Toplist: Lito vs Albert face-off scenes

They worship just one boss, the First Lady Lily Hidalgo (Lorna Tolentino), but because they’re two different demons, Lito (Richard Gutierrez) and Albert (Geoff Eigenmann) ended up locking horns in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. The only way to end their evil-versus-evil match is to make sure one of them gets killed. Re-watch their most intense face-off scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist.

The villains sure had bad impressions of each other as they met in a drug transaction supervised by Lito and raided by Albert’s Black Ops squad. The cops captured the notorious drug leader after an engrossing gunfight. However, cunning and powerful, Lito bribed Albert with a big amount of money in exchange for his release and their alliance, which didn’t last long.

From partners who worked in tune and benefiting from each other, things got rough between them when Albert asked Lily to have them reinstated. Insulted, Lito reminded Albert’s team that they get money and machinery from him. Thus, he has control over them.

But Albert’s ego is not that easy to deflate. He’s a uniformed man, back on his throne, and a government trooper again. And he can order Lito’s arrest anytime, he said. Laughing off the arrogance, Lito blackmailed Albert to expose the Black Ops’ role in their recent drug transactions.

The tension resulted in a breathtaking gun confrontation as Lito’s convoy blocked that of Albert. They exchanged warnings and their men loaded their guns. The encounter could’ve ended in a bigger fight had their men failed to think through Lily’s possible reaction. Then, both camps agreed to just let their emotions pass and wait for Lily’s say.

They had to put up with each other for power’s sake. But when Lily is not watching, Lito and Albert are like kids competing for a prize – none other than Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin).

Whoever gets to kill Cardo will be deemed powerful. Albert put his personal vendetta aside, following Lily’s order to keep Cardo alive and under hospital arrest. But Lito’s wrath and ego couldn’t wait to see the hero cop drenched in his own blood. Lito tried to defy the First Lady’s orders and pointed a gun at Cardo, but the Black Ops pulled out their weapons in a snap. Now, one wrong move and war will happen.

Lito and Albert displayed bad blood between them while their henchmen engage in crossfire. Lito managed to blow king-sized punches, enough to cause Albert to fall on the ground and faint.

Just as when thought he’s won the battle, Lito got the shock of his life when Cardo managed to escape. A chase scene and brutal fight transpired, and eventually, Lito faced his downfall through Cardo digging a knife into his chest.

Though Albert received a favor from Cardo, he’s exploding over his newest failure. And with Lito’s death, viewers can’t help but look forward to see Albert also pay for his wickedness soon.

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