20 girls who added kilig and romance in Cardo’s action-packed world in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Staunch, dauntless, and good-looking – Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) is every girl’s ideal guy, thus the crowd of women wanting to win his heart. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist showing 20 leading ladies who added a dash of romance in Cardo’s action-packed world in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Maja Salvador

The ‘OG’ pards! Maja was one of the earliest leading ladies in the now-longest running action-drama series. She was SPO1 Glen Corpuz, a female cop who was secretly in love with Cardo, her friend and work partner. While she had a good chance because of their friendship and her closeness with his family, Glen had to exit and head back to her province to look after her ailing mom.

Bela Padilla

Bela played Carmen, the wife of Cardo’s deceased twin brother, Ador. Due to work obligations, Cardo had to take over the life of Ador and part of that mission was to pretend as Carmen’s husband, thus their sweet moments together. Coco and Bela showed great chemistry that they also formed an effective love triangle alongside Arjo Atayde playing Joaquin, who later on married Carmen.

Anne Curtis

Anne added mesmerizing elegance in the show as rich fashion designer, Trina. Their world clashed when Cardo was assigned as her bodyguard and he couldn’t seem to stand her bratty attitude. But they eventually got along as they got to know each other. They even had to pretend as a couple to protect Trina’s safety due to several kidnap attempts.

Ritz Azul

Ritz played Erica, the leader of solvent boys who was tough on the outside but emotionally fragile due to tragic events involving her family. Cardo empathized with Erica and he saved her from policeman Raul Toribio (Jess Lapid)’s sexual assault.

Angelica Panganiban

Coco and Angelica first showcased their chemistry when the latter played a special role in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as Marta, a drug mule. The two shared ‘kilig’ and action-packed scenes when Cardo followed Marta in Hong Kong to stop the illegal drug trade and save her life from the syndicate.

Meg Imperial

Meg lived a dual life as Marie – a student by day and a sexy club dancer by night. But wearing either persona, she obviously had a crush on Cardo that even his sidekick Benny (Pepe Herrera) couldn’t stop teasing them. The young woman fell all the more when Cardo rescued her from a group of men trying to harass her in the club.

Sam Pinto

While other women would keep it low-key, Isabel played by Sam was one to be upfront about her feelings for Cardo despite knowing that he was already in a relationship with Alyana (Yassi Pressman). She was so close to breaking Cardo and Alyana apart by taking advantage of his desperate need to infiltrate the syndicate led by Romano (Ronnie Lazaro), her boyfriend. Later on, Romano discovered Isabel’s betrayal and shot her to death.

Vickie Rushton

Reminiscent of classic FPJ movies where a pretty carinderia owner would add color to the story, Vickie played Amanda in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. She was the owner of a small eatery where Cardo would drop by after driving his jeepney. He also saved her from trouble and they grew close after the incident, much to Alyana’s dismay. Not long after, Cardo had to end their friendship to avoid further conflict with his wife.

Louise Delos Reyes

Keeping up with the show’s new chapter in 2017, new characters were introduced as Cardo returned to SAF trainings. One of those was PO3 Katrina Velasco played by Louise. Although she maintained that troopers are not supposed to engage in romance, she was open about her admiration for Cardo’s bravery and heroism. When their team was abducted by Alakdan (Jhong Hilario)’s group, Katrina eventually found her hero in fellow trooper Gerry dela Paz (Ejay Falcon) and they both helped hide Cardo’s identity from the Pulang Araw.

Yam Concepcion

While he was away from his wife, Cardo couldn’t help but see Alyana’s pure-heartedness in Lena (Yam). The daughter of Pulang Araw leader Romulo (Lito Lapid), Lena was a single mom who developed special feelings for Cardo, who then took on a new identity as Fernan. Lena died during the rebels’ encounter with the SAF troopers.

Angeline Quinto

Cardo and the Pulang Araw eventually joined forces to form the vigilante group Vendetta. While still recovering, they searched for a safe hiding place with the help of former Pulang Araw member Bert (Rico J Puno). There, they met Bert’s family including his daughter Regine (Angeline). At first, Regine despised Cardo, believing that he would only bring them trouble. But this changed over time and she started to be extra caring towards him.

