Ellice, Marissa plot sinister schemes against each other in Week 26 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

Just like the previous weeks, the Week 26 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin was indeed filled with surprising revelations and scorching scenes that made our primetime viewing extra exciting.

Lead heroines Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Ellice (Iza Calzado) once again aroused us with their confrontation and the respective wicked schemes they’re plotting against each other. Belen (Rita Avila) has also started infiltrating the secret organization through the help of Cesar (Simon Ibarra), who eventually became dubious of her intentions in their partnership after Marissa warned him about her craftiness.

At the same time, we also found our hearts touched with how Gabriel (Sam Milby) professed his unconditional love for Ellice in his conversations with his sisters and expressed his gratitude towards Marissa for saving his life when they were still kids.

Let’s revisit these and other happenings in the recent previous episodes of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin in this feature!

After what happened to Marissa, Blue (Nicco Antonio) still couldn’t help but be dubious of Avel. He firmly warned her not to easily fall for everything that he says or does since they’re not fully sure of his real intentions towards her.

“Sigurado ka bang mapagkakatiwalaan mo ‘yang si Avel?” he asked.

“Naipaliwanag niya na sa akin kung bakit niya nagawa ‘yon at ipinangako niya na proprotektahan niya ako kay Cesar,” she assured her.

“Kahit na. Huwag kang pakatiwala sa kanya. Iniligtas ka niya ngayon pero gaano ka kasigurado na gagawin niya ulit ‘yon bukas o sa makalawa? Wanted si Avel, baka lalo kang mapahamak kung nagdididikit ka pa sa kanya.”

On the other hand, as Belen told her daughter how she could not stand the presence of Lucing anymore at their office, Ellice thought of finally divulging Marissa’s affiliation to a secret organization in pursuit of destroying her reputation.

Little did they know that Marissa was also plotting a cunning scheme against them as she makes her comeback to the company.

“Paano ba ‘yan, babalik ka na naman sa opisina. Makikita mo na naman ang mga kaaway mo, tatlo-tatlo pa ‘yon. Hindi ka ba nag-aalala?” Blue asked her, to which she fiercely responded, “Bakit ako mag-aalala? Iisa ang kaaway nilang lahat – ako ‘yon. Hindi ako ang dapat inaaway nila.”

“Anong ibig mong sabihin?”

“Paano kung sila ang mag-away-away?”

Meanwhile, RJ (Karl Gabriel) and Jake got involved in a brief altercation when they both visited Hope as soon as she was released from the hospital.

“Anong ginagawa mo rito?” Jake uttered upon his arrival.

“We’re family friends. I have a right to be here. E ikaw? Bastardo ka lang,” RJ retorted.

Ellice heard this and reprimanded him. “Wala kang karapatan na magsalita ng ganyan. At ang kapal din naman ng mukha mo na magpunta ka pa dito pagkatapos ng ginawa mo kay Hope.”

RJ argued that Jake was only badmouthing him, but she refused to listen to him and ordered him to leave. “I trust Jake. Kaya ikaw, you better get out of here at siguraduhin mo na ‘di ka na ulit lalapit sa anak ko. Kung hindi, isusumbong kita sa mga magulang mo. Naiintindihan mo ba ‘yon?”

As Jake thanked her for defending him, she replied, “Of course, you’re family to us. Remember that. Okay?” Both the kids were in disbelief, yet unbeknownst to them, acquiring Jake’s favor is just part of her and Belen’s wicked plan against Marissa.

And speaking of Marissa, Avel had begun their revenge plot against Cesar by fearlessly following him in his whereabouts. Thus, she told him, “Masyado kang matapang para sundan ang mga taong humahabol sa’yo. ‘Di basta-basta si Cesar. Kailangan natin ng plano para labanan siya.”

Having an inkling that his mother-in-law has something to do with what RJ did to Jake, Gabriel confronted Belen to confirm it. Of course, she denied it, yet he refused to believe her as he’s aware how crafty she is and how easy it is for her to manipulate Ellice.

“I just hope that you don’t get my wife or any of my children in any trouble. Dahil gagawin ko ang lahat para protektahan sila,” he warned her.

The following day, he and his sister Sonya (Desiree del Valle) had a sincere talk regarding his relationship with Ellice and his feelings for Marissa.

