FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano stars Nonong, Whitney, Mark and Jay share their biggest source of strength and inspiration

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t just a threat to one’s health. It also plagues the heart with anxiety and fear. In times of distressing moments, where does one draws strength? The cast members of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano share how they face the uncertain times, keeping Filipinos in good spirits.

“Hindi natin alam kung saan tayo magsisimula at kung paano natin tatapusin,” said Jay Gonzaga, looking back on how he struggled to maneuver around the uncertainties. But then again, he emerged from the situation through faith and gratitude. It has been said that counting one’s blessings, no matter how small, grows hope than bitterness.

Mark Manicad considers his relationship with family and God, and self-trust as his backbone. At the end of the day, only you can take care of your own needs and safety.

In the midst of gloom after losing a loved one, Whitney Tyson worried most about her mother. “Una, ang Nanay ko, ‘yun ang aking iniisip. Paano na ang bukas, ang mga susunod pang araw na darating. May kamag-anak kaming nagkasakit hanggang sa namatay. Hindi kami makapunta,” shared Whitney.

Despite the uncertainties, she opted to thrive and take actions. “Kumilos, huwag magmukmok. Ipakita nila na kaya natin,” she added.

For comedian Nonong Ballinan, the crisis isn’t a laughing matter but it nonetheless brought surprising discoveries about resourcefulness and simplicity. He said it’s a time when people are more drawn to simple joys and are forced to make the most of what they have.

“Maging inspirasyon din tayo sa lahat. Ipakita natin na kaya nating mabuhay kasi sanay naman tayong dumaan sa problema. Lahat ng kaya mong gawin, gawin mo. Kung hindi ka maarte sa buhay, laging may option,” he emphasized. More importantly, he urged viewers to take their vitamins and take care of their health.

“Laban lang kasi Pilipino tayo,” Mark further advocates. Unfortunate circumstances may strike but the Filipino sense of resilience will never collapse. As Team Promdi’s collective sentiment says, “Tuloy ang laban!”

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