Get to know Vance Larena – his “Firsts and Lasts,” thoughts on joining FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Theater actor turned TV star Vance Larena is the latest recruit of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Get to know him more as he answers fan questions and reads comments for Kapamilya Confessions.

Vance opens the show by taking on the First and Last Challenge. He said his first small screen appearance was via Ipaglaban Mo where he played a wrongfully accused ‘sorbetero.’ He lists down Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks as his first celebrity idols. Filed under his first embarrassing moment was tasting ball pen ink in grade school. The eyes are the first thing he notices in someone.

On to his lasts, his then-recent photo was a snapshot of an interview with DJ Jhai Ho. The last thing he thinks about is food for the next day. The last message he sent reads: “Good morning po. Noted po. Thanks.”

The theater has sure become a good training ground for Vance, so much he delivers flawless performances whatever genre and medium he takes on. He stars in the sequel of the hit BL series “Ben X Jim.” As an actor, his passion goes beyond just acting. In the case of “Ben X Jim,” he hopes to become a vessel of awareness on the advocacies of the LGBT community.

Playing a character he doesn’t share experiences and traits with, Vance finds “Ben X Jim” quite a challenge. But the lock-in setup helped in keeping the portrayal real. Thankfully, he never had a problem with letting go of a character.

Vance is grateful for the outpour of projects. For his role as a Black Ops member in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, the actor had to learn the basics of gun handling and imbibe police mentality. The lock-in, he said, keeps the cast bonded.

He’s now ‘tropa’ with Geoff Eigenman and Jane De Leon. He’s overjoyed to be working with the veterans he looks up to like Tirso Cruz III, Joel Torre, and Michael de Mesa. Add to that the honor to share the screen and be directed by Coco Martin, who he said is approachable and always there to help. Coco is generous of his wisdom, sharing tips about acting or even personal matters.

Vance now plans to keep a pet bird, inspired by Coco’s group. Besides bird training, the cast also bonds by casual ‘kwentuhan.’

The entrance of Black Ops enraged viewers blaming them for the death of Alyana (Yassi Pressman). They are, of course, just doing their job. But looking at it through a viewer’s perspective, Vance also empathizes with Alyana. He thinks her death was devastating considering the emotional ordeal she went through prior to the tragic event.

Another treat for solid Vance lovers is his new single titled “Panghabang-baby.” If he can serenade an actress with this song, Vance would pick Ina Raymundo because of her timeless beauty, like she never ages – truly a “panghabang-baby.”

Vance is overwhelmed by the amount of support he’s getting. It sometimes adds up to the pressure, which he believes is a positive feeling. For the most part, it keeps him motivated.

To answer a question, he didn’t let go of the possibility of falling in love with a fan. After all, we are all humans capable of loving and deserving to be loved. Asked to take her pick between a girl that’s loving and one who is good in business, Vance wanted to have both.

For Vance, the best gift he can give and receive is time. He thinks he already made a lot of girls cried – only because of the characters he portrayed. Answering more questions from the live viewers, he chose Beyonce as the best international singer and Achilles (from the theater play “Troy Avenue”) his most favorite character.

As advice to everyone going through tough times, Vance stressed that even feelings of sadness must be acknowledged. It makes us human. But, don’t dwell on too much negativity because the hard times will eventually pass.

Get to know Vance by checking out this video!