Amid heated clashes, Ellice, Marissa prioritize finding Hope, Jake in Week 29 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

In Week 29 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, the search for Jake (Grae Fernandez) and Hope (Kira Balinger) carries on. Although finding them is the main priority of worried mothers Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Ellice (Iza Calzado), their personal disputes continue to stoke heated clashes between them. 



With another day of not finding any clue where Jake and Hope might be, everyone including Marissa’s mother Nanay Lucing (Maricel Soriano) is worried sick. Given that the reason for the kids fleeing was all the family drama, Lucing pleads Marissa “Panalangin ko nga, ‘pag nakita na natin ang mga bata, maging maayos na ang lahat. Lalo na sa pagitan ninyong dalawa ni Ellice. Sana ‘di na tayo magkahiwa-hiwalay.” Marissa agrees, “‘Yon din naman ang panalangin ko. ‘Wag kayo mag-alala. Magkasama na ho tayo. Tatagan n’yo lang ho ang loob n’yo, malalampasan din natin ‘to”

These words of Marissa were tested when she visited the dying Madam Adelina (Carla Martinez) in the hospital. Given that the two are partners in taking revenge on Ellice, Adelina informed Marissa with her death wish to have Ellice killed already. Just as Marissa refused, Adelina reminded her, “Nangako ka na kung kakailanganin ko, papatay ka para sa akin, na handa kang mamatay para sa akin.” 

When the two reached an impasse, Adelina felt betrayed and with seething disappointment said, “Kung nalaman ko lang magkakaganito ka, sana hinayaan na lang kitang mabulok sa kulungan. Sana hinayaan na kitang mamatay.” These words stung Marissa who treated Adelina like a mother and countered, “Nakita ko kung paano ka naging miserable… Kung paano binalot ng paghihiganti at galit ang puso mo, na hindi mo na nakikita ang mga tao na tunay na nagmamahal sa iyo. Madam, ayoko ho maging ganoon.”

Ellice’s mother Belen (Rita Avila) had other matters in mind and took advantage of Ellice’s moment of weakness by offering to take over the Ceñidoza business in her stead. Busy focusing on finding her daughter Hope and unaware of her mother’s secret agenda, Ellice lets her take it. 

Belen began her operation to fully take the company ownership away from Marissa and Lucing by seizing their shares. Marissa was informed of this under the pretense that Ellice was the one that ordered the case. With her fury and hunger for revenge reignited, she could not utter anything else except, “You are making it more and more difficult for me not to kill you, Ellice.”



Desperate to find her daughter that is newly recovering from leukemia, Ellice resorted to go on live television and call on the help of the public for finding Hope. When asked by the interviewer why she went missing in the first place, Ellice blamed the secret agreement between her and Marissa, “Dahil nalaman niya ang deal na ginawa ko with Marissa Pineda — na kinailangan ko ibenta ang shares ng kumpanya namin kapalit ang bone marrow donation ng anak niya”. Even if this paints Marissa in a bad light, she decided to rise above and told her friends and family, “Si Jake ang prayoridad ko. Hindi ko siya papatulan.”

Back in the Ceñidoza company, Belen mocked Lucing for her family’s evident downfall. Lucing bit back at her to shut her up, “Tigil-tigilan mo ako, Belen. Hindi ka na nakuntento sa mga ninakaw mo sa amin ni Nestor. Ikaw ang pumili na pakasalan si Jorge. Hindi ka naging masaya sa desisyon mo kaya pinili mong silipin ang bakuran ko dahil nakita mo masaya kami.

Hope and Jake, who are still hiding in Lola Auring’s (Aurora Yumul) house located in a secluded barrio past the forest, wanted to express their gratefulness to the old woman for all her help. They prepared a small feast, which made Lola Auring very happy. 

Later that night, Hope and Jake noticed how peaceful Lola Auring’s sleep was compared to the previous days. This also made Hope realize how quiet their life has been away from their families’ constant arguments claiming, “Walang mga magulang na nag-aaway, pati tayo nagkatahimikan… Silence really is the sweetest sound.”