Jessy Mendiola

En route to a new hiding place, Cardo’s group was brought to a slum area where their new recruit Wangbu (Jobert Austria) used to live. There, they met Andy (Jessy), a nurse who helped treat the wounded Vendetta members. Despite her mom’s warning, Andy failed to control her heart from falling for Cardo.

Sue Ramirez

Young woman Marie (Sue) takes love and relationships as playtime, which is why she loved flirting with guys especially with Cardo, who was then hiding in their house together with the Vendetta. She was always fun and honest, even telling Cardo that watching him on TV made her feel ‘kilig’ and that she had a crush on him.

Denise Laurel

Denise played Police Major Alessandra Romero, Cardo’s new boss. Despite knowing that Cardo was married, Alessandra failed to control herself from flirting and falling for him. She even low-key started a competitive cook-off with Alyana by surprising Cardo with his favorite dishes every day.

Judy Ann Santos

The Drama Queen and Primetime King looked good together throughout the story arc that involves serial killers and personality disorders. Judy Ann played Jane, who at one point flirted with Cardo and even wanted to bring him home. But that was just part of her condition called Dissociative Identity Disorder. As the story progressed, Jane was revealed as a notorious killer.

Shaina Magdayao

When Shaina made her first appearance in the show as Major Roxanne Opena, there was obvious tension between her and Cardo. She was no doubt a threat to Cardo and Alyana’s relationship, with her beauty and amiable traits. But the potential kilig soon faded and Roxanne is now expected to be in a relationship with Victor (Raymart Santiago).

Rhen Escaño

Clarice played by Rhen has been head over heels with Cardo since the beginning, that’s why she did everything to get his attention when her family moved in their neighborhood. And as a spoiled brat who always gets what she wants, Clarice went all-out in trying to steal the man from his wife that she even volunteered to join Cardo’s group and she saved them from her father’s henchmen. Clarice didn’t stop hoping until she took her last breath.

Yassi Pressman

The moment Cardo started to show special attention to striking field reporter Alyana Arevalo (Yassi), viewers already knew that someone has already bagged the prize. In Filipino slang, “May nanalo na!” Alyana’s character was pivotal in Cardo’s existence. She was his kryptonite, the wind beneath his wings, his wife. When they married and built a family, people thought of them as the epitome of forever. But life has been cruel. Their happy union was shattered by Alyana’s death. Although she’s gone, her memories and love still remain in Cardo’s heart and he’s bent on avenging her death.

Aya Fernandez

While still trying to move on from Alyana’s loss, Cardo met Doctor Audrey Mante (Aya), the sister of Lia Mante (Jane De Leon). Cardo and Audrey became friends in an instant. It helped that she’s sweet and caring and full of positivity – reminiscent of Alyana. Although she died early, Audrey left a strong impact on Cardo’s life.

Jane De Leon

As stubborn and brave as Cardo, Black Ops Captain Lia Mante (Jane) annoyed him to the bones. Assuming that she’s Alyana’s murderer, Cardo despised Lia and he even thought of killing her as well. But circumstances pushed them to join forces for a single mission. And while they were often bickering in their earlier scenes, their chemistry would stand out in all their moments together. Lia was also the first woman who made Cardo smile again after Alyana’s death, thus viewers assumed they could be endgame. But Lia had to leave for abroad to protect her family from Albert (Geoff Eigenman).

Vice Ganda

Here’s a bonus part for added good vibes! Vice Ganda and Coco’s tandem added hilarious ‘sparks’ in the series when the Unkabogable Star played a special role as Ella, a transgender involved in theft, extortion, and cybercrime. Despite being a notorious extortionist, Ella felt something warm and romantic towards Cardo that she promised not to include him in her list of victims.

As FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano celebrates its sixth anniversary, Cardo’s character meets new people who would add more thrill in his action-packed adventures. We’ll be adding Julia Montes in this list as she plays Mara, introduced as Cardo’s last love.

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