15 times Lito challenged Cardo's fighting skills in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Of all the enemies who tried to finish Cardo (Coco Martin), arguably one of the most dangerous was Lito (Richard Gutierrez). The villain was cunning, a real traitor, and powerfully rich. He almost stole Alyana (Yassi Pressman), and that alone made him one of Cardo’s strongest rivals. Kapamilya Toplist rounded up the scenes of Lito giving Cardo tough fight in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Lito showered the Agilas with hospitality for Alyana’s sake. But when the latter died, his true evilness started to show on the surface. He called the Agilas a bunch of ingrates, resulting in a face-off scene with Cardo.

It rained bullets on Lito and Cardo’s reunion at the venue of Don Ignacio (Tommy Abuel)’s exhibit. Cardo was supposed to calculate his moves but failed to control his wrath upon seeing Lito, sparking off the intense gunfight. In the latter part of the battle, Lito captured Ramil (Michael de Mesa). Thankfully, Cardo came back to save his friend and was able to shot Lito.

Eager to take his revenge, Lito is always the first one to pull the trigger. He would defy his allies’ command just to punish his nemesis. That’s what happened in a skirmish at the airport. Even without Lily (Lorna Tolentino)’s signal, Lito shot his ultimate target. And that bullet ushered Cardo to jeopardy. He almost killed Cardo with that single shot, proving that he’s a villain like no other. 

In their most epic showdown, Lito, itching to eliminate his mortal enemy, triggered a gun battle in the hospital where Cardo was confined. It was a gigantic war between his men and Albert (Geoff Eigenmann)’s Black Ops, and ultimately between him and Cardo. The latter managed to escape by disguising as a Black Ops trooper. A blood-pumping chase transpired, leading to an elaborate duel where Lito dug a knife into Cardo’s body.

Still with the knife on his body, Cardo ran off by vehicle. Lito hijacked a motorcycle. They met at a bridge and sped toward each other. Their vehicles collided but they were able to get out before the explosion. At close proximity, they exchanged a barrage of bullets. 

Cardo served Lito’s final ticket to hell – a knife dug into his heart. He slashed one big enemy. But a lot more remains alive ready to burn his wings. 

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