Caesar (Simon Ibarra), who has his own dispute with Marissa’s bodyguard Avel (Joseph Marco), pressured Marissa into giving up protecting Avel in exchange for her family’s safety. He even called Marissa’s empty threats since no one is in her corner now with Madam Adelina dead. 

Belen, however, eavesdropped on Caesar and Marissa’s conversation and foresaw how Caesar might betray her and join Marissa’s camp against them. Belen put forth a plan to remove Caesar’s power in the Ceñidoza company in case he goes rogue. Caesar, feeling the tides not going along his way, decided to strike a deal with Marissa. 

Marissa and Lucing, though, already lost their shares in the company, making Belen and her family the shareholders that have majority control. Employees have become agitated with the drastic and unfair management changes she made so they ran to Nanay Lucing’s help. Belen refused to listen to Lucing and the pleas of their employees and so Lucing left her with bitter words, “Darating ang panahon pagbabayaran mo lahat ng masasamang ginawa mo. Ipanalangin mo na lang sa Diyos na sana hindi ‘yung mga mahal mo sa buhay ang magbayad sa mga kawalang-hiyaan mo.

Back onto the illegal dealings in the serye, Avel finally came face-to-face with Caesar in the place where Caesar and Marissa were to meet. With a gun to Caesar’s chest, Avel threatened to kill him then and there, “Masaya akong mabubulok sa kulungan kung ikaw naman ang papatayin ko.” Caesar called his bluff and taunted him to do so if the love of his life Marissa was on the line. This made Avel think twice and let him go.



Caesar and Marissa talked out an agreement — Marissa will give up everything she has on Caesar if he will betray Ellice, join her side, and leave everyone she loves alone. 

Before doing anything, Caesar tried to look into his stand with Belen. After a slight management disagreement, it was clear that the two could sense an eventual double-crossing to arise.

As for Ellice and her husband Gabriel (Sam Milby), they started to feel helpless since all their leads to finding Hope have left them nowhere. Ellice stood strong for the both of them and comforted Gabriel, “Alam ko ‘yung pakiramdam na mayroon kang bagay na gustong-gusto pero ‘di mo makuha. Pero gaya ng lagi mong sinasabi ‘di ba? We’re in this together, we’re a team. We are a team. Kaya mahahanap natin. Mahahanap natin si Hope, pati na rin si Jake.”

As if fate were on their side, in the forest where Jake and Hope are hiding, Lola Auring advises the young children to face their family problems head on and not run away from them.  “Kailangan matuto tayo magpatawad habang hindi pa huli ang lahat,” she explained. 

Jake retorted that they just don’t want to be involved in all the mess their parents began. Lola Auring wisely commented, “Hindi laging tama ang mga magulang. Tao rin sila, naging bata katulad ninyo. Unawain n’yo sila. Ang sa akin lang, bilang mga anak, hindi pa rin dapat tinatalikuran ang magulang dahil lang sa kanilang pagkakamali.

Jake and Hope then started to get in contact with their friends, but little did they know that this has slowly exposed their whereabouts to their family and to their enemies. 

While everyone else proceeded with the days-long search, Caesar has already thought of his next step. To keep him safe from Marissa’s threats and ruin Belen’s plans, the man sent an email to authorities offering to be a whistleblower that would expose the illegal organizational activities of Ellice’s family in exchange for full protection and immunity. Caesar’s words, “Ngayon, hintayin natin ang susunod na kabanata'' is exactly how we feel right now waiting for what will happen next as an accomplice told him he knows where Jake and Hope are, and that they are ready to execute their sinister, murderous plot. 

Jake and Hope’s friends rush to Nanay Lucing with the good news that the two have contacted them. They told them Jake and Hope wouldn’t want their mothers to know their whereabouts because they were the reason why they took flight, and instead sought Gabriel to give the valuable information so he alone could find them. And as one of the friends tried to track where Jake and Hope’s call emanated from, Gabriel received a call from Ellice who was with Belen. The friend then successfully tracked the call, screaming in delight, and Ellice heard him, suspecting that Gabriel is hiding something from her.

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