“My gosh, grabe talaga ‘yang nanay ni Ellice. She’s like the devil from the depths of hell. Paano mo siya natitiis?” Sonya asked him.

Gabriel replied, “Ate, hindi naman natin mapipili ang in-laws natin. Tinatanggap lang natin dahil mahal natin ang asawa natin.”

“Talaga bang mahal mo si Ellice? O pinaninindigan mo ang desisyon mo to make your marriage work for the sake of Hope?

“Ate, mahal ko si Ellice at tinatanggap ko lahat ng parte ng pagkatao niya. Otherwise, I can’t call it love kung pinipili ko lang ang mga bagay na gusto kong mahalin sa kanya.”

“Paano si Marissa? Wala ka bang kahit na anong nararamdaman para sa kanya?”

“Pagsubok lang si Marissa sa relasyon namin ni Ellice. Kung ano man ang nangyari sa’min noon, it was just a projection of all my frustrations kay Ellice. Nothing more.”

“Are you sure about that? Na walang bagay na pwedeng gawin si Ellice that could make you give up one her? Gabriel, mag-ingat ka. You might be sleeping with the enemy. You can see how her mother manipulates her. And clearly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Little did they know that the two women they were talking about had a confrontation as they met in one of the elevators at their office. Since both of them just went back to work, they welcomed one another with warnings that their battle will not be over very soon. As what Ellice told Marissa, “Huwag kang pakasiguro dahil hindi pa dito nagtatapos ang lahat.”

As the employees warmly greeted Marissa on her return, Cesar didn’t let himself be left behind as he approached and told her, “Welcome back to the circus. Sigurado ako, magiging exciting na naman ang buhay dito sa opisina.

“Actually, ako ang kailangang magdala ng popcorn. Balita ko may baliktarang magaganap,” Marissa slyly retorted. “Excited na akong makita kung paano ka tra-traydurin ng mga taong pinagkakatiwalaan mo.”

As Gabriel received a suspicious photo of Belen having a ‘unusual business meeting’, he immediately showed it to Ellice that made her instantly angry and fumingly uttered, “Pinagsususpestiyahan mo na naman ba ang nanay ko na may ginagawa siyang masama?

He negated her supposition, saying that he just wanted to make sure that Belen is not doing anything that would put them in danger and to protect her and Hope.

Hindi mo ako prinoprotektahan sa ginagawa mong ito. Kaya pwede ba, tigilan mo na ‘to, tigilan mo na ang mga tanong mo, tigilan mo na ang litratong ‘yan, at tigilan mo na ang nanay ko,” she told him.

“Hon, can you blame me? The last time na may nagpadala sa’kin ng photos sa email, malaking revelation ‘yan sa’kin.”

Seryoso ka ba? Talaga bang inuungkat mo ang nakaraan natin ngayon? Gabriel, akala ko ba napatawad mo na ako? Kung napatawad mo na ako, ako napatawad ko na rin ang nanay ko. So, drop this. Hindi ka nakakatulong.”

Thus, in order to clarify everything, Ellice asked her mom about the pictures. Belen confirmed that he indeed had a meeting with Cesar and other members of the organization to help them get rid of Marissa successfully.

The following day, Marissa talked to Cesar to warn him about the devious mother-and-daughter tandem of Ellice and Belen and how the past is seemingly repeating itself at present.

“Alam na alam mo kung gaano ako kagustong pabagsakin ni Ellice at ng nanay niya, ‘di ba? Ngayon, maaari ka nilang gamitin para pabagsakin ako at babagsak kang kasama ko,” he told her.

“Nababaliw ka na, Marissa.”

Kung nababaliw ako, ikaw naman nabubulag. Hindi mo nakikita na ginagamit ka lang nila. Si Belen, nakuha na niya ang organisasyon. Sigurado akong nanganganib na ang posisyon mo at kailangan mo na namang patunayan ang sarili mo.”

“Alam ko ‘yang ginagawa mo, Marissa. Gusto mong gibain ang partnership namin ni Ellice. Style mo bulok. Hindi mo ako kayang paikutin.”

