubious” letter during the court hearing. Besides, she also disclosed that Marissa got fired from the company before this mess. “All I can say is that she was, and still is, a liar.”

Belen then interjected, “Kung meron mang biktima rito ay kami ‘yon ng anak ko. That Marissa and her family have done nothing but attack our company and our family. Kung sa tingin n’yo ay inaapi namin sila, that is not the case. Pinaglalaban lang naming kung ano ang talagang amin.”

Later that evening, Ellice and Gabriel engaged in a dispute after he told her about his visit to Nanay Lucing (Maricel Soriano) earlier that day. As he expressed how he felt sorry for the old woman, this totally irked Ellice and vented out, “Talagang mas pipiliin mo pang maniwala sa kanila kaysa sa sarili mong asawa?

At the same time, Gabriel got annoyed by his wife’s reaction and told her, “Alam mo Ellice, you asked for my opinion. I’m just telling it. Kung ayaw mong may kumukontra sa’yo, huwag ka nang magtanong”.



Hope was indeed fuming upon learning that her mom filed a temporary restraining order against Jake in pursuit of protecting her from any harm that he could inflict on her. Thus, she had a scorching argument with Ellice as soon as they arrived home.
“Stop controlling my life, mom! Alam ko, nakatira ako sa bahay mo at nirerespeto ko na gusto mong maging maayos ang buhay ko. Pero mom, mahal ko si Jake (Grae Fernandez)!” she exclaimed that left the both of the dumbfounded for a few moments. Realizing what she just said, she clarified that she loves him because they’re “half-siblings” and she just wanted to get close to him.

The following day, Marissa and Avel found themselves in a near-death situation after Cesar’s (Simon Ibarra) henchman Red (Manuel Chua) attempted to hit Marissa while alighting from her vehicle. Failed, he tried to gun her down but Avel was quick enough to shoot him first in the hand that compelled him to just run away.

Later that evening, Marissa and Ellice got engaged in a scuffle anew as they one another in the hospital where the former rushed Hope after passing out at their house. Despite Jake’s TRO, Hope still went there to tell them that her mom probably had something to do with Jake’s cheating issue at school. 

Wala kang karapatan na hawakan ang anak ko! Si Hope ang nagpunta sa bahay namin, ‘wag mong pabgbibintangan si Jake!” Marissa ferociously told Ellice as the latter attacked her son. When Gabriel asked her why Hope was with them, she responded that the young lady told them about Ellice’s possible involvement in Jake’s suspension.

Ellice frantically denied, to which Marissa angrily remarked, “’Yon naman pala e. Magpasalamat ka na lang na nadala namin ang anak mo sa hospital dahil kung hindi, baka kung ano na ang nangyari d’yan! Ingrata!



Ellice couldn’t help but be emotional as the painful experiences they had in the past in pursuit of saving Hope from a fatal ailment as a newborn seemed to go back in her after she got ill once again. Thus, Gabriel consoled her and tried to regain her courage.

“Hon, malakas si Hope. She’s just gonna make it through this, okay? We need to be there to support her every step of the way. Hon, we’re gonna get through this, okay? We’re gonna get through this. Gagawin natin ang lahat para maging okay siya. Hon, I know that you’ve been through a lot lately, pero malalampasan natin ‘to nang magkakasama. We’re a team, okay?” he sincerely told her.

At their residence, Ellice was enthusiastically greeted by Belen with an envelop containing the announcement of her nomination as among the “Most Outstanding Businesswoman of 2020”. The former wasn’t completely happy with it considering their current situation, but the latter encouraged her to go to work and share this milestone with her people.

As Ellice expressed her hesitation and recalled how Marissa helped her run the company when she was occupied with the sick Hope, Belen reminded her that Marissa isn’t family and brainwashed her that her ex-bestfriend only did that for herself. “But I’m here now. Mommy will help you kaya ‘wag ka nang mag-worry ha? Just be with your daughter,” she assured her.

Meanwhile at La Sierra, Tutti (Brenda Mage) jested that Ellice seems to receive her karma as her unica hija is now suffering from leukemia, she rebuked him by saying, “no one deserves it”. This stunned Avel and commented, “Parang biglang U-Turn tayo, ah.

Marissa surly responded, “May sakit ‘yong bata, natural mag-aalala ako. Kahit impakta ‘yong nanay niya, mabait si Hope. Kahit papaano, nakilala ko siya.” As she caught him smirking to what she remarked, he simply told her, “May puso pala kayo.”

As Lucing visited Hope in the hospital, she had a heated encounter with Belen who accosted her for still pushing herself into their lives.

“Hindi pa ba malinaw na hindi ka namin kailangan dito?” Belen asked her.

Hindi ikaw ang pinunta ko, Belen. Si Hope, ‘yong apo ko,” Lucing retorted that irritated Belen, so she assaulted her and exclaimed “Ano ba talaga ang tingin mo sa sarili mo, ha?

Huwag mo nang ipapakita ‘yong mukha mo sa’kin ulit. Gusto mo ba ng restraining order?” Belen warned.

Sige, aalis ako pero hindi para sa’yo kundi para sa apo ko. Ako, alam ko hindi kadugo, pero mas naging lola ako ni Hope kaysa sa’yo. Kaya ikaw, ito ang tatandaan mo. Tandaan mo ‘to, oras na may mangyari sa apo ko, manghihiram ka ng mukha sa aso,” Lucing angrily clapped back.



Wary of Hope’s situation, Marissa expressed wanting to have ceasefire with Ellice, which vexed Adelina (Carla Martinez). 

“Ceasefire? Marissa, ba’t kailangan kang tumigil? Are you throwing everything away just for a sick child? Hindi kita tinulungan sa lahat ng ito para lumambot ang puso mo for that Ellice. Baka nakakalimutan mo, maski ako nauubusan na rin ng oras. You promised me, so you better set your priorities straight,” she reprimanded her. Probably realizing the things Adelina did for her in the past, Marissa seemingly has no choice but to oblige.

Meanwhile, after catching Jake at Hope’s room, Ellice received a call from her assistant Pinky notifying her that her nomination was forfeited by the organization. Suspecting that Marissa has something to with it, she ordered Pinky to tell her lawyer to have Jake arrested, uttering “Kung gustong makipaglaro ni Marissa nang marumi, hindi ko siya aatrasan.”

As Jake indeed got arrested, Marissa received a mysterious package at her office that actually contained a bomb.



However, instead of getting jailed, Ellice requested for Jake’s TRO to be lifted and privately asked him to help extend the life of Hope by being a possible bone marrow donor.

He may have accepted it, but he still has hesitations since he’s certain that his ibu (or mom) would not be pleased by his decision. Thus, he asked for Avel’s advice, who simply told him, “Jake, kung tama ‘yong rason mo, bakit hindi? Alam mo kasi minsan, kailangan mong ipaglaban ang sarili mong paninindigan.

Meanwhile, Ellice and Belen were having an argument regarding Gabriel’s move to ask Marissa a favor for Hope.

“Dapat ba talagang humingi ng pabor ang asawa mo sa babaeng ‘yon? Ellice, sa tingin mo, tama ‘yon?

Wala nang mas mahalaga ngayon kaysa sa buhay ni Hope. You’re also a mother, I’m sure you understand.”

“You don’t make deals with the devil for it will cost you your whole life.”

“If that devil can spare my daughter’s life, then I am willing to die and go to hell for her.”

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