Kapamilya Toplist: 15 best villain moments of Lily in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano

Ever since Lily Ann Cortez-Hidalgo (Lorna Tolentino) came into the picture, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano has definitely gone more thrilling and intense as she relentlessly aims to topple down Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) and his allies and even his family.

As she usually lets her men do the job for her, Lily’s fervent desire to make her plans succeed and finally get rid of their stiffest rival has compelled her to also put herself on the line. But, unfortunately, her wicked schemes ricocheted on her as her life would be in danger after getting fatally shot. 

And while we are anticipating whether she’ll be alive or be completely dead, let’s take a look back on the 15 best ‘villain’ moments of Lily that indeed made us abhor her so much in this Kapamilya Toplist!

From being a lowly baglady of the late President Lucas Cabrera (Edu Manzano), her yearning to have an affluent life fueled her to be the spiteful and cunning antagonist that she is now. In order to fulfill this, she initially attempted to win their favors first – to which she succeeded – and went on to roll out her plans. 

As we all know, Lily was once able to obtain the sympathy and trust of Cardo and the Vendetta, who even saved from Lucas’ henchmen who were trying to kill her. As a way of showing her debt of gratitude, she helped them in any way she could and consistently showed her sympathy to them. 

It was through her connection with Vendetta wherein she was able to meet President Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago). She worked really hard to get his favor by getting herself involved with the projects of the government until they became close friends and he eventually fell in love with her. 

They got married not long after, allowing Lily to take her first step in infiltrating the palace. She pretended to be a hands-on wife, much to the president’s delight, but little did everyone know that she was already beginning to poison him by giving him a drug that made him sick.

While he’s unconscious, she and her equally-scheming allies Renato Hipolito (John Arcilla) and Arturo Padua (Tirso Cruz III) launched their plans, starting with hiring the Oscar’s copycat Mariano (Rowell Santiago) to pretend as the president in order to conceal what they did. Together, they run the largest drug cartel in the country, making Lily the most powerful drug lord in the Philippines, as well as huge “troll farms” to further boost her popularity as part of her presidential campaign. 

She then got Cardo’s grand uncle General Delfin Borja (Jaime Fabregas) arrested and ordered the assassination of those people who were involved or had knowledge in their mischiefs. Besides, she has also grown cruel towards the palace staff.

Is this going to be the end of Lily? Or will she continue to live and complete her plans? Let’s all find out by not missing an episode of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, weeknights after TV Patrol on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z!