Cardo’s little sidekicks in FPJAP

While the longest-running action-drama serye “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” is known for featuring the country’s talented actors and actresses, it’s also an exciting playground for child stars to explore their acting prowess. 

For almost seven years, several child actors and actresses have been cast in “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.” Each one is always bringing a fun personality and colorful story to the top-rated series. Look back on the young stars who have graced “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” through the years.

Onyok is probably one of the most memorable young characters on the show. Being Cardo’s (Coco Martin) “little sidekick,” he had several similarities with the main character in terms of heroic abilities and charm. Simon Ezekiel as Onyok made a mark on the show, as he exuded the confidence and spirit of being the savior of the oppressed. 

Awra Briguela hooked audiences with his portrayal of Makmak. When he joined the cast in 2016, he added an air of sass and light comedy throughout the heavy action and drama scenes. 

An adorable and touching story was added to the show when famous child star Xia Vigor joined. She played Keana, a lost little girl looking for Santa. Cardo and his team helped little Keana look for Santa, who was really her true father dressed up with a red suit and white beard. 

James Sagarino amused viewers, too, with his character Paquito’s tandem with Onyok. Their endless ‘kulitan’ and antics produced hilarious scenes. It was definitely worth a laugh when little Paquito just challenged Onyok to a fight and said, “Puro ka daldal, suntukan na lang tayo!”

Cardo and his family were always known to help those in need, especially street children. A memorable one was Atong, which was played by Nhikzy Calma. His scene with Lola Flora (Susana Roces) moved many people because she reminded Atong, “Tayong lahat nagtutulungan. ‘Di ka naman nag-iisa, ‘wag mong iisiping nag-iisa ka.”

It was definitely cuteness overload when two-year-old Al Vaugh Chier Tuliao was on the show as he played Cardo and Alyanna’s (Yassi Pressman) baby, Ricky Boy. 

When Cardo and Alyanna’s son tragically died in the story, they found love and joy from Dexter. The young boy who brought color back to Cardo and Alyanna’s life was played by Enzo Pelojero. 

Promising young actress Heart Ramos warmed viewers' hearts as Grace on the series. She was able to show the skills of Grace and sweet bond with her father, President Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago). 

Popular “gigil kid” Carlo Mendoza also caught hearts with his portrayal of Tutoy when he joined in 2018. His angst and ‘bibo’ acting, especially in saying catchphrases like ‘boom papani truly entertained everyone throughout the show. 

Happiness flowed on the show as well when Iyannah Sumalpong was cast. She played Letlet, a little girl that was like a ray of sunshine. Cardo and Alyanna offered to adopt her when she lost her parents and loved her like their own daughter.

Do you recall other memorable “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” scenes of these child stars?