Friday 5 Cardo’s Sword Ang Panda vibes

In the past seven years of FPJ’s Ang Probinyano, we have witnessed its titular character Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay, compellingly portrayed by Coco Martin, go on various missions that have him involved in intense gunfights and deadly skirmishes that put his life in danger a lot of times.

But on the teleseryes’ seventh year, Cardo has found a new weapon that he could use in order to defeat and slay his ruthless enemies – the aqua blood kris sword bequeathed to him by Ramona, the leader of a revolutionary group portrayed by ABS-CBN executive and veteran actress Charo Santos-Concio.

And in this Friday 5 feature, let’s revisit the five remarkable scenes of Cardo with his new weapon of choice that probably reminded a lot of viewers of “Ang Panday” – one of the most iconic movies and characters ever done by the one and only King of Philippine Movies Fernando Poe Jr., which Coco also remade in 2017.

In the recent episodes of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, we were introduced to Ramona, who took good care of Cardo in his younger years after he got severely wounded when he decided to singlehandedly attack the criminals who killed his foster parents. He treated him and raised him as if her own until he became an adult and she disappeared after a huge mission and was believed to have died.

As she vowed to support him and forged allegiance with him when they got reunited after so many years, she also passed on to him their group’s prized possession – a historical sword that he could use in fulfilling his sworn duty of protecting and fighting for the deprived. He humbly accepted it and vowed that he’s not going to fail her, more so the country.

He and his mates from Task Force Agila may have already run out of bullets during their battle with the Black Ops, but he’s confident that they’re still going to survive and complete their mission with the help of his small yet mighty sword.

Thus, even though he may already be surrounded with Armando’s (John Estrada) henchmen who were armed with high caliber firearms, but he amazingly remained invincible. He’s too agile and skilled that they’re not able to capture him despite their great number and high-end firearms and ammunitions, and even slay some of them, including Samuel (Michael Flores).

But what really give off “Ang Panday” vibes was when Cardo stood at the breakwater and raised the legendary sword by his right hand, as if showing everyone that he could overcome everything and topple down the enemies – like what every hero does.

Are we going to see Cardo fight with his sword in the next episodes? Well, that’s for us to see, so don’t dare miss an episode of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11 and iWantTFC.