Coco Martin’s co-actors, production staff speak out on charges by ex-cameraman

“You can’t put a good man down.”

This and many other words of support had been uttered by co-actors, cameramen, utility men, and other production staff of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano in defense of its lead star and director, Primetime King Coco Martin.

Coco had been in the receiving end of several unfounded claims and incessant bashing over what he feels was an injustice done to ABS-CBN and its employees when the network was shutdown on May 5. This intensified when Coco appeared in a Laban Kapamilya Facebook Live event last May 8 wherein he expressed his fury over the government’s action, which imperils the jobs of 11,000 employees, and urged fellow talents and ABS-CBN workers to not take it sitting down.

Since then, a frenzied campaign was launched from trolls and bashers to discredit and malign Coco, being the most popular television figure in the country at present, including serious tirades from a former ABS-CBN cameraman. Coco was charged of verbally abusing stuntmen, dousing water on utility men on set, and uttering those serious charges on the FB Live event but was not thinking straight.

In this video, we hear Coco’s co-actors, stuntmen, utility men and production staff testifying how those claims were farthest from truth. Coco, they stated, had been very supportive and helpful of his crew to the point of even assisting them in their personal or family problems. And just like what has been reported in the news, Coco had been very obliging with actors or production staff who needed work, even extending assistance to their families’ education and health needs.

Coco was never abusive, they claimed, as he even sees to it that all the people on the set is cared for, from provision of food to crew safety.

And Coco had been concerned about the plight of his fellow talents and co-workers in ABS-CBN and this motivated him to speak out, which his colleagues say, was very admirable.

In the end, they would debunk all those baseless charges and rally behind Coco in his fight.

Watch this video to hear what Coco’s co-actors, stuntmen, utility men, and production staff have to say about the accusations thrown against the FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano lead actor and director.