5 intense gunfight scenes as Armando’s group tried to kill Don Ignacio in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Non-stop tension, action, and bloodshed happened in the recent episodes of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as Mara (Julia Montes)’s team led by her father Armando (John Estrada) got close to their mission of eliminating Don Ignacio (Tommy Abuel). Before this momentous encounter, the group has many times tried to bring the old man down but all of which turned out a failure, shown in this Friday 5 feature.

A quick refresher, Don Ignacio is the old man who used his wealth and power to claim the farmland that gave Armando’s group livelihood. The conflict ended in a massacre as Don Ignacio forced the farmers to move out and ordered his men to kill those who would resist. The farmers vowed to exact vengeance since. Armando handed the special task of assassinating Don Ignacio to Mara for a reason that’s yet to be revealed.  

On their first attempt to get justice, Armando’s camp stormed to the mansion of Don Ignacio’s business partner Don Iñigo. They killed the man and his wife, then seized his mansion, money, and weapon. The tillers turned covetous, full of desire for power and vengeance.

They hatched a plan to end Don Ignacio during an exhibit where the latter was supposed to meet with Lily (Lorna Tolentino). Defying Armando’s orders, Samuel (Michael Flores), bent on avenging his wife’s death, acted on his own to ambush Don Ignacio on the road. Samuel’s wrath almost cost him his own life as the opponents came in convoy. Not only Samuel failed to end the target, also he could’ve died there if the backup failed to arrive on time.

In the next scene, the farmers tried to ambush Don Ignacio again. The odds seemed to be in their favor until they realized they were outsmarted by the enemy. Don Ignacio was replaced by a decoy, much to Armando and Lolita (Rosanna Roces)’s fury.  

On the day of the exhibit, Armando’s group attacked Don Ignacio’s mansion. Armando’s team was almost wiped out by Don Ignacio’s forces and were close to raising the white flag. But Mara showed no mercy, determined to carry out her mission. She managed to infiltrate the confines of Don Ignacio’s place. After dominating the female struggle with Thalia (Marela Torre), Don Ignacio’s assistant and head of security, Mara successfully captured Don Ignacio.

In an exciting plot twist, Armando’s group comes face-to-face with Cardo (Coco Martin) and the Task Force Agila while escaping the cops. Soon, more villains will step in. What fate awaits Cardo and the Task Force Agila? Will they form an alliance with Armando’s faction?

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