5 men who tried to tear Cardo and Alyana apart in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano did not top the ratings of primetime teleseryes throughout its five-year run for only having action-packed and heart-stopping scenes, but also for the wonderful and indestructible love journey of Cardo (Coco Martin) and Alyana (Yassi Pressman).

We all have witnessed how their love for each other had developed from being mere acquaintances who used to often cross paths in the field – with Cardo being a staunch police officer while Alyana formerly worked as television news reporter.

Just like real-life couples, they also had their own share of highs and lows and happy and upsetting moments. And among those daunting times were when other guys tried to get in the way of their love story, such as the five good-looking men featured in this feature.

Let’s reminisce how Cardo made sure to keep Alyana by his side and to keep her away from the trouble brought by other people through this video.

Joaquin tried to harm Alyana

On Alyana and Cardo’s wedding day, Joaquin (Arjo Atayde) abducted Alyana as he failed in making the bombs he set to explode. He brought her in an isolated place and attempted to harass her as she was screaming for help. Alyana tried to escape him, until Cardo found where they were. He and Joaquin had a bloody encounter, but Cardo prevailed in the end as he stabbed Joaquin to death.

Cardo was broken as he witnessed Marco’s proposal to Alyana

Due to the tragic death of their beloved son Ricky Boy in a bombing incident, Cardo and Alyana’s marriage went on the rocks that led to their separation. He formed the vigilante group Vendetta along with his allies in prison in order to combat corruption and crimes in the country, while Alyana went on to work in a private company and later on had a relationship with her boss Marco Cabrera (JC Santos), who’s actually the son of then Vice President Lucas Cabrera.

Cardo repeatedly wooed Alyana to no avail, with the latter even accepting the marriage proposal of her new beau, which her ex-husband was able to witness right before his eyes. In his desperation to regain the lovely relationship they used to have, he decided to kidnap Alyana and took her with him in Vendetta’s newest hideout.

Tanggol interrupted Cardo and Alyana while dancing

Cardo and Alyana were beginning to get into the moment while sharing a dance, until Tanggol (Joross Gamboa) interrupted them and asked his permission to dance with his wife, saying that he just wanted to get to know women from Manila better.

Apparently unconvinced, Cardo was hesitant to grant Tanggol’s request, but was compelled to allow him as one of the townsfolks named Caloy (Joven Olvido) told him that it’s a custom at their barrio to dance with anyone during gatherings like that. However, not long after, Cardo saw that Tanggol was already taking advantage of Alyanna so he didn’t think twice to attack him.

Lemuel takes advantage of Alyana’s sadness

Trying to further destroy their already dwindling relationship, Lemuel (Romnick Sarmenta) took advantage of Alyana’s suspicion and vulnerability when he took the time to visit her and fed her fears about her husband and Clarisse's (Rhen Escaño) rumored relationship.

He told her upsetting things that Cardo did with Clarisse that truly broke Alyanna’s heart. As Alyana firmly believes that Cardo is a faithful husband and would never get tempted to do anything that would break their relationship, Lemuel insisted that Cardo would still have tendencies to cheat on her. Unbeknownst to him, Cardo heard every lie that he said and immediately attacked him.

Lito finally meets Cardo

As FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano began to film and air new episodes last July, fans of Richard Gutierrez were surely delighted to see Richard Gutierrez on the show as he plays Angelito “Lito” Valmoria (Richard Gutierrez), Alyana’s ex-lover.

After years of being separated, Lito was excited to be reunited with the only apple of his eye ever since they were young. Thus, he couldn’t help but be dumbfounded when Alyana introduced Cardo to him as her husband. Well, it’s because Lito is still actually hoping that he and Alyana would rekindle their love for each other now that they’re together again.

The married life is definitely one of the most exciting and most blissful, yet, at the same time, one of the most challenging phases in a person’s life. We may have to go through a lot of struggles and heartbreaking circumstances along our way to forever, but nothing nor nobody could ever break the ties of two people that the universe has destined for one another.