Aya describes Jane De Leon in five words

Aya Fernandez’s sisterhood with Jane de Leon transcends in between takes of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano taping. They hit it off on their first day, and it helped build their chemistry.

To describe Jane in five words, Aya went for “lilipad, chicharon, K-pop, Zekie, and Janey Marie.” The first word relates to Jane’s role as Darna, Zekie is the dog she brought to lock-in taping, and Janey Marie is a term of endearment. The chicharon and K-Pop are two of Jane’s most favorite things in the world.

As Aya takes on the Kapamilya Chat ‘s Bukingan Challenge, the Kapamilya actress named Jane De Leon as the ‘antukin’ co-star. She has selfies with a sleeping Jane to serve as evidence. “Pero ang ganda pa rin niya!” she enthused.

Everyone might be intense onscreen but Aya swears they’re a happy bunch off-cam. They all love to dance and goof around. On her first day, the Task Force Agila pulled a prank on her. It may be just their version of an initiation.

In case you didn’t know, Aya has a big appetite! Her former co-stars in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin would attest, and it seems Team Promdi saw that as early as her first day. She met Coco on the second night, and the first thing he told her was, “Balita ko may kumain ng dinner ko kagabi. Nagutom ako.” And that’s how to break the ice with Aya – give her food or talk about food. Kidding aside, she said her co-stars are just very pleasant.

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