5 scenes that showed Lily and Ellen’s silent showdowns in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Girl power has gone wrong in the recent episodes of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as Lily (Lorna Tolentino) and Ellen (Ara Mina) take on a silent war to become the most powerful woman in the country. Check out five of their most biting ‘plastikan’ moments in this feature.

Lily has come a long way since getting saved by Cardo (Coco Martin)’s group then-called Vendetta. She has managed to sneak her way inside the Malacanang Palace and become First Lady by pretending to fall in love with President Oscar (Rowell Santiago). She has worked so hard for her power, that’s why she will never allow any intruder to steal her territory – especially not the equally ambitious Ellen, wife of Secretary Arturo Padua (Tirso Cruz III).

These two-faced ‘kontrabidas’ sure know how to feign congeniality even if they despise each other to the bones. In Filipino colloquial term: ‘plastic.’ Well, it has been a big part of Lily’s ‘kontrabida’ arsenal since the beginning but we are quite surprised that Ellen also has it in her.

So, when two ‘plastikadas’ collide, the war just becomes subtle yet fiercely exciting. The walls of Malacanang became a witness to Lily and Ellen’s silent showdowns everytime they’d bump into each other. One time, the legal First Lady greeted the wannabe but low-key shooed her away, “Baka nabo-bore ka na dito, pwede ka namang umuwi.” With her ‘kapal ng mukha,’ Ellen was not offended by Lily’s sarcasm. She replied, “Gustong-gusto ko nga dito sa palasyo, eh.”

We hate Lily as a villain but there are some moments when we just find her hilarious. In another one of her chance encounters with Ellen, this time with Art and Mariano (Rowell Santiago), she low-key dissed her rival for being wildly overdressed. Ellen was wearing a sexy dress on an ordinary day in the office.    

Due to her constant involvement in Art’s political affairs, Ellen discovered the truth about Mariano’s identity. When asked to zip her lips, Ellen told Lily, “Mukhang magiging mag-best friend na tayo kasi nagsasabihan na tayo ng sikreto.” Lily gawked in amazement, surprised by her enemy’s audacity.

Ellen is determined to steal the throne from Lily, so she had to be extra wise in her decisions. She knows she has to keep her act. Lily, in return, continues to feign warmth towards her newfound nemesis. And the result is intense backstabbing committed in the name of ambition.

Lily found her new apprentice, the bonafide head-turner Cassandra (Maika Rivera), whose ‘kontrabida’ potential makes her plans easier to accomplish. She briefed Cassandra about her role to make Ellen raise the white flag. In a scene, after the exchange of pleasantries, Lily called Ellen ‘plastic,’ while the latter secretly rolled her eyes.

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