Behind-the-scene: Loads of good vibes in the happy taping bubble of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

Working conditions especially on the set of teleseryes remain anchored on the “new normal” wherein safety guidelines including the lock-in setup must be strictly followed. But, who says it can’t be fun inside a small taping bubble? Team Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin shows us how good vibes are spread on the set.

Breathtakingly picturesque view of nature

In the first video, Brenda Mage, the funny Tutti, vlogged about their new taping location at the Eugenio Lopez Center in Antipolo. It was a clear day on the set, so the greens and blues were vivid, a perfect backdrop for unforgettable scenes and OOTD shots. And wait for the sunset view at the end of the video! 

Safety protocols

Apart from wearing facemasks and face shields and practicing social distancing, they also had to limit the number of people on the set. Bit players take on alternate roles to maximize their appearances. Brenda also showed us the medicines, vitamins, and other essentials inside the room he shares with Jimi Marquez.

Cast in action and exciting characters to watch out for

We’ve lost count of how many times Brenda gushed over Joseph Marco and his handsomeness. Joseph, playing as Avel, is shown taking a scene with his onscreen boss, and maybe potential love interest, Marissa portrayed by Jodi Sta. Maria. Also, the newest additions to the cast are Grae Fernandez as Jake and Kira Balinger as Hope.

Dedicated crew

Brenda introduced some of the people working behind the scenes – hairstylists and makeup artists, wardrobe team, security, and production crew. We got to meet the devoted Ate Nene, Sam Milby’s personal assistant for 14 years.

Fresh new looks

Iza Calzado is more regal than ever as the fierce Ellice Cenidoza, with shorter hair that shows the world how confident and strong she is. Jimi waves his crisp hairdo goodbye for softer, looser curls; while Brenda dons a clip-in fringe. We’re thrilled to see Jodi’s explosive transformation in the Book 2, then!

Jokes and puns and hilarious shenanigans!

Veteran actress and diva Carla Martinez joined forces with Jimi for a short but sweet duet. The candidness of Iza added more good vibes as she bantered with Brenda and even took over his vlog while he was freshening up inside the tent. Karl Gabriel played along with Brenda’s jokes and gamely took his co-stars’ OOTD photos.

The cast might be split into two as the Team Marissa VS Team Ellice rivalry stiffens. But as soon as the reels stop rolling, the bitter feud dies as well, and the solid friendship enlivens the happy lock-in bubble.

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