10 times Sharon Cuneta displayed her divine, mega dramatic talent in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

As expected of a luminary like her, Sharon Cuneta swept off our feet by her glistening dramatic performances since her debut in the action-drama series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Let us re-watch the Megastar’s laudable scenes and her character Aurora’s story in this edition of Kapamilya Toplist.

After much teasing, Sharon has finally made her first appearance in the show following the intense hostage-taking incident that put Don Ignacio (Tommy Abuel)’s life in grave danger. The phone conversation with Lucia (Vangie Labalan) would reveal that Aurora is Don Ignacio’s daughter who harbors ill feelings toward her dad.

Besides the dramatic efficacy, Sharon breathed a little mystery into her character. Nothing else was said about Aurora at the time, all the more rousing excitement among viewers. Her elegance was likewise hard to ignore. Aurora would be shown crying in most scenes, embittered, but she seems to do it with no effort at all.

Then she mused on the past and how she’s supposed to react once the dreaded reunion happens. Sharon’s talent matched with Regine Velasquez’s soothing voice singing the teleserye’s theme song in the background made that scene more enthralling. 

Soon she arrived in the hospital at the sight of her father suffering from cardiac arrest. While the medical team was trying to revive her dad, Aurora realized they’re still family and that he might be gone anytime soon. The bitterness was evident and so is the pain but in a manner that’s natural but intense.   

When Aurora arrived home, she chanced upon President Oscar (Rowell Santiago) and his wife Lily (Lorna Tolentino)’s announcement on TV. Then she was again triggered by negative emotions.

Flashbacks started rolling, bringing viewers at a time when Aurora and Oscar were young and in love. On a date by the waterfalls, they imagined a happy married life while Oscar pursues his ambition to become a lawyer. At one point, Oscar noticed Aurora’s sadness and upon learning that it was about her father Don Ignacio’s possible reaction to their relationship, Oscar promised that he will fight for Aurora. But the promise was broken. Sharon’s beauty just never fades; it’s so easy to be drawn to her youthful charm.

Aurora went back to that special place. She watched the flowers float on the waters while talking to herself about letting go. The Megastar would radiate with her low-key but touching acting throughout that scene. 

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