Funny Moments Ang Probinsyano

In the past six years of dominating our primetime viewing, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano has indeed never failed to bring us at the edge of our seats through its action-packed and riveting scenes in every episode. However, it’s not all the time that we see titular character Cardo Dalisay, impeccably played by Coco Martin, and his comrades run after the enemies as they also got to display their lighthearted sides.

And as the long-running action-drama series celebrates its sixth anniversary this year, let’s revisit 15 of its remarkable and hilarious moments that will surely brighten up your day in this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

Just on its early seasons, we have already found ourselves impressed not only with the action and drama it delivered, but amused as well with the hilarious scenes it impeccably offered. With the death of his twin brother Ador, Cardo was forced to leave his simple and peaceful life in Botolan to assume his identity in pursuit of helping the authorities track down the culprit behind Ador’s tragic death. But his important mission didn’t end there as he also had to pretend in front of his twin’s family, which required him to learn how to cook their favorite kare-kare and not to be awkward, especially when he’s alone with Carmen (Bela Padilla), the widow of Ador.

And speaking of mission, Cardo was able to accomplish the assignments entrusted to him with the help of his partner-slash-best friend SPO1 Glenda Corpuz (Maja Salvador), to whom he had shared a lot of hilarious scenes with as well. Who would forget that instance when they dressed up ala-Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in their popular film “Mr. And Mrs. Smith” and even unsophisticatedly ate at a posh restaurant?
As we all know, it was not only Glenda who fell to the charms of Cardo, but a plethora of beautiful women, too. One of them was Trina Trinidad (Anne Curtis), a rich fashion designer to whom he served as a bodyguard and even had to pretend as her “Brazilian boyfriend”.

He had also won the young and feminine heart of Mac-Mac (Awra Briguela), a young boy who immediately had a crush on him at first sight. And for sure, many viewers were able to relate and/or laugh at those moments when Mac-Mac lovingly look at Cardo everytime he had a chance.

When Glenda left, our hero found a new sidekick in his friend Benny (Pepe Herrera), who’s loyalty to Cardo did not bring him to perilous situations, but in a lot of hilarious circumstances as well. A lot of viewers surely could still remember that time when he had to pretend to be dead for a mission and was caught moving by the crying ladies hired by an old woman in a funeral, freaking out the visitors.

For sure, no avid FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano supporter could ever forget that time when Cardo disguised into his iconic alter ego Paloma for one his missions that involved Ella (Vice Ganda), a notorious sextortionist. And since the latter saw the former as a great threat to her and their syndicate, we were able to witness a series of their one-upmanship and showdowns that were truly a treat for the fans of real-life best friends Coco and Vice.

Fast-forward to a married Cardo, we surely admired his relationship with his now-deceased wife Alyana (Yassi Pressman). While they’d been very much in love with one another, there was a time when they almost called it quits due to a serious misunderstanding. Thus, in order to win her back, Cardo did everything to win her back, to the point that he kidnapped her and brought her to a secluded place, in hopes of mending their rift. Alyana may have been hostile towards him, but Cardo refused to just easily give up – and their love-hate scenarios never failed to entertain us.

And lastly, while we see them very serious and in action most of the time, Cardo and Task Force Agila were also able to show their comedic facets a number of times – from busting their hidden dance talents when they applied as macho dancers in order to fulfill one of their missions up to their corny yet funny banters and jokes. 

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