5 times CocoJul displayed effortless chemistry with their ‘titigan’ moments in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Hearts fluttered when Coco Martin and Julia Montes’ characters, Cardo and Mara, finally shared the screen in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. But tension and action-packed drama continue to blight the potential romance, so for now we’re making do with their subtle exchange of glances shown in this Friday 5 feature from the long-running action-drama series.

The first scene was set at an art exhibit where Mara’s group led by her father Armando (John Estrada) carried out their mission to abduct and later on kill Don Ignacio (Tommy Abuel). The group decided to hide in the hotel that was coincidentally occupied by Cardo and his men, who were trying to escape from the cops as well.

Tension happened as the two factions met. Playing his cards well, Armando surrendered to the Task Force Agila but had something up his sleeve. Mara, on the other hand, rebelled deep inside. The feisty female assassin spoke danger through her intense gaze at Cardo while putting her gun down. The Agila main trooper, on the other hand, pondered on the situation while watching the strangers with his vigilant eyes.

The next scene witnessed Cardo watching Mara’s move as she came down the stairs. Armando announced their group’s faithfulness to Cardo’s plans, saying the Agilas know better. Mara rebelled anew, this time boldly airing her sharp suspicions that almost sounded like mockery. Offended, Cardo walked closer and rebutted Mara by locking eyes with her.

Circumstances brought Cardo and his team to Armando’s mansion. Now he got to see Mara more often, and the gazes turned longer and more mysterious. While looking at each other from afar, with the sunset as backdrop, Cardo thought of thanking the strangers while Mara wondered why they had to cross paths.

In a recent episode, Mara treated Cardo’s wounds after a life-and-death encounter with the cops. This time, her gazes turned a bit gentler, as if deeply worried. Then she looked at him a little longer before leaving the room.

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