5 heart-stopping ‘buwis buhay’ stunts of Cardo in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Aside from being highest rating series in the past five years, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano has eventually turned out to become the longest-running teleserye in the country as well. 

Well, it isn’t surprising as avid Kapamilya viewers dive into the hype stirred by the intense and thrilling scenes that we devotedly anticipated ever since it premiered on September 28, 2015 – ranging from the nail-biting, action-packed clashes of the mighty hero Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay (Coco Martin) with his enemies up to the dramatic scenes he shares with his loved ones.

And to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the trending primetime drama, let us take a look back on some of the most heart-stopping 'buwis-buhay' stunts of the lead character in this feature!

Cardo saves Lola Flora 

In 2016, Cardo had a perilous gun battle with Mayor Anton Guerrero (Victor Neri) and his men in his pursuit of saving Lola Flora (Susan Roces), who was then in great danger as she was hung in the ceiling of an abandoned warehouse. Bloodied and bruised, he was able to kill everyone and rescue her beloved grandma all by himself.

Mayor Anton was a corrupt politician who secretly held illegal gambling operations in the barangay headed by Lola Flora, who was fondly called by her constituents as Kapitana Flora or Lola Kap.
Alakdan and his men plot to plant bombs at Makmak's school

On its sophomore year, Cardo’s mission was to not only stop the notorious terrorist group led by Alakdan (Jhong Hilario) from executing their vicious plans, but to also avenge the tragic death of his firstborn Ricky Boy. 

In order to fulfill their ruthless scheme of planting bombs inside the school of Makmak (McNeal “Awra'' Briguela) and Onyok (Xymon Ezekiel Pineda), two of the kids used to be under the care of Cardo’s family, Alakdan pretended to be a utility man while his two men acted out as students. The first bomb was slid in a trash bag while the second one was placed inside a bag. 

Luckily, Makmak and Onyok caught them and immediately informed Cardo about what they saw. As soon as he arrived at the school, he didn’t waste any second and brought it out the school by riding on his motorcycle and told the police officers outside the school to find the other bomb. Cardo drove to the nearest river and was able to jump off right before the bomb detonated.

Cardo saves Becky and the Flower Power Girls

Coco further proved how a real daredevil he was in the third year of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano in 2018 as his character didn’t only engage in nail-biting gun fights, but also made our jaws drop when he paraglided and jet-skied his way to save his friend Becky (Minnie Aguilar) and her subordinates – the Flower Power Girls – Blossom (Katya Santos), Rose (Maui Taylor), Hasmin (Gwen Garci), Marigold (Jaycee Parker), and Dalia (Zara Lopez) from their unruly customers. 

The women were shocked upon discovering that their clients were actually drug lords and forced them to do things against their will and raped them. Fortunately, Becky was able to call her son and informed them about their situation. He was able to immediately contact Cardo and the whole Vendetta left right away to rescue Aling Becky and the Flower Power Girls.

Cardo evades the explosion to save Lily

Coco further enthralled us with his amazing skills in doing fight scenes in 2019 as Cardo went on to fight greater and more influential enemies, and one of them was Lazaro “Uwak” Enriquez (Gardo Versoza) – a former member of the rebel group Pulang Araw turned businessman-drug lord spearheading a small syndicate. 

As he and Vendetta courageously took on the mission of saving the new First Lady Lily Ann Cortez-Hidalgo (Lorna Tolentino) from Lazaro and his henchmen, they were able to topple all of them down. From wowing us with dexterity in handling guns, Cardo also astounded us when he was able to evade and survive a deadly explosion by somersaulting from the balcony and landing safely on the ground. Besides, Cardo was able to gun down Lazaro with the help of Lily’s most trusted right-hand Meilin (Janice Hung). Unfortunately, Lazaro still managed to shoot Lily before his downfall.

Vendetta escapes death

And in the latest season of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, Cardo and his squad (now known as Task Force Agila) continue to face more enemies, which includes Juan/Lemuel (Romnick Sarmenta) – the vengeful and scheming former core-runner of an international drug cartel and secret ally of Lily. 

In order to accomplish his mission of spying to the Dalisay Family and Vendetta, Juan rented one of the units being leased by Lola Flora. Not long after, they were able to discover his secret and Cardo confronted him for his treachery.

So one evening, Juan went back to Cardo’s house and fired bullets all around the household while still wearing his helmet as retaliation for what he had done to him. This alarmed everyone and the Task Force Agila residing there immediately chased him and fired bullets at him when he attempted to escape.

As the rear wheel of his motorcycle got totaled, he was forced to walk and decided to went inside a random building. They continued to run after him only to be met by a live grenade thrown by Juan when they’re about to capture him. Cardo was able to see it and they all jumped to safety as it instantly exploded. They continued the search and Cardo eventually shot Juan, but the latter survived and escaped. 

Now that FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano enters its fifth year, rest assured that we’re going to expect more intense encounters and heart-pounding stunts from Cardo and the rest of the gang in the coming episodes!

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