Lola Flora’s prayers

A grandmother’s prayers are timeless. We Filipinos, who have a strong sense of religiosity and reverence for elders, believe that a grandma’s prayers have power like no other. Lola Flora (Susan Roces) is a testament as her intentional conversations with God continue to protect her family, especially her beloved grandson Cardo (Coco Martin) through tests and death-defying missions.

This Holy Week 2022, re-watch the inspiring scenes showing how Lola Flora helps in Cardo’s battles as his prayer warrior in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano via this Friday 5 feature.

As the grandma of a hero cop, anxiety is knitted to Lola Flora’s life. She just learned to manage her nervous energy through prayers. Instead of giving in to fear, she prays hard for Cardo and their family’s protection. She begs the heavens to provide Cardo strength and resources in his missions. Her faith is arguably one reason why Task Force Agila has remained solid to this day because her devotion to God isn’t dedicated to Cardo alone but his teammates as well.

Her intuition is real. She knows when Cardo needs her prayers. There’s a scene where she felt the need to pray for their protection against Renato (John Arcilla). True to her hunches, Cardo and the Agilas were trapped in a skirmish against Renato’s battalion at the moment.

When things seem bleak, she runs to God to renew her strength and hope. In a scene, Yolly (Malou Crisologo) felt hopeless about Cardo’s situation, saying everyone including President Oscar (Rowell Santiago) have abandoned them. Yet, Lola Flora knew the Man above will never forsake them. Influential people on earth might desert them but the God of heaven never will.

Despite her undeniable religious fervor, Lola Flora is not one to act blameless. She confessed that Cardo was driven by vendetta at some point. A Nazarene devotee, Lola Flora comes to His help for redemption. She asked God to help Cardo prove his innocence. Until then, she will never get tired of praying for the heart and mind of her beloved grandson.

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