5 times Julia Montes displays her femme fatale side as Mara in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

From charming us with her kiddie and teenybopper roles in the early years of her career, Julia Montes has astonished us in the recent years with her portrayals of femme fatale characters, such as Mara in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

She’s been on the show for almost a month already. Now, let’s look back on the five moments when she’s able to showcase her badass facet in this episode of Friday 5! 

Since it’s her regular teleserye comeback after two years of taking a hiatus from showbiz, the production apparently made sure to give her a grand and totally notable entrance that became a top trending topic on social media. 

Driving a big, posh motorbike through the traffic-less highways and streets of Ilocos Sur while cladded in a maong vest, black pants, black leather boots, tinted wayfarers, and red helmet with a guitar bag clinging at her back, viewers couldn’t help but gush over how astig Mara was.  

While we were expecting her to immediately get into action, we were arguably surprised when she brandished a mini camera and began to enthusiastically talk like how most vloggers do. Just when we thought that she’s a typical travel vlogger, we were befuddled to watch her sneakily snap photos and videos around the museum. 

And the reason behind her suspicious actions were eventually uncovered as it was revealed that doing so was actually part of her mission and she only uses vlogging as a disguise. She’s the daughter of Armando (John Estrada), the leader of the group of farmers who aims to exact revenge against the affluent people who grabbed their farmland and killed a lot of their fellows in a bloody massacre. 

She may appear meek and harmless, but Mara surely knows how to protect herself and the people dear to her when the situation calls. We saw her attack a goon when he fatally shot her grandfather and aimed the gun at her mom Lolita (Rosanna Roces). Since then, they have lived their lives going after the enemies and ruthlessly murdering their cohorts, with Mara bravely involving herself in their vendetta as one of the frontrunners. 

The talented actress has indeed astounded viewers with her transformation into an action star again, as she showcased her savage side with the way she impeccably does her stunts and amazingly handles various weapons. 

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