15 times Mariano almost revealed himself as President Oscar’s impostor in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

It takes a lot to act as the most powerful man in the country. So when the womanizer and alcoholic Mariano (Rowell Santiago) was tapped to assume President Oscar (Rowell Santiago)’s identity, he struggled to put on a dignified persona which is a stark contrast to his boorish behavior. Watch how he unknowingly revealed his true colors, resulting in the real president’s tainted reputation, via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

An impostor inevitably fails in the end. After all, no amount of training and pretension can bury his nature. Only a few days into the fake presidency, Mariano already had trouble maintaining his script. His alcoholic tendencies almost revealed himself like when he sneaked in the kitchen to steal a bottle, and one time he invited Elizabeth (Whitney Tyson) to drink with him. The lady helper was shocked watching him devour street food.

Besides alcohol, women are Mariano’s ultimate weakness, and he’s many times put President Oscar’s name in controversies due to his vice. He shared an affair with Ellen (Ara Mina), who was then clueless about the sham, leading to a conflict with Art (Tirso Cruz III) and a funny confrontation between them.

Ambo (Nonong Ballinan) caught Mariano and Ellen’s rendezvous so he was commissioned to become his sidekick, although their scenes as ‘best friends’ added a little hilarity on the show. Ambo was tasked to sift through his boss’ problems and buy presents for the babes. Getting paid for every little favor, Ambo was compelled to keep silent.   

Two-timing Ellen with Cassandra (Maika Rivera) led to bigger trouble, as they got pregnant at the same time. But the pregnancies would only ignite Marinao’s violent tendencies. In a scene, he beat up Ellen after catching her talking with Art. In another, he physically hurt Cassandra due to her plans of leaving.

It didn’t stop there. Mariano would find a new girl to flirt with, resulting in a viral video scandal that almost jeopardized Lily (Lorna Tolentino)’s candidacy. Women really make him wild and careless. Shown in the final scene, he ran after Cassandra, who was then trying to escape while he’s busy meeting with Don Ignacio (Tommy Abuel) at the latter’s art exhibit. Mariano harmed Cassandra in public, unleashing his inner demons without even thinking that he’s dressed as the president. He even used that power to threaten her. Ellen came to the rescue and pointed a gun at Mariano. But the latter took the gun and shot Cassandra – in broad daylight while he’s being watched by the whole nation.

In the recent episodes, the Agilas abducted Mariano during Don Ignacio’s art exhibit, resulting in an intense and still unfinished crossfire. Will Cardo (Coco Martin) discover that Mariano is a sham?

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