10 times Mariano and Ambo clicked as funny BFFs in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

The recent episodes of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano give us nail-biting action as Cardo (Coco Martin) and the Task Force Agila fight for their life against the evil Renato (John Arcilla) and Jacob (Marc Abaya). To serve as a breather from the thrill, let’s drop by the Palace where Mariano (Rowell Santiago) and Ambo (Nonong Ballinan) concoct funny and borderline crazy secret escapades, enough to bring us a little laughter. Aren’t they the newest comedic duo on primetime? Check out this Kapamilya Toplist from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

It all started when Ambo discovered Mariano, who he believes is the real President Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago), sharing an affair with the luscious Ellen (Ara Mina). This secret turned them into BFFs since Mariano was forced to keep the gullible Ambo close to make sure he doesn’t spill anything.

Since Ambo already has an idea of Mariano’s sneaky adventures, the latter assigned him as personal attendant, and later on promoted to aide de camp. And Ambo’s first assignment was to buy the most expensive perfume for Ellen. Ambo’s reaction was a total laugh trip, an animated description of the sampaguita scent he saw from an online store. It sure won’t be the last time he’s making little favors for Mariano thanks to his generous tip.

They started calling each other ‘Bes.’ Akin to those classic comedy duos we love, these two also have their own brand – a sidekick with exaggerated physical movements and facial expressions matched by a foolish ‘boss’ pretending to be someone else. They even have their hilarious BFF chant complete with comedic sound effects.

Ambo takes the hilarity up a notch by dressing up as a legit aide de camp and pretending to know what he’s doing. He secures the area around the executive wing, not really to protect Mariano from the enemies but to make sure no two women will come at the same time. It got more exciting when the seductress Cassandra (Maika Rivera) turned Mariano and Ellen’s secret affair into a complicated love triangle.

Ambo was fascinated with Mariano getting caught up in a tug-of-war between two gorgeous women. His next mission was to buy Mariano new clothes “’yung pang-porma at pang-millennial” to keep up with Cassandra. Obviously, Mariano was starting to get tired of Ellen and has found a new potential first lady in Cassandra. Ambo knows about that but he keeps quiet because he was told that best friends trust each other.

The tandem made us all laugh when they appeared in a scene flexing their new fashion styles. Ambo was dressed in a barong while Mariano donned millennial vibes.  The BFFs also celebrated over the good news about Cassandra residing at the palace.

Ambo’s third big assignment was to help Mariano buy a necklace for Cassandra. He went home with an elegant piece that has letter ‘C’ as pendant. Then, he and Elizabeth (Whitney Tyson) prepared a special dinner for Mariano and Cassandra.

We busted out laughing at the last scene wherein Cassandra left Mariano erotically blindfolded and tied to a bed. He giggled when someone came in and gently touched him, clueless that it was Ambo, not Cassandra. Mariano’s reaction plus Ambo’s hilarious teases made the scene more hilarious.

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