“Hindi kita pinapaikot, Cesar. Matagal na akong wala sa organisasyon kaya hindi ako interesado sa politika sa loob. Kaya kung ako sa’yo, pag-iisipan kong mabuti ang bawat hakbang ko. At uulitin ko sa’yo, Cesar, hindi ikaw ang kalaban ko – si Ellice at ang nanay niya. Ngayon, kung gusto mong pumanig sa’kin, iisa lang ang kakailanganin ko sa’yo – ang aminin ni Ellice lahat-lahat ng kasalanan niya sa’kin.”

In her pursuit of destroying Marissa by utilizing her son Jake, Ellice has been trying to obtain his favor by treating and talking to him nicer. As Jake takes this as her having a change of heart, little did he know that Ellice is only taking advantage of his naivety.

“You know, I never knew that one day we would get along, we would be this close after everything that happened. Nakakalungkot lang isipin that I can’t say the same about your ibu dahil hanggang ngayon ‘di ko pa rin siya mapatawad sa lahat ng mga ginawa niya sa’kin,” she told him.

Then she went on to lament how painful their current situation is for her as she used to treat Marissa as a sister, as well as how hard it is to endure everything since she finds it difficult to impart what he feels to anyone in her family. Using her innate dramatic prowess, Ellice indeed succeeded in getting his sympathy as Jake told her that he’s willing to be her shoulder to cry on.

“You can talk to me. Pwede naman po akong making, gaya po ng ginagawa ko kay ibu e. Sana isang araw, may magawa ako para sa inyong dalawa. Sana ako ‘yong maging daan para magkaayos na kayong lahat. Sana magawa ko ‘yon.”

On that same night, Gabriel met with Marissa at a restaurant to ask if she knew about Cesar’s involvement in a secret organization. When he was about to leave, he noticed the necklace she was wearing and asked where she got that. according to her, it was given to her by her late father and gave the other half of it to a special young boy she met in her childhood.

Hearing it instantly made him emotional and he told her that the other half of it was still his since he was the same boy she was referring to.

Gabriel and Marissa reminisced how that locket and that fateful day created a great impact in their respective lives. For Marissa, that was the day when she felt extremely happy after her father told her and her Nanay Lucing that they’re going to be wealthy. While for Gabriel, it was the time when he regained the hope that had already run out of him.

Thus, she thought of using this as an opportunity to get back on Ellice with the help of her ever-trustworthy righthand Blue.

“Hanep, kakaiba talaga tadhana ah. Liit ng mundo niya ah. So paano, in love ka na naman ulit?” Blue told her.

She retorted, “Blue, anong in love ang pinagsasabi mo. Hindi pagmamahal ang gusto ko. Ang gusto ko, hustisya. At makakamit ko lang ‘yon kapag nakita kong pinagsisihan ni Ellice lahat ng ginawa niya sa’kin. Kaya pasensyahan na lang kay Ellice kung masaktan ko si Ellice. Pero sisimulan natin sa pamamagitan nito.”

That same night, Avel surprisingly showed up to tell her that he’s on the lookout for the culprit behind the tragic death of his parents many years ago. As they’re conversation was about to end, he noticed how scantily cladded she was.

Takaw gulo ‘yan, Marissa. Alam mo na si Blue ‘yong kasama mo, ‘di ba may gusto ‘yon sa’yo? Tapos ganyan ka magdamit? Huwag gano’n,” he reprimanded her.

She fiercely replied, “May issue ba sa damit ko? Susuutin ko kahit na anong gusto ko at kung kailan ko gusto dahil katawan ko ‘to. Bakit, nagseselos ka ba?”

“Hindi ko itataya ang buhay ko para lang mapahamak ka sa iba. Tandaan mo ‘yan.”

Meanwhile, as Ellice found out that Marissa is the owner of the other half of the locket her husband has been keeping for a long time, she immediately set up a meeting with Jake to tell him about it. Of course, she once again succeeded in earning his sympathy.

“Jake, ang hindi ko lang maintindihan, why is your mom making it so difficult for me to have peaceful life? Una ‘yong kompanya ko, kinuha niya sa akin – isang bagay na minana ko pa mula sa tatay ko. Tapos ngayon gusto niyang kunin sa’kin si Gabriel? Sobra na siya,” she tearfully stated.

Aside from that, she also went on to divulge about the agreement they had for Marissa to allow Jake to donate his bone marrow to Hope, which obviously shocked Jake